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Biography of WWE Superstar Edge

adam copeland wwe edge superstar Real Name: Adam Copeland
DOB: 10/30/1973
Birthplace: Orangeville, Ontario (Canada)
Billed Height: 6' 5"
Billed Weight: 250 lbs.

Finishing move: The Spear
Theme Music: "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge One Day Remains

Edge's Theme Ringtone

Adam Copeland is better known to WWE fans as professional wrestler, Edge, or "The Rated R Superstar". He's been a face and a heel off and on for years in the WWE now, aligning himself with everyone from Gangrel & Christian to WWE Diva Lita, and now Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero. His finishing move which is used now is "The Spear", a vicious running, tackling move which stuns the wrestler and immediately pins them down to the mat. Edge has won many matches and titles throughout his career, and heads into Wrestlemania 24 as the World Heavyweight Champion, defending his title against The Undertaker.

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History of Edge

According to Wikipedia info, a young Adam Copeland (Edge) watched WWF while he was growing up in Canada. Among his favorite WWE Superstars were Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. He eventually put his passion into an essay contest which gave him the prize of being trained by Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchinson. He began to train and wrestle in the 90's as part of an independant wrestling circuit from Ontario and the US' Great Lakes region. During this time he met the guy who would become a later tag team partner, Christian Cage. The duo won titles early in independent wrestling circuits.

Adam Copeland broke into the WWF/WWE in 1998 as the character "Edge". He was shown as a loner type character who wandered the streets beating up defenseless bystanders in promo spots. He would make his entrance into the wrestling arenas randomly through the crowd. An early notable victory came when he acted as Sable's mystery tag team partner in a Summerslam 98' match against Marc Mero and Jacqueline. Edge slammed Sable onto Mero for the victory. The next year in 1999, Edge defeated Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental title, making for Edge's first ever singles title win. Edge's victory came at a house show and was short-lived as he lost the title the next night to Jarrett at the Fully Loaded PPV. From here, Edge began feuding with the vampire wrestler known as Gangrel. Gangrel's ally was the wrestler Christian Cage (Edge's former partner in independent wrestling). Eventually the two allies convinced Edge to join them as vampires, forming "The Brood" stable.

From 2000-2001 Edge partnered up with his Brood brother, Christian to form a famous tag team. After Gangrel turned on them, he took in the Hardys as his "New Brood". Even after Gangrel left the Hardys, Edge & Christian kept feuding with them. It was at Wrestlemania 2000 that Edge and Christian first won the WWE Tag Team titles, defeating the Hardys and the Dudleys in a TLC match. Edge & Christian as a tag team went on to win the WWF tag team titles a total of 7 times making a very impressive team.

From 2001-2003, Edge became a singles star in WWE, by first winning the Intercontinental belt, and then the 2001 King of the Ring. Christian turned on Edge and the two former partners began to fight over the IC title. Edge would lose the belt to superstar Test, but Edge soon defeated Kurt Angle for the United States Championship. Edge went on to defeat Test for the IC belt at the 2001 Survivor Series, giving Edge the IC title and US title at once. The titles became unified and Edge eventually lost his IC title to William Regal, unable to re-capture it. Edge was drafted to the Smackdown brand in 2002-03, but suffered an unfortunate injury in February of 03'. Edge suffered a neck injury that required about a year of recovery time. Just as Edge was about to return, he broke his hand, sidelining him 1 more month. Edge was soon drafted to the Raw brand, where he would win the WWF Tag Team titles with Chris Benoit, and eventually the Intercontinental title from Randy Orton. Edge was eventually stripped of the IC title by GM Eric Bischoff for "cheating to keep the title".

In 2004-05, Edge made waves by competing for the World Heavyweight title and also by "stealing Matt Hardy's girlfriend". Fans became upset over the fact that one time couple Matt Hardy and WWE Diva Lita were broken up due to Edge. It started in real life when Lita (Amy Dumas) was recovering from a legitimate ACL injury. Edge began a relationship in real life with the diva. Matt Hardy was eventually released from WWE due to anger over their relationship and issues with WWE. When Hardy returned, this was turned into a WWE story, where the angry Matt Hardy was after heel Edge for stealing his girl, Lita. Edge fought in several matches with title implications from 2004-05, such as the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution 2005. Edge came up short when special guest referee Shawn Michaels used Sweet Chin Music on him in retaliation for an accidental Spear.

Edge first captured the WWE title in 2006. The scene was New Year's Revolution 2006. John Cena had just successfully defended his WWE title in an Elimination Chamber match, but was clearly bloody and beaten up. However, Edge was the winner of the "Money in the bank" contract from Wrestlemania, allowing him a title shot, anytime, anyplace. Edge cashed in by delivering two Spears on the fatigued Cena then pinning him for the WWE title. Cena gained revenge just 3 weeks later by winning the belt back from Edge at the 2006 Royal Rumble.

It was just 2 weeks after the Vengeance 2006 Pay Per View, that Edge recaptured the WWE title by hitting John Cena with the belt and pinning him during a Triple Threat title match on Raw. (Edge-Cena-RVD) Edge and Cena continued to feud for sometime at future Pay Per Views and on WWE Raw. Finally, a match was setup for Unforgiven 2006 in Toronto. The WWE title match featured a stipulation that if Cena didn't defeat Edge, he would sign a contract to head to Smackdown. Edge agreed and it was made a TLC match. Cena FU-d Edge through 2 tables, then locked in an STFU in the ring causing Edge to submit. Cena regained the WWE title.

On October 9 2006, Edge aligned himself with another up and coming and talented superstar, Randy Orton. The team became "Rated RKO" and feuded with the new D-Generation X team of Shawn Michaels/Triple H. On November 13, 2006 Rated RKO defeated a team of Ric Flair and Roddy Piper to win the World Tag Team titles. They continued to feud with DX, and battled in a vicious match at New Year's Revolution 2007. During this match, DX was beaten and bloody, and Triple H suffered a major injruy to his right quad muscle, forcing him out of action for months. Edge and Orton became an iffy tag team, because at one point the two became opponents aiming for John Cena's WWE title. They were both competitors in a Money in the Bank match (WM 23) and then a Fatal FourWay match for the WWE title at Backlash.

May 7, 2007 saw Edge steal away the Money in the Bank contract by using the briefcase to decimate Mr. Kennedy (winner of the Money in the Bank). Later that same week, the Rated R Superstar showed up on SMackdown, briefcase in hand. Just moments after a brutal steel cage match between Batista and World Heavyweight champ, The Undertaker, Edge appeared. Edge came out following an attack by Mark Henry on Undertaker. Sensing an already beaten Taker, Edge delivered several spears on the bloody champ, and pinned him to take the World Heavyweight title. Edge feuded with Batista and then Kane, to keep his title. Unfortunately, Edge suffered a torn left pectoral muscle during an episode of Smackdown where wwe kane showed up to attack Edge during a Mardis Gras celebration. Edge was forced to forfeit his World Heavyweight title on Smackdown, setting up a Battle Royal to determine the new champ. Edge was sidelined until Survivor Series 2008, where he showed up to interfere in the World Heavyweight Hell in a Cell match. Edge aligned himself with new romantic interest Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero on the show, giving him leverage to get the title back.

Edge recaptured the World Heavyweight title for his 2008 reign at Armageddon. The match was a Triple Threat match (Edge vs. Undertaker vs. Batista) in which Edge pulled out many tricks, including using look-alikes (The Major Brothers) and a steel chair to bash the Undertaker. Edge eventually pinned Taker, taking back the World Heavyweight title (which Batista had). As of early 2008, Edge had formed quite the alliance with Zach Ryder and Curt Hawkins, Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero. Edge even helped Chavo defeat CM Punk to win the ECW title.

As of WM 24, Edge is an impressive 4 time champion: twice the WWE champion and twice the World Heavyweight, making for quite a resume along with his other IC title and tag title reigns. This Rated R Superstar has many impressive wins from King of the Ring, to Money in the Bank and always puts on a great show for WWE fans. Heading into Wrestlemania 24, Edge continues to let fans know that The Undertaker (undefeated at Wrestlemania) has never beaten him.

Edge's Title Achievements:

    WCW United States Championship (1 time)
    WWE Championship (2 times) defeated John Cena both times
    WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Rey Mysterio
    WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (5 times)
    WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (11 times) - with Christian (7), Chris Benoit (2), Hulk Hogan (1), and Randy Orton (1)
    World Heavyweight Championship (2 times) defeated Undertaker twice

Edge's Theme Music

Edge's current theme song is Metalingus by Alter Bridge which is found on their debut album, One Day Remains

Previously Edge used the theme song "Never Gonna Stop" by Rob Zombie, found on WWE Forceable Entry

Edge's TV & Movies

Edge has appeared on episodes of Mind of Mencia, MADTV, and the game show "The Weakest Link". He also had a role in the 2000 movie Highlander: Endgame.

Reference: Adam Copeland Wikipedia entry

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