Friday, February 9, 2007

The Marine - DVD Review

"The Marine" starring John Cena is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled action flick full of action movie cliches and unbelievable stunts. While he's not on the level of Rock's action career yet, it is good proof that John Cena may be headed in the same direction, with this first movie in the tradition of Schwarzenegger's "Commando".

"The Marine" stars John Cena as a dishcarged Marine, John Triton. He leaves the military with honor and heads back home to his lovely wife played by Kelly Carlson (of "Nip Tuck" fame). Triton attempts to make a regular life for himself despite missing life as a Marine. Working as a security guard, Triton quickly finds himself bored with this. He and his partner there are immediately fired for mishandling a few patrons of the building they work, who cause a scene in an office and end up causing more damage to the lower lobby area. Cena heads home to his loving wife who suggests they go on a getaway retreat to some mountains she used to visit in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, there are villains hard at work pulling off a 5 or 6 man diamond heist in South Carolina. The head villain "Rome" is played by Robert Patrick, who is recognizable in that he was the sinister android villain in "Terminator 2" and also an agent on the hit show "X-Files". He carries off the role with pseudo-psychotic episodes and some attempted humor, and is the most notable actor in the flick. While escaping from the cops, the bad guys end up at the same gas station that Triton and his wife are getting gas at on the way to a mountain vacation. Some cops end up at the same gas station and start to ask Rome questions. One of Rome's men gets suspicious and ends up shooting a cop, setting off a chain reaction of events involving the destruction of the gas station, stealing Triton's SUV along with his wife as a hostage. Triton is left in the explosive fire as the bad guys speed off with his wife, regains composure and goes to pursue them on his own. There is also a detective tracking the villains who for some odd reason defers his authority to Triton. Far from reality, but something you might see in a typical action movie.

The only extras on the DVD I saw included a making of documentary and the trailer for the movie. There may be deleted scenes on other versions of the dvd, or they may be released at a later time.

Overall, I recommend this one for fans of WWE and John Cena. It is full of action, and at times unbelievable stunts. Surviving an explosion at a convenience store and a sledgehammer to the ribs are only something a WWE action star could do. Driving a police-car/Porsche high speed with a flat tire is something nobody could really do. You'll enjoy it if you're a Cena fan, and need a good action flick to check out. Cena's acting talents can only grow from here.. You can also pick up a copy of the Marine via the Marine link on the right sidebar of the blog here.

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