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2009 WWE Bragging Rights Matches

On Sunday October 25, 2009 at 8PM EST, WWE will present its second Pay-Per-View of the month, Bragging Rights 2009. It's the follow-up to the Hell in a Cell PPV, which saw Undertaker defeat CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Title, and Randy Orton recapture the WWE Title from John Cena. Both matches went down inside the barbaric Hell in a Cell cage.

At bragging rights, those two new champions will both be defending their titles again, under different circumstances. Also, there will be a colossal tag team match to cap off the event, where all of the Smackdown match winners will face all of the Raw winners, to determine ultimate "Bragging Rights". Here's a rundown of all the matches for this WWE PPV which is sponsored by the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 video game.

Bragging Rights Matches 2009

Match descriptions by WWE Characters the Blog:

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
60 Minute Iron Man match for WWE Title

On the 10/5/09 episode of Raw, Randy Orton arrived out early to boast about winning the WWE Title against John Cena in "clean" fashion. This prompted Cena to come out, not to dispute that fact, but instead to congratulate Orton. Cena then said that they owed it to the WWE Universe to give them one more final match in their longstanding rivalry. This match would be the match to decide all matches, a 60 minute Iron Man match, where anything goes. Orton agreed to the concept, but not before adding a stipulation of his own. Should John Cena lose the match, he will officially have to leave WWE's Monday Night Raw, because Orton wants to be the main man of the show. Now Cena must win the final chapter of their war, not only to reclaim his WWE Title, but also to keep his spot on the Raw roster. Which of these battle-tested competitors will be able to survive the 60 minute Iron man match to emerge as WWE Champion?

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Undertaker
World Heavyweight Title Fatal Fourway

On the 10/9/09 episode of Smackdown, Vince McMahon scheduled the second title match for Bragging Rights, when he announced a Fatal Fourway. Featured in the match will be the new champion The Undertaker, as he defends against 3 former world champions; Rey Mysterio, Batista and the most recent former champ, CM Punk. The Straight Edge superstar has now enjoyed three title reigns, and is in search of his fourth. Batista has held the title multiple times, with Mysterio holding it just once. The Undertaker will look to prove that this reign will be longer than usual and not a fluke, but CM Punk just might have some tricks up his sleeve. Which of these four top Smackdown stars will walk out with the title at Bragging Rights?

- WWE Characters the Blog PPV Matches -

John Morrison vs. The Miz

It seems like not long ago that The Miz & John Morrison were carrying all sorts of gold including tag team titles and Slammy awards. As the 2009 WWE Draft came, the two partners found themselves separated. The Miz was one of Raw's first round draft picks and soon became a household name on the show. Meanwhile, Morrison moved over to Friday Night Smackdown where he gained attention as he battled the likes of CM Punk and the previous World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy, in what may be WWE's best match of the year. Morrison soon got an Intercontinental Title shot against Rey Mysterio, producing another classic match, which Morrison was able to win for his thrid title reign. Over on Raw just a few weeks ago, The Miz picked up a clean pinfall victory against United States Champion Kofi Kingston. Now, the always bragging Miz holds the title, while Morrison holds the IC title. These two former partners will do battle at Bragging Rights to determine who is the best of the two champs!

Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Tag Match

A series of qualifying matches are scheduled for both the Raw & Smackdown TV shows to determine competitors for each brand's team. These two 7-man tag teams will clash at Bragging Rights to determine which is the ultimate brand! Team Raw is captained by D-Generation X's Shawn Michaels & Triple H. It also consists of Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes from Legacy. Team Smackdown will be headed by the always cocky and brash Chris Jericho, who will be without his Unified Tag partner. Six more Smackdown stars will be determined to fill the spots on his Team. Which team will prevail in this colossal battle of Bragging Rights?

Check back at WWE Characters the Blog as more matches are added to the 2009 WWE Bragging Rights card! The action kicks off live at 8PM EST on Pay-Per-View, Sunday October 25th!

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