Saturday, November 6, 2010

Survivor Series 2010 PPV Matches

With the arrival of Thanksgiving, it also means that the WWE's fall classic Pay-Per-View is here as well, Survivor Series! The 2010 edition of the PPV event will feature a variety of exciting matchups with titles on the line. As of this report, there's been just a few matches announced, but more are likely to be added as the PPV draws closer.

The 2010 Survivor Series PPV matches will be held at Miami, Florida's American Airlines Arena on Sunday November 21, 2010. Last year's main event saw John Cena defending the WWE Championship against DX's Shawn Michaels and Triple H. This year's main event will also feature Cena, however not as the champion. Instead he'll be special guest referee for the WWE Title match involving champion Randy Orton and challenger Wade Barrett.

Here's a look at the Survivor Series 2010 PPV Matches:

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
WWE Championship

The Nexus leader Wade Barrett has been gunning for Orton's WWE Title for several Pay-Per-Views now. At the last PPV, he had Cena as his ringside assistant, whom he ordered to make sure he won the match. Cena did as ordered, by getting involved in the match to DQ Orton. With that move, Orton retained the title while Barrett won the match, and Cena wasn't fired.

However, now Cena will act as special guest referee at Survivor Series. Barrett has informed Cena that if he wins the WWE Title, Cena will be relieved of his Nexus obligations. However, should Barrett not win the title, Cena will be fired from the WWE on the spot. It puts a lot of weight on Cena's shoulders and seems to stack the odds against Randy Orton heavily. Will The Viper be able to hold onto the WWE Title, or will Cena's involvement finally help Barrett capture the gold?

Edge vs. Kane
World Championship

The Devil's Favorite Demon has continued to surge with power ever since burying his brother The Undertaker at Bragging Rights. With the burial and seeming demise of Taker, Smackdown needed a new #1 Contender to face Kane for the title. GM Teddy Long scheduled a Triple Threat contest between the three top competitiors: Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and Edge.

In the matchup, all three competitors seemed to have a close shot at winning the match. However, in the end it was Edge's spear on Alberto Del Rio (while carrying Mysterio) that proved victorious. Now as #1 Contender, Edge will have a tough task in trying to defeat the Big Red Monster. Kane will have Paul Bearer and the infamous urn at ringside. Can Edge, the Ultimate Opportunist, find a way to win?

Natalya vs. Michelle McCool or Layla
WWE Divas Championship

It's yet to be determined once again who exactly will defend the WWE Divas Championship. Michelle McCool and Layla have been co-champions for some time now. First it was Layla capturing a pinfall in a Triple Threat match with Michelle and then champion Beth Phoenix. Months later, Michelle fought Melina in a title unification match and won. As the Womens title was forever eliminated from contention, the divas championship has remained. Natalya has had two prior opportunities to win the prized possession but both time saw Layla or Michelle interfering to prevent Natalya's victory. Can Natalya weather the storm in Miami to finally win the Divas title, or will LayCool continue to reign?

The huge event goes down Sunday November 21st, 2010 starting at 8PM EST. Updated results will be provided here at WWE Characters the Blog, so make sure to check in and keep up with the winners as the PPV progresses!

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