Wednesday, December 13, 2006

About WWE Characters Blog

First off, a disclaimer, I don't work for World Wrestling Entertainment in any way shape or form. I go by "MC" and I'm a fan just like other WWE fans. My favorite wrestlers all time include Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Papa Shango, Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman and of course, The Rock.

WWE Characters the Blog started just for fun. WWF was something I watched maybe too much as a kid and I continued to watch it on and off as I was growing up. I became heavily re-interested in WWE when a lot of people did, during the "Attitude Era". The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind and a ton of other characters made me fall in love with WWE wrestling all over again.

Once I had the financial means to, I decided it was time to go see some live events. My first one was a house show, which was fun, but it was nothing compared to the first TV show I saw, Smackdown. Coolest part of this show was getting to see WWE legends like Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio and the Undertaker in action. I quickly discovered how much more fun the Raw shows were to attend and began to go to more shows as they came back into town. Highlights for me included seeing Kane, Stone Cold and Goldberg all up close and in action. I've been to about 10 shows between Raw, Smackdown and House shows now. I'm not sure if that's alot, but it may be more than the average fan.

This blog is a constant work in progress for me, and I hope it will provide information for WWE fans. I don't expect to have breaking news always, but will do my best if something catches my eye. My ultimate goal is to make this into a full-time website and place for fans to participate more. I enjoy discussing the various plots and news with other fans. At times I will provide my commentary on WWE as a product or business, because I feel as fans we have that right to criticize what we love. I encourage other fans to leave their 2 cents at all times, but discourage those who do so in a blatantly offensive and negative manner. Since we're all fans, profanity and belittling other fans really makes no sense to me here when sharing opinions.

Contact me for any of the following reasons:

1) You're a fan with a question, concern or idea
2) You're a fan going to a live show, planning to get pics (I'll feature you and them here)
3) You have a WWE blog or site and want to link exchange, or compete in PPV picks.
4) Any other reason :)

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