Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to Get WWE Tickets

Nothing beats the excitement of seeing World Wrestling Entertainment Live and in person. Whether it be the house shows, Raw, Smackdown/ECW taping or a live Pay Per View event such as Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, you're sure to have the time of your life. From the impressive pyrotechnic displays to the theme music to seeing your favorite wrestlers in person, nothing beats this experience for a WWE fanatic. Here's some tips on how and where to get your hands on WWE tickets.

Tips for buying WWE tickets:

1) Check for Live Event dates. You can usually see on the site well in advance of when the event is coming to your town or city. WWE usually does an around the US tour, and then will head back to your area. You may see a listing for a WWE event in a town or city close to yours. This may indicate that a WWE event is heading your way, a few days or weeks afterwards.

2) Pay attention to the WWE TV shows and local ads. You'll usually see an ad with the sales date for shows in your area in advance. Most cable companies will also have local ads for the WWE shows such as Raw or Smackdown that are coming to your area.

3) If you're selling or buying tickets, beware of scalping laws in your area. They vary from state to state. Getting tickets is great, but not if they're illegal.

4) If you're a true fanatic, camp out and claim one of the first spots in line! Many fans have done this to score top notch tickets for events like Mania and Survivor Series, or even the TV show tapings!

5) Wherever you may be buying your WWE tickets, make sure to refer to the seating chart. If possible, print out a copy of the arena/stadium's chart prior to going to a ticket booth. This way you'll have a chart just in case. Most of the time at the box office they will show you prior to a sale where your seats are. If you're buying tickets online, definitely make sure to check where the seats are. Are they close enough, nosebleed section or does it matter if the arena is smaller?

Where to Buy WWE Tickets Online:

Ticketmaster .com is the official seller for most WWE events. There are some exceptions state to state. For example, Mohegan Sun in Connecticut used to handle ticket sales exclusively through their website. If you buy tickets early enough at the site, you'll be able to score some great up-close seats. There's normally convenience charges and other fees per ticket so pay attention to these when buying.

Ebay can also offer great deals on tickets if you search around! But be careful here of scalping laws, scam artists and very high prices. Ebay is a widely used auction site online but has been known for sellers scamming buyers at times (and vice versa). Also pay attention to exactly what you're getting and what the deal involves. Is it local pickup or by mail only? Are the seats next to each other or in separate sections/rows? Sometimes what looks like a good deal might turn out to be not what you planned once you win the auction, so read fine print of the ticket item page.
is a site where fans can buy and sell all sorts of sports and entertainment tickets, including WWE. Just like eBay you'll need to keep an eye on prices here, they can get steep. But this is also a good option should you have a last minute cancellation and can't make a show. Sell your tickets here and earn your money back and maybe a profit!

TicketsNow Homepage
offers you premium seating tickets if you're in a bind. Once again they can run high in price so purchase carefully. They offer tickets for everything from the Superbowl & UFC to music concerts & Wrestlemania.

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