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2009 Backlash PPV Results

2009 WWE Backlash Pay-Per-View results are here! This year's Backlash event featured several compelling matches, including the 3 major titles up for grabs, with John Cena defending the World Heavyweight Title against Edge, Jack Swagger defending his ECW Championship against Christian, and Triple H participating in a Six Man Tag Match where if anyone on his team is pinned, submitted or counted out, then HHH loses his title.

Here are the full results and match by match recaps for 2009 WWE Backlash PPV:

Christian vs. Jack Swagger
ECW Championship

The first official match of the night saw Captain Charisma trying to take the ECW title away from the All-American American. Swagger was dominating Christian early on, but both men displayed great skills on the mat. It seemed each time Christian was on the offense, Swagger quickly regained control again. At one point, Swagger went for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Christian countered and DDT'd the champ for a 2 count. Swagger continued to dominate after Christian sent him to the outside. Christian and Swagger fought on the apron, with Swagger eventually able to knock Christian down as he got on the corner ropes. In the ring, the two competitors continued battling, with Christian eventually able to use his finisher the Kill Switch as a counter attack on Swagger. Christian scored the winning pinfall, earning him the ECW Championship!

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to become new ECW Champion.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Chris Jericho

Ricky Steamboat looked good back in the ring to wrestle his first singles match in 15 years time. At one point, the Dragon was able to run and dive out of the ring onto Jericho. There was some great back and forth action, and the crowd once again was behind the WWE Hall of Famer chanting "You still got it!" One exciting moment in the match saw Jericho and Steamboat battling up on the ring corner, with The Dragon able to hit the Superplex on Jericho. After failed pin attempts by Steamboat, Jericho eventually went for the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat countered it and locked a Figure Four on Jericho, but he was able to grab the ropes to break it. The two men battled out on the apron, with Steamboat getting the better of Jericho by tossing him back inside the ring, then flying off the corner for a bodypress. Despite Steamboat having the crowd behind him, Jericho was able to counter Steamboat's pinfall attempt with the Walls of Jericho to make The Dragon tap out.

Winner: Chris Jericho wins via submission over Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

CM Punk vs. Kane

The Punk-Kane match had plenty of back and forth action with both competitors trading moves and offensive attacks. At one point, Punk hit his Suicide dive onto Kane on the outside. At another point, Kane tossed CM Punk against the steel ringpost outside the ring, then tried for a pin back inside. The match continued with both men getting 2 counts. Punk went for GTS, but Kane countered, so Punk countered to hit a running Bulldog on the Big Red Machine. In the end though, despite Punk countering a chokeslam with kicks to Kane, Kane responded by hitting the Chokeslam anyways. Kane scores the winning pinfall over Mr. Money in the Bank 2009.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over CM Punk.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
I Quit Match

Even though they may have been separated by the WWE Draft which brought Matt to Raw, the Hardy brothers took their feud to a new level as they battled in a grueling "I Quit" match. Early on, it was Jeff in control as he smashed Matt's head into the turnbuckle, threw him into a guard rail outside the ring and jumped at him from off the steel steps. Back in the ring, Jeff continued his attack, eventually putting a sleeper on his brother. Matt tossed him off, and was able to knock Jeff to the outside. Back in the ring, Matt locked on a Figure Four to wear his brother down by submission. The brothers exchanged submission holds, and both refused to quit when asked by the referee. At another point in the intense matchup, Jeff connected on a Twist of Fate on his brother, followed by a Swanton Bomb off the top rope. Jeff hit a second Swanton, but Matt still refused to quit.

Eventually, a table was brought into play in the match as well as duct tape, which Jeff used to duct tape Matt Hardy's legs and hands together. Jeff then grabbed a rope and tied Matt down to the table, then set up a ladder in the ring. Jeff climbed the ladder and was ready to dive off onto Matt on the table, but Matt started talking to his brother on the mic. Matt tried to convince Jeff to stop saying their parents wouldn't approve of all this. Eventually, Matt told Jeff he quit, so that Jeff wouldn't jump on him from the ladder. Jeff picks up a much needed victory over his brother, and then after the match jumps onto Matt anyways.

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins the I Quit match over Matt Hardy.

Santina Marella on Khali Kiss Cam

As Santina came to the ring for the Khali Kiss Cam she revealed to Great Khali that she truly was in love with commentator Jim Ross. Khali's translator Singh said Khali had no idea but totally understands, but wanted proof of Santina's love. Singh said Khali asked Santina to prove her love for JR by kissing him. JR refused to kiss Santina and was taunted by his fellow commentators. Eventually, Rosa Mendes and Beth Phoenix arrived down to the ring. Beth challenged Santina right there for the Miss Wrestlemania crown, and insulted Great Khali in the process. Khali took exception and knocked Beth down to the mat. The bell promptly rang allowing Santina to cover the already knocked out Beth Phoenix.

Santina Marella wins via pinfall over Beth Phoenix to retain Miss Wrestlemania crown.

Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase vs. Triple H, Shane McMahon & Batista
WWE Title Six Man Tag Match

With the WWE Title on the line, Shane McMahon was being dominated by Legacy in the ring as they tried to keep him away from Batista and HHH. Shane eventually broke away and was able to tag in Triple H who had serious momentum as Randy Orton also tagged in. Triple H was able to hit a Facebuster on Orton, and eventually a Spinebuster for the attempted pinfall. Ted Dibiase rushed in to make the save. Batista also got involved and ended up going to the outside against Legacy. Meanwhile in the ring The Game continued going after Orton while on the outside, Rhodes knocked out Shane McMahon with a steel chair. Next Batista was hit by the chair. Triple H tried to get a chair from Batista to use on Orton, but to no avail. Orton was able to RKO The Game, and then delivered a vicious Punt kick to seal his victory, becoming the new WWE Champion.

Winner: Randy Orton wins by pinfall over Triple H to become new WWE Champion.

Edge vs. John Cena
World Heavyweight Title
Last Man Standing match

With Cena's World Heavyweight Championship on the line, a Last Man Standing Match would determine who would be the champion after Backlash. Both Cena and Edge sacrificed their bodies in this one, using the steel steps against one another. At one point, Cena made Edge tap out in the STF, but the match had to be won by the ref counting one man down for 10. Edge was able to counter the Attitude Adjustment with a Spear, and the ref began to count both men down again.

The match continued as things eventually spilled to the outside, with Cena able to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Edge into the crowd. Edge still managed to get up at 9 to Cena's surprise. Things continued on the arena stairs, with Cena hitting a running Bulldog. They eventually got to the ramp where Edge DDT'd Cena down, then smashed a chair on him several times. Despite all that, Cena managed to answer the ref count by 9. Edge went for a Spear to finish Cena off, but Cena countered and went for the Attitude Adjustment. Suddenly, the Big Show arrived out to interfere in the match. Show grabbed Cena and chokeslammed him through a nearby light, causing it to explode. Cena was counted down for 10, making Edge the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Afterwards, John Cena was taken out by stretcher with a neckbrace on.

Winner: Edge wins the Last Man Standing match over John Cena to become new World Heavyweight Champion.

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