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2009 Extreme Rules PPV Results

Welcome to the 2009 Extreme Rules results page, presented by WWE Characters the Blog! Extreme Rules is being held on Sunday June 7th, 2009 on Pay-Per-View, live from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. The card features matches all with various stipulations such as a Triple Threat Hardcore Rules match for the ECW title, a steel cage match for the WWE Title and a Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Title. Most of WWE's top superstars will be involved in the event, including John Cena, Big Show, Randy Orton, Batista, Edge, and Jeff Hardy.

Here's the full results for 2009 Extreme Rules PPV with match recaps:

MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal vs. Kofi Kingston
Fatal Fourway for US Title

Kofi Kingston made his first United States title defense within a week of capturing the title from MVP on Raw! In this Fatal Fourway, all four competitors displayed grit and determination. At one point in the match, Kofi Kingston managed to land his double leg drop on both Matt Hardy and William Regal, as MVP had been knocked to the outside. Once MVP was back in the ring, he ended up taking Regal out and going after his familiar foe, Matt Hardy. MVP hit the Ballin' Elbow drop for an attempted pinfall on Matt, but William Regal managed to get in to make the save. After Regal took MVP to the corner he ended up kicking him to the outside. Regal hit a scoop slam on Matt Hardy, but as he tried to throw Kofi Kingston, Kofi hit him with a surprise Trouble in Paradise to retain the US title!

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins the Fatal Fourway over Matt Hardy, MVP and William Regal to retain the United States Championship.

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
No Holds Barred Intercontinental Title Match

In this No Holds Barred match, both men pulled out all the stops over the Intercontinental belt. When Jericho arrived to the ring it was through the audience as he insulted Mysterio and his fans on the mic. Jericho promised to make the Rey Mysterio mask worthless when he defeated Mysterio tonight.

In the match, the competitors battled both inside and outside the ring with No Holds Barred. The match could only be won inside the ring though. Early on, Jericho tossed Mysterio into the crowd barrier several times. Mysterio launched himself over the ropes onto Jericho on the outside. Jericho managed to hit the Codebreaker several times but only managed to get near pinfalls. Jericho finally brought a steel chair into the ring, which Rey promptly dropkicked into the challenger's face. Mysterio was able to trip Jericho into the set up chair in the ring and eventually went for a 619. Jericho avoided the 619 and instead ripped off Rey's mask. The unmasking of Mysterio took him by surprise, and Jericho scored a pinfall to finally win the match and the Intercontinental title! This marks Jericho's 9th reign as the Intercontinental Champ.

Winner: Chris Jericho wins the No Holds Barred match over Rey Mysterio t become the new Intercontinental Champion.

CM Punk vs. Umaga
Samoan Strap Match

In this match, both men were fastened at opposite ends of the Samoan Strap. The wrestler who touched all corners of the ring in succession first would be called the winner. At an early point in the match, CM Punk tapped two corners of the ring but that was it because Umaga started to unleash his fury on Punk. Later in the match, Punk managed to touch 3 corners, but Umaga got back up from being layed out to hit a huge slam on Punk. As the match got more intense, Umaga touched three turnbuckles, but charged at CM Punk and his own momentum caused Umaga to go to the outside of the ring. Punk was able to hit 3 turnbuckles, but Umaga got back to the ring apron. As Umaga climbed onto the top rope, Punk threw him off to the mat and both men were down. Punk was able to get up before Umaga and tap 3 turnbuckles. Umaga tried to stop him with the Samoan Spike, but Punk hoisted Umaga in the GTS then touched the fourth turnbuckle to win it!

Winner: CM Punk wins the Samoan Strap Match over Umaga.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger vs. Christian
Hardcore Rules Triple Threat for ECW title

In this hardcore triple threat match, not only was the ECW title on the line, but it was potentially the final match for Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer had stated that if he couldn't win the title before his contract ran out, he'd be officially retiring. In tonight's match, various weapons were used including kendo sticks, the exposed turnbuckles and trash cans. At one point in the match, Swagger seemed in control as he set Dreamer up on the corner, after setting up a row of trash cans. Christian grabbed both men from the corner to deliver a Powerbomb but could only score a 2 count on Dreamer. From there, Christian grabbed a crutch to use as a weapon. He tried to jump off the corner at Swagger, but instead Swagger hit him and was able to drop Christian face first into the turnbuckle. Tommy Dreamer grabbed the free crutch and struck Christian with it to knock him out, then hit his DDT on Swagger to score the winning pinfall!

Winner: Tommy Dreamer wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to become new ECW Champion.

Santina Marella vs. Vickie Guerrero
Miss Wrestlemania Hog Pen Match

This match was pretty simple as it involved a hog pen complete with mud and pigs. The first one to pin their opponent in the hog pen wins the match. Vickie Guerrero decided to bring Chavo with her and make it into a handicap match though...

The match began with Chavo and Santina fighting it out in the mud. Santina threw slop on Chavo, but Chavo started to attack, and put slop in Santina's face. Santina was able to flip Chavo with a back drop and then began hitting him with elbows. Chavo was able to whip Santina into the pigs and after escaping a near pinfall by Santina, Chavo shoved her face in the mud. Vickie tagged in. In the end, Chavo accidentally threw slop on Vickie as Santina avoided it. This allowed Santina to put a bucket on Chavo's head and then pinned Vickie for the win.

Winner: Santina wins the Hog Pen Match over Vickie Guerrero to become new Miss Wrestlemania.

Batista vs. Randy Orton
WWE Title Steel Cage match

In this match, Orton finally found himself locked inside a steel cage to feel the fury of The Animal, Batista. Orton attempted to make his escape several times, but each time Batista pulled him back down for more punishment. Batista decided to go for pinfalls rather than the escape, as he smashed Orton against the cage several times, and powerslammed him. Batista attempted the Batista Bomb several times but Orton escaped or countered it. As the match intensified, Orton jumped off the top rope at Batista, then did a running punt kick but missed. Once Orton went to the top rope again, Batista got him on his shoulders and tried for the Batista Bomb. Orton hung onto the cage and hit Batista enough times to escape, but Batista was persistent and finally hit the Batista Bomb. After the 3 count, Batista was handed the WWE belt as new champion!

Winner: Batista wins via pinfall over Randy Orton to become new WWE Champion.

John Cena vs. Big Show
Submission Match

In this match, the only way to win would be a submission and Big Show claimed John Cena couldn't make him submit. Early on, Show worked on wearing down Cena and threw Cena to the outside. Outside there was more punishment as Show smashed Cena into the ringpost then brought him back inside for an abdominal stretch to further wear Cena down. Cena finally escaped and hit a DDT on Show, then tried for the STF, but Show kicked Cena back out of the ring. As Cena got back on the apron he began to attack and jumped off at Show. Show held Cena in a vicious Bear Hug to wear him down, but Cena escaped again and went off the ropes to knock Show to the mat.

Cena was eventually able to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Show, but as he tried for the STF, Show battled his way out with his elbow. Show then hit a knockout punch on Cena sending the champ outside the ring. As Show went out to attack, Cena countered him and sent Show right into the ring post. Back in the ring, Cena hit a leg drop off the top rope on Show, then worked on Show's leg. Cena eventually locked on the STF and despite Show trying to escape it, he was forced to tap out, giving Cena the win.

Winner: Cena wins via submission over Big Show.

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge
World Heavyweight Title Ladder match

Earlier backstage, the Raw GM and Edge's wife, Vickie Guerrero told Edge she wasn't going to send anyone from her Raw roster to help him out. Edge suggested Vickie find a good divorce lawyer. In this matchup, ladders were set up everywhere and both men used them cleverly to their advantage at key points. At one point, Edge used ladders in the corner to smash Jeff into. At another point, Jeff threw Edge into a ladder in the corner. Edge put Jeff into a Sharpshooter in one ladder with Jeff tapping out, but submissions weren't valid for this particular match. Jeff managed to hit the Whisper in the Wind after climbing up one of the ladders.

Later in the match, both men began to climb a ladder outside the ring and fought at the top. As the ladder toppled over, both wrestlers seemed to take bad falls with Edge crashing through another ladder. As both men managed to get back inside the ring, they each climbed separate ladders. Jeff's fingers were barely touching the title hanging above the ring as Edge tried to jump and Spear tackle him. Instead, Jeff caught Edge with the Twist of Fate off the ladder.After hitting the move, Jeff began to climb the ladder again. Edge fought tooth and nail to keep Hardy from grabbing the belt, but Jeff got Edge caught up in the rungs of the ladder. This allowed Jeff to finally grab the belt hanging above the ring to become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins the Ladder Match over Edge to become new World Heavyweight Champion!

Update: Following Jeff Hardy's victory, CM Punk arrived to the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Jeff. Jeff continued to fight valiantly despite his grueling ladder match just moments ago, but CM Punk eventually got him into the GTS and hit it to capture the pinfall, making CM Punk the new World Heavyweight Champion!

There you have the complete results for the 2009 Extreme Rules PPV! Congratulations to all tonight's big winners including each of the new title winners: Santina Marella (Miss Wrestlemania), Chris Jericho (IC), Tommy Dreamer (ECW), Batista (WWE) & CM Punk (WH). Catch Monday Night Raw on Monday at 9PM EST on USA for all the follow up to tonight's exciting Pay-Per-View!

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