Saturday, July 14, 2007

DVD Review: "See No Evil"

I finally got a chance to see the DVD release of "See No Evil" the WWE's movie production featuring superstar Kane (real name: Glen Jacobs). The opening of the movie finds two police officers on call to investigate a bizarre crime scene. Inside the home they find blood-splattered walls and a vigil area with lit candles and pictures. They also find a shaken up girl holding her face on the floor. What comes next is a sign of things to come for the movie, as we find the girl has had her eyes pulled out and been blinded. Hence, "See No Evil".

The movie fast-forwards four years ahead and we find one of the original crime scene police officers now working as an officer at a County detention center. He brings a group of County Detention male offenders out to do some volunteer work to get reduced sentences. The male group boards a bus of 5 good looking female offenders and they head off to the abandoned and run-down Blackwell hotel building to get to work cleaning the place up. Of course they will be staying in the building for several nights and it also has one angry, evil and sadistic resident already living inside. WWE star Kane takes on the role of Jacob Goodnight, a tormented soul who believes he works for God by murdering those who sin.

"See No Evil" follows the lead of so many other horror movies with very little character development or creativity in terms of its plot. It contains alot of the typical horror cliches and gimmicks intended to shock or gross out the viewer, but nothing groundbreaking or overly terrifying. If you've seen recent movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes or the Saw films, this won't outdo those on any level. While it does attempt some creative death sequences, some of the intended horror scenes are laughable rather than scary. The actors and actresses don't deliver any top notch or heartfelt performances, so it even makes the audience care less about their demise in this type of film. The only notable actor in the movie really is Kane, and he definitely proves he could be a worthy monster type villain, but we all knew that from his various antics seen on WWE. He doesn't have a large speaking role, but then again so many horror villains and monsters don't. The WWE clearly wanted to burst into the horror genre by sticking its token scary wrestler into a quick film here. One other important note; The hook on a chain which Kane brought into play during his feud and matches versus The Great Khali also makes its big debut in this movie.

The movie is Rated R for good reason with some rather gruesome death sequences, including the concept that Kane removes the eyeballs of his victims. So this one's definitely not for the kids whether fans of Kane or not. It has a very quick running time of 1 hour 24 minutes. The DVD features a commentary track from Kane, a behind the scenes look at the movie, and a short documentary about Kane's story in the WWE as well. Check this movie out as a Kane fan, but not if you seek top-notch horror, because so many other movie efforts succeed more than "See No Evil". My best guess is that if there's ever any sort of a sequel made, "See No Evil" will see its way straight to DVD.

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