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Elimination Chamber 2010 results

Welcome to the WWE Characters the Blog Elimination Chamber 2010 PPV results page! On this page starting at 8PM EST on Sunday, February 21, 2010, you'll find results updated from the WWE's Pay-Per-View right up until 11PM EST when the PPV ends. Keep checking back for the latest results, or click here to refresh this page.

At the 2010 Elimination Chamber, there will be two Chamber matches, with Raw and Smackdown superstars competing. In the Raw Chamber, Sheamus defends his WWE Championship against Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, Kofi Kingston and John Cena. In the Smackdown Chamber, the Undertaker defends his World Heavyweight Championship against R-Truth, John Morrison, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho. Two men will start the match off, with the other four competitors inside locked "pods" inside the large, ominous and demonic Elimination Chamber. Every so often, a new competitor will be released from their pod to compete in the match. Competitors are eliminated by pinfall or submission, until one man scores the final victory, and leaves the chamber as the champion. Will Undertaker and Sheamus retain their titles heading towards Wrestlemania 26?

Also will Drew McIntyre be able to hold off Kane and retain the Intercontinental title? Who will become the new Divas champion, Maryse or Gail Kim?

Pay-Per-View is now in progress, stay tuned for latest results, or click here to refresh this page for updates.

Raw Elimination Chamber for WWE Title

The match opened with Sheamus dominating Kofi Kingston as the first two competitors went at it. Kofi had a brief comeback as he hit an enziguiri kick on the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus regained control right before the first five minutes, and then HHH was released into the match. Triple H rushed into the ring to go after Sheamus, for revenge after this past week's Raw. HHH blocked a Sheamus move and hit a DDT for a near fall. Kofi Kingston went to splash on HHH who avoided it, causing Sheamus to get hit instead. Kofi then hit several moves in the corner, before landing a leg drop on Triple H on the platform.

Next up, the ten minute mark hit and Randy Orton was into the match. Dibiase and Cena looked on from inside their pods still. Orton smashed Sheamus face first into the various walls of the Chamber, then did the same to HHH. Kofi Kingston then took all three guys out onto the platform. He went for a springboard move on Orton who countered with a dropkick in the air on Kofi. HHH went at Orton, who dropped him then prepared for the RKO. He went for it, but HHH shoved Orton off. Orton hit a backdrop on HHH over the ropes onto the platform. With Kofi and HHH down, Sheamus rammed Orton into the ringpost. As the 15 minute mark hit, Dibiase was released into the match.

Dibiase helped his Legacy mentor Randy Orton up, and the pair went after Sheamus, throwing him shoulder first into a ringpost. Next up they targeted Kofi, and were able to stick his head into a part of the cage wall. Dibiase applied a Boston Crab for a bit. Dibiase and Orton doubleteamed HHH for a DDT with HHH on the rope. They looked at Cena as the clock went down to 21:00. Cena was the final entrant.

Cena came out fighting and punched away on Dibiase and Orton. He eventually hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Orton, and almost had Attitude Adjustment on Dibiase. Cena ended up tossing Dibiase over the ropes onto the platform. He put the STF on Dibiase, with Orton breaking it up. From outside the ring, Cody Rhodes appeared and sent a metal pipe into the ring for Orton. Instead, Dibiase grabbed the pipe and clocked both Orton and Cena. With both guys down, Dibiase went for a pinfall on Orton. As Orton was escorted away from the Chamber, he glared at Dibiase. Dibiase looked back and that allowed Kofi to hit a Trouble in Paradise to eliminate him after the 25 minute mark.

Sheamus hit Kofi Kingston with a bicycle kick, then hoisted him up in the air for his Outsider's Edge move. Kofi was the third competitor eliminated, leaving HHH, Sheamus and Cena in the match.

Sheamus went for his finisher on Cena but HHH broke it up by punching the Celtic Warrior in the gut. HHH then hit the Pedigree, and slowly was able to turn over the champ for the pinfall to eliminate him. With Sheamus out, it was down to Cena vs HHH for the title. Cena was able to lock the STF on HHH in the middle of the ring. Eventually, HHH began to tap on the mat to give Cena the win via submission. Cena is now the WWE Champion.

Eliminations: Randy Orton (pin by Dibiase), Ted Dibiase (pin by Kingston), Kofi Kingston (pin by Sheamus), Sheamus (pin by HHH), Triple H (submission by Cena)

Winner: John Cena wins the Raw Elimination Chamber to become new WWE Champion.
Just as Cena was celebrating his WWE title win with the belt in hand, Vince McMahon's theme music hit and out came the Chairman. He got on the mic to congratulate Cena, then told him he'd be going to Wrestlemania as champion, but only if he can successfully defend the title against his first challenger, right now. Batista's music hit, and The Animal came out for a WWE title match.

Batista vs. John Cena
WWE Title Match

Cena was worn down from his 45-50 minute Chamber match, but still attempted a punch on Batista. Batista came back and Speared Cena down, then hit a Batista Bomb. The Animal made the cover for the winning pinfall to become new champion. Batista took the belt and walked off up the ramp. Cena limped from out of the ring dejected over the loss, looking back at the Wrestlemania 26 banner hanging up high.

Winner: Batista wins via pinfall to become new WWE Champion.

Kane vs. Drew McIntyre
Intercontinental title match

Early on, McIntyre chopped away at Kane trying to level him with clotheslines. Finally, Kane responded with a big clothesline to send McIntyre out over the top rope. McIntyre got back into the ring and started trying to take control. He went for the double underhook DDT with no luck as Kane blocked it and hit an uppercut. Kane hit the sidewalk slam, then went for the Chokeslam. Drew escaped it and went onto the ring apron. Kane grabbed McIntyre then ran him headfirst into the ringpost, before delivering a big boot to kick him off the apron.

Kane went out and retrieved McIntyre to put him in the ring during the ref's count. McIntyre escaped and started up the ramp with Kane getting to him for a headbutt. Kane rolled McIntyre into the ring again. As Kane went to get in the ring, McIntyre raked him in the eye with a thumb. Kane was stunned by it, allowing McIntyre to hit his double underhook DDT finisher for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Vickie Guerrero came out to inform everyone that she was officially postponing the divas championship match. Instead at tonight's PPV, Gail Kim & Maryse will team up to face Michelle McCool and Layla from Smackdown.

Gail Kim vs. Maryse
WWE Divas Championship tournament finals

Winner: Match postponed by Vickie Guerrero.

Gail Kim & Maryse vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

Gail Kim started things off against Team LayCool. LayCool was in control early on until Gail made her comeback. She went over to make a tag to Maryse who chose not to tag in. Gail rushed at Michelle who responded with a big boot kick. McCool quickly followed up with the Faithbreaker to win the match in under 5 minutes.

After the loss, Maryse walked over and berated Gail Kim. She hit her DDT finisher on Gail before leaving.

Winners: Michelle McCool & Layla win via pinfall over Gail Kim and Maryse.

MVP vs. The Miz
United States Title match

Big Show joined his tag team partner for the match, as Mark Henry was there for MVP at ringside. In the late stages of the match, MVP used clotheslines and forearm smashes on Miz, followed by a facebuster. MVP connected on the Ballin' elbow drop. He went for the pinfall, but Miz was close enough to put a foot on the bottom rope to break it. MVP and the ref started chatting it up, and Show pulled Miz out of the ring. MVP went to the outside, and Mark Henry got into things. He went to charge at Big Show near the guardrail barricade. Show moved away and Henry crashed right through. MVP and Miz got back in the ring, with MVP running at Miz in the corner for his boot kick. Miz avoided it, and MVP got stuck with his leg in the corner of the ring. As Miz distracted the referee, Big Show clocked MPV with the KO punch. Miz took the pinfall and retained his belt in this rematch from the Royal Rumble.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over MVP to retain the United States title.

Smackdown Elimination Chamber for World Heavyweight Title

CM Punk and R-Truth were the first two competitors into the match. Early on, Truth had a catapult move sending Punk face first into the wall area. However, Punk brought his A-game and eliminated Truth five minutes into the match. Punk began to rant on the mic, and warned Undertaker he better hope his chamber opens last, because when he comes out, he'll make him tap out like he did once before. Punk said he'll prove that Straightedge means "I'm better than you."

The next pod opened and Rey Mysterio came into the match. Rey and Punk went back and forth one another, until Mysterio got the upperhand. He kicked Punk off the top rope then hit a headscissors move to send Punk out onto the ringside platform. Punk fell right on his back, but rolled back into the ring. Rey did a slingshot splash and pinned Punk for the elimination. After the countdown clock finished, the next competitor was released, Chris Jericho.

Mysterio and Jericho duked it out for a bit, but Jericho gained the upperhand towards the end of five minutes. He locked on Walls of Jericho, but John Morrison entered the match and broke things up. Jericho had the advantage as he fought Morrison, while Rey tried to recover. Rey finally got back into it but was soon backdropped over the top rope. Morrison knocked Jericho out of the ring and worked on Rey. Jericho, Morrison and Rey continued their threeway fight. With Jericho knocked out of the action for a bit, Rey went for a move from the top rope with Morrison. Morrison held onto the top rope, causing Mysterio to crash to the mat. Morrison followed with Straship Pain to eliminate Rey.

When Undertaker got into the match, Jericho had Morrison in Walls of Jericho. Jericho let go of his hold and went after Undertaker, but Taker dropped him with a big boot, then knocked Morrison out of the ring. Taker tried a pin on Jericho to no avail. He worked on Morrison some, with Morrison favoring his hurt ankle. Morrison got in control and went for the Starship Pain, only to have Taker block it with both knees. Taker sat up, so Jericho hid inside a pod. Taker tossed Morrison to the outside, with Jericho coming over to take down Taker with a tackle into the fence area. Jericho smashed Taker headfirst into the pod's glass. Taker was able to recover and overcome Jericho though. He continued to fight with Morrison, as he grabbed him with a Chokeslam and slammed Morrison on the steel platform, then brought him in the ring for a DOA pinfall.

It was now down to Taker vs Jericho, with Taker ready to rock behind a rallying chant from the crowd. Taker began to dominate Jericho, but Jericho avoided the big boot in the corner. He was able to get the Deadman into Walls of Jericho, but Taker was able to get out of it with sheer power, and put on Hell's Gate. Jericho worked his way to the ropes and escaped it. Taker went for a Tombstone, Jericho countered with the Codebreaker. The Undertaker was layed out, and Jericho crawled over for the pin. It was a near fall though, as Undertaker kicked out barely.

Taker now gained control and set up Jericho for The Last Ride. Suddenly, Shawn Michaels came out from under the steel platform. He delivered Sweet Chin Music to drop Taker to the mat. Chris Jericho made the pinfall to win the World Title. Shawn Michaels stood over the Deadman who was still KO'd on the mat. Meanwhile Jericho's music played and the new champion celebrated with title in hand as went backstage.

Winner: Chris Jericho wins the Smackdown Elimination Chamber by pinfall over Undertaker to become new World Heavyweight champion.

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