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WWE Hell in a Cell 2009 PPV Matches

The 2009 WWE Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View arrives on October 4, 2009 live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. This event will feature at least two of its matches fought inside the solid, massive steel cage which is lowered around the ring. During the match, competitors can fight inside the ring, outside the ring or even up on top of the cage! Fans will remember one of the most memorable moments in the history of the match which featured The Undertaker battling Mick Foley aka "Mankind". During their famous match, the Deadman tossed Mankind from off the top of the cage, and he came crashing down through a commentary table. Surprisingly, Foley walked away to talk about it and still does to this day.

Back to the Pay-Per-View event, Hell in a Cell will see John Cena and Randy Orton battle it out once again for the WWE Title. Also, D-Generation X will fight their foes, Legacy inside the steel cage. Full 2009 WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Results will be posted on this blog as soon as the event has ended, but for now he's the history of the various matches or feuds for the event.

The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston
United States Championship Triple Threat

For weeks, US title contenders have tried yet failed at grabbing Kofi Kingston's golden prize. Both The Miz and Swagger have noted that Kofi Kingston does not deserve to wear the belt due to the fact he's Jamaican, while both of them are from the United States. In consecutive weeks, Miz and then Swagger simply picked up the United States title and carried it backstage. Kofi was able to regain his belt from Miz on one episode of Raw, until it was stolen during Jack Swagger in their match. Neither Miz or Swagger has yet to wear the belt. Kofi has enjoyed a lengthy reign as the current champ, but will it continue past Hell in a Cell?

Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show
Unified Tag Team Titles

Batista made his surprise appearance on WWE Raw to reveal two more surprises; one was that he was healed from his biceps injury caused by Randy Orton, and the second was that he was moving back to Smackdown in search of competition. The Animal found that competition fast, in the forms of the Big Show and Chris Jericho. Jericho was the first to challenge him for the Smackdown top spot, but failed in his attempts. Next up, Big Show tried his luck on Smackdown, and Batista held his own, eventually locking an ankle lock submission on Show. Jericho rushed in to save his partner, but only wound up feeling the pain of the ankle lock himself. Batista left both the tag champs hobbled, and then later made the big announcement; he will team up with Rey Mysterio to face the Unified Tag champs at Hell in a Cell. Jericho and Show have proven they are worthy holders of these belts, but Batista & Mysterio are no slouches. Will they be able to function well as a team and capture the tag team titles, or will the Jericho Show connection continue their reign?

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Intercontinental Title Match

These two Smackdown stars have been on a collision course for just a few weeks now. It all started as John Morrison was allowed a title shot at Rey Mysterio weeks ago, and defeated the superstar to become Intercontinental Champion. Ziggler was furious, as he had won a Fatal Fourway just weeks prior to make him the #1 Contender for Rey's Intercontinental Title. The two were originally scheduled for Breaking Point, but the match was cancelled in favor of other matches from Smackdown. Despite that, the two wrestlers were part of the Pay-Per-View, with Ziggler coming out to interrupt and attack former IC champ, Pat Patterson in the ring. John Morrison rushed out for the save and began name calling. The name calling continued on Smackdown, and this feud seems to continue to heat up heading to the Pay-Per-View. Ziggler lost in two previous attempts at a PPV to win the IC title off Mysterio, can he do it against the Friday Night Delight, John Morrison?

D-Generation X vs. The Legacy
Hell in a Cell Match

This will be the proverbial "rubber match" between the two tag teams which have each scored a win over the other at the past two Pay-Per-Views. Legacy came up with the big victory at the Breaking Point PPV in a "Submissions Count Anywhere" match. The team wisely was able to knock out Triple H backstage, and then work on Shawn Michaels 2 on 1 near the ring. The duo stretched Michaels around a ringpost, eventually forcing him to tap out. Just one night later on Monday Night Raw, Shawn Michaels did battle with Ted Dibiase one-on-one. The match ended with a disqualification when Cody Rhodes interfered by grabbing Michaels to trip him before he could hit Sweet Chin Music. From there, it erupted into all out chaos as Legacy and DX began to battle around the arena, eventually taking out a cameraman and causing Raw to lose coverage of the brawl. It was later announced on Raw that the two teams would try to settle things once and for all in a Hell in a Cell match at the next Pay-Per-View. Will The Legacy do as they have promised and eliminate DX once and for all? Or will D-Generation X continue to reign as one of the top tag teams in all of the WWE?

Randy Orton vs. John Cena
Hell in a Cell - WWE TItle Match

At the 2009 Breaking Point Pay-Per-View, John Cena was able to do as he promised, although it wasn't easy. Cena withstood the constant torture which Randy Orton inflicted on him during their "I Quit" match for the WWE Title. Orton tried everything, using steel chairs, steel steps, Singapore canes and a pair of handcuffs to restrain the tough challenger. Cena was able to weather the storm of furious torment caused by the WWE Champion, and refused to say those two words "I Quit". At one point, Cena turned the tables on Orton as he wrestled away the key to the handcuffs and was able to cuff himself to Randy Orton, preventing Orton from getting away. Cena managed to put Orton into the STF in the center of the ring, and with the cuffs across Orton's throat, made the champ quit. Orton later confessed it was a business decision to quit, but that he plans on winning back his title at Hell in a Cell. This match will test the true limits of both men, but only one will leave as the WWE Champion. Will Orton make good on his promise to regain the title, or will John Cena emerge to still say "The Champ is Here!"?

Undertaker vs. CM Punk
World Heavyweight Title Hell in a Cell

CM Punk thought he had achieved it all, after he banished Jeff Hardy from WWE, and won the World Heavyweight Title for his second reign as champ. Next up, he faced the Undertaker at Breaking Point in a Submission match. Punk won the match, which was rigged with the help of the referee and General Manager Teddy Long. Undertaker was not too pleased with the outcome, which saw Long remind everyone his Hell's Gate submission hold was banned. The following week, Teddy Long found himself driven off in a locked limousine, with his driver, The Undertaker. Long was returned to Smackdown inside a casket by Undertaker's druids during a CM Punk speech on the show. Punk made some jokes at Teddy's expense and freed him from his gag and ropes he was tied in. Much to Punk's surprise though, Long reported he had reinstated Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission move, and that Punk will defend his title against Undertaker at the Hell in a Cell PPV, in the match of the same name! Punk may have done it all in his young career, but he's yet to defeat the Undertaker in a match he's made famous. Will CM Punk walk out of the Hell in a Cell with his title, and in one piece for that matter? Or will the Deadman rise again with the Championship?

Catch all of the action of the WWE's 2009 Hell in a Cell event on Pay-Per-View, Sunday October 4th 2009! Full 2009 WWE Hell in a Cell Results will be here starting 10/4/09 at 8PM EST!

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