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WWE Summerslam 2009 PPV Results

Welcome to the official Summerslam 2009 Results page presented by WWE Characters the Blog! Summerslam started at 8PM EST on Sunday, August 23, 2009, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The event is televised on Pay-Per-View, and results are now final, listed below.

On the card are five title matches in addition to three feud matches. Shawn Michaels makes his much anticipated return to partner up with Triple H for a D-Generation X match against Legacy (Rhodes & Dibiase). Raw's John Cena looks to once again become WWE Champion by defeating current champ, Randy Orton, the Viper. In what could be a show-stealer, Jeff Hardy defends the World Heavyweight Title against CM Punk in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) Match!

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Note: Prior to the scheduled Summerslam there was a special 15-diva Battle Royal with special guest referee Chavo Guerrero. During the match, Chavo eliminated several of the divas himself, before proclaiming Beth Phoenix as the winner. It's been reported this will appear on a special DVD bonus for Summerslam 2009.

Before the pyrotechnics went off, there was a D-Generation X skit involving the video feed with HBK and HHH trying to fix things since it kept getting messed up. As they tried to fix the feed DX said "We're back" before the Summerslam promo video started...The pyro fireworks went off to open the Pay-Per-View. Jim Ross welcomed fans to the 22nd edition of Summerslam.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio
Intercontinental Title Match

Early on, the action spilled to the outside as Rey knocked Ziggler out of the ring and followed up with a Hurricanrana. When they got back into the ring, Dolph began to take control again briefly. Mysterio came back and tried a move from off the middle rope, with Ziggler dropkicking him down from the air. This was followed by Dolph trying for several pins with Rey escaping.

Mysterio managed to trip Ziggler into the ropes and went for a 619, with Ziggler slipping outside the ring. Ziggler slips back into the ring after Rey came out after him. As Rey returns to the ring, Ziggler is able to hit his finisher on him. Rey barely kicked out of the pin at 2 1/2. From there, Rey was able to hit a 619, but missed a move from the corner, allowing Ziggler to roll him up for a pin. Rey escaped yet again, and Ziggler got him up on his shoulders near the top rope. Mysterio was able to do a spin move followed by the Hurricanrana onto Ziggler from the top rope for the pinfall victory. Rey is still your Intercontinental champ!

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Title.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger

This feud match saw the two face off backstage in a spot with Josh Matthews where Swagger again called out MVP for being in prison. MVP vowed he'd teach the spoiled jock a lesson tonight. Early in the match, we see MVP dominating Swagger and knock him out of the ring. MVP followed by diving out onto Swagger. Once they returned to the ring, Swagger gained control and slowed the pace down.

MVP is able to comeback though and eventually hit the Ballin' elbow from off the ropes. MVP went for a pin with Swagger kicking out, so MVP set up The Playmaker. Swagger is able to reverse it into a pinfall and pulls on MVP's tights for just a 2 count. Swagger went for a huge move on MVP, but MVP wisely put his knees up to block it. From there, MVP hit a running boot followed by his Playmaker to take the pinfall on Swagger.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Cryme Tyme vs. Big Show & Chris Jericho
Unified Tag Team Title Match

Prior to the match, Jericho made a speech in the ring about how the celebrities in the Staples Center don't impress him tonight because he and Show are the most famous people there. As Big Show tries to speak, Cryme Tyme's music hits to interrupt and the challengers come to the ring.

Jericho used a strategy during the match of allowing Big Show to wear down JTG and/or Shad of Cryme Tyme, then Jericho would tag in briefly to attack. Unfortunately, Shad was able to escape for a hot tag at one point to get JTG in. JTG went right after Big Show on the apron, yanking him down throat first against the top rope, leaving Jericho solo to face him. JTG was able to make a pinfall attempt with Show coming back in to make a save. JTG rolled up Jericho for another near pinfalll attempt, and this time Jericho was able to turn it into a Walls of Jericho. JTG struggled, nearly tapping out, but managed to break the hold when he crawled to the bottom rope. The ref called Jericho to break off the submission. As the ref was distracted, Big Show hit JTG hard from the outside. Jericho quickly took the pinfall on the knocked out JTG for the win.

Winners: Big Show & Chris Jericho win via pinfall over Cryme Tyme to retain the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles.

The Great Khali vs. Kane

In this feud match, tempers were at boiling point levels. Early on, each of these monstrous combatants tried for their finishing move, with their opponent able to escape it. Khali with a slam on Kane and a near pinfall. Khali used a huge series of chops on Kane in the corner. The Big Red Machine made his comeback though and was able to hit a running DDT to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Great Khali.

D-Generation X vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase

DX made a grand entrance as they arrived out to the arena in a giant tank. HBK and HHH got up on the tank to do crotch chops followed by canon blasts, before Legacy arrived to the ring for the match.

Triple H started off the match against Dibiase, getting the best of the Legacy member. As HHH continued in the ring, a "HBK" chant soon started up in the crowd. Dibiase kicked out of a pinfall by HHH to tag in Rhodes. Rhodes went over and smacked Michaels in the face, prompting HHH to tag his DX partner in. HBK took control as he almost hit Sweet Chin Music. Rhodes managed to slide out of the ring, and came back in to tag in Dibiase. HBK pounced on Dibiase in the corner, chopping away at him. HBK missed on another move causing him to get tangled in the ropes. Dibiase responded by clotheslining him down hard. Rhodes tagged back in.

Things got chaotic when Michaels escaped to tag in HHH. HHH was able to gain major momentum as he took it to Dibiase and Rhodes. HHH set up a Pedigree on Rhodes with Dibiase coming in to break it. HBK came in to make it all four men in the ring. At one point, HHH tossed his partner out on top of Rhodes outside the ring. The ref was distracted by it all, allowing Dibiase to sneak attack HHH. From there, Legacy began a doubleteam effort on The Game.

HHH had to work hard despite being worn down by Legacy to finally make a tag to Michaels. HBK came in with a ton of energy against Rhodes, but Dibiase was able to attack HBK from behind. As the fight continued, HHH took Dibiase to the outside and tossed him into the crowd. Meanwhile in the ring, Rhodes gained control of HBK and was able to avoid another Superkick attempt. HBK got a Figure Four on Rhodes, with Dibiase managing to get back into the ring to make a save. Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on HBK, but Triple H rushed in to save the pinfall from happening.

In the closing moments, HBK and Rhodes were still legal. Triple H played by Legacy's rules and hit the Pedigree on Rhodes behind the ref's back. Then, Dibiase did the Dream Street on HBK behind the ref's back. Both legal men were down and Triple fought with Rhodes out near the commentators' table. Back in the ring, both men eventually got to their feet with HBK able to hit Sweet Chin Music on Rhodes to take the win.

Winner: D-Generation X wins via pinfall over Legacy.

Christian vs. William Regal
ECW Title Match

The ECW Champion Christian came to the ring, followed by William Regal. In an "extremely" fast match, Christian hit the Killswitch on William Regal for the pin just as Regal got into the ring.

After the match, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson rushed to the ring to attack Christian, beating him down.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over William Regal to retain the ECW Title.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
WWE Title Match

After 10 minutes into the WWE title match, the crowd was into it chanting for Orton or Cena. At one point, Orton and Cena exchanged punches, but then Orton walked over and just shoved the ref to earn a DQ. Orton grabbed his WWE title and began to walk up the ramp, until Lillian Garcia got on the mic. Lillian announced that she just received word from Mr. McMahon that the match must restart, and if Orton is disqualified he will lose the WWE Title. The match restarted, and this time after Cena and Orton had their exchange, Orton tried to get counted out. Lillian Garcia again announced that Mr. McMahon said if Orton is counted out he'll lose the WWE title.

An angry Orton re-entered the ring and avoided Cena's Attitude Adjustment attempt. Orton then rolled up Cena in a pinfall putting his feet on the ropes. The ref awarded the match to Orton, until another ref came to the ring and pointed out how Orton put his feet on the ropes. Another re-start was called. As the second restart came, Cena was able to get Orton into the STF. Cena had it locked in looking for the win, until a random fan rushed into the ring and attacked the ref. It's unknown if the fan was planted or not. Security quickly got into the ring and pounced on the fan, then hauled him away through the crowd. A replay was shown of it. Cena and the crowd were all stunned and confused at this point. As the ref tried to get things under control, Randy Orton was able to hit two separate RKO's to ultimately pin Cena and retain the title.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over John Cena to retain the WWE Title.

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
World Heavyweight Title TLC Match

The main event featured plenty of action and excitement as Punk and Hardy battled for the World Heavyweight Title. At one point, Jeff set up Punk on a table outside the ring then dove off the top rope, with Punk avoiding him. Jeff crashed through the table. CM Punk set up a tall ladder in the ring to start his climb for the title, but Jeff managed to get back in and climb as well. The two ended up crashing off the ladder with Jeff able to hit a Powerbomb from the ladder to the mat. Jeff started to climb the ladder and got his hands on the title, but Punk managed to shove the ladder over. Jeff went flying off the ladder and into the corner. From there, CM Punk hit a superplex of Jeff onto a ladder from off the corner.

As the action continued, Jeff hit a Twist of Fate. CM Punk was able to get his knees up when Jeff went for the Swanton. Jeff then hit a back suplex to send Punk out of the ring crashing onto a table. Jeff set up a ladder in the ring to start his climb again, but CM Punk was able to jump and spear Jeff off the ladder. Both men went to the outside, with Punk grabbing a chair and putting it around Jeff's neck, then sending Jeff to the ringpost. Jeff fought back though and smashed a steel chair on Punk several times. Jeff then cleared off the Spanish commentators' table and set Punk on it, then set up a huge ladder. Jeff climbed to the top of a very tall ladder and did a major Swanton dive off the ladder to crash down onto Punk through a table. This prompted EMT's to come out and put JEff on a stretcher. As they were taking Jeff away, he got off the stretcher and crawled back into the ring. Meanwhile, Punk was setting a ladder up. Jeff climbed up the other side and fought with Punk while Punk had his hand on the title. Punk eventually was able to knock Jeff off the ladder down to the mat, then pulled down the title to win the match. CM Punk is your new champion.

After the match had ended, CM Punk stood triumphantly over the fallen Jeff Hardy on the mat. Suddenly, the arena went dark with the Undertaker's bells sounding. As the lights came on again, it was Undertaker laying in Jeff Hardy's spot with Jeff nowhere to be seen. Taker grabbed Punk by the throat and then delivered the Chokeslam to close out Summerslam with a bang.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Jeff Hardy to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Thanks for visiting WWE Characters the Blog for your 2009 Summerslam results. Hope you enjoyed this exciting Pay-Per-View, WWE's biggest party of the summer!

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