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Wrestlemania 25 Results

Welcome to the Wrestlemania 25 results page at WWE Characters the Blog! Here you will find updated results throughout the night of April 5th, 2009 when Wrestlemania starts at 7PM EST right until the Pay-Per-View concludes. The Silver Anniversary, Wrestlemania 25 was held at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas in front of a sold out crowd of 72,744. Celebrities on hand included Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and Kid Rock as well as Frank Shamrock and Mickey Rourke in the audience.

Note: The Carlito & Primo Colon versus the Miz and John Morrison tag team titles unification match was switched to a dark match, and happened before the actual Pay-Per-View's live airing on TV. The Lumberjack match saw The Colons win the unify the tag team titles in a match that will be on the Wrestlemania 25 official DVD.

8 Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The ladder match once again provided countless Wrestlemania highlights and didn't disappoint. The match saw CM Punk and Kofi Kingston both diving through the ropes at once to take out their opponents on the outside. At one point, Finlay's son Hornswoggle got into the ring and set up a step ladder. From there, Hornswoggle got onto Mark Henry's shoulders then dove to the floor to knock all the other competitors down. Meanwhile in the ring, Finlay smashed the step-ladder onto Mark Henry.

Things got frantic as the match finished at a frenzied pace. Christian and Shelton Benjamin each climbed up separate ladders in the ring and began to battle. The two men got onto just one ladder, but it fell against the ropes, and Benjamin was dumped to the outside. Christian was able to lunge back to the other ladder and get his hands on the briefcase. Kane and CM Punk climbed the same ladder to try to stop Christian, with Kane eventually chokeslamming Christian off. CM Punk was stuck hanging upside down from the ladder. Punk was able to regain his footing and battle with Kane for the briefcase. Kane tried for a chokeslam but Punk kept kicking away at Kane, eventually knocking the Big Read Machine off. CM Punk grabbed the briefcase and won the MITB for his second straight year!

Winner: CM Punk wins the Wrestlemania 25 Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Miss Wrestlemania 25 WWE Divas Battle Royal

The notable former divas to enter along with present divas were Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Sunny and Molly Holly. The surprise entrant was "Santina" Marella, aka Santino dressed in drag. The ring cleared fast as divas were tossed out left and right. It came down to 5 competitors with Santina, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Beth phoenix and Melina. Michelle and Mickie got into a fight on the top rope and ended up falling out at the same time. With Santina standing nearby he was able to dump Beth and Melina out of the ring to win it. Mae Young rang the bell and Candice placed a crown on Santina's head to crown him "Miss Wrestlemania".

Winner: Santina Marella wins the Wrestlemania 25 Divas battle royal and is crowned "Miss Wrestlemania".

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Legends (Steamboat, Piper & Snuka)

With actor Mickey Rourke watching from the front row and Ric Flair ringside, Rowdy Roddy Piper immediately went to work on Jericho, spitting in his face and throwing a barrage of punches at him. Piper clotheslined Jericho to the outside and began to bash his head on the commentators' table.

Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka also spent some time in the ring as they tried to work on Flair. At one point, Steamboat and Snuka double-chopped Jericho. With Snuka trying to revv up the crowd, Jericho grabbed him and put on the Walls of Jericho. Snuka soon tapped out and was eliminated from the match. Jericho refused to break the hold on Snuka, so Steamboat and Piper rushed in to the ring for the save. From there, Jericho delivered a cheap shot on Steamboat to knock him out of the ring. With Piper swearing and taunting Jericho, Jericho ran at him, delivered a running kick and then pinned Piper, eliminating him. It came down to Jericho versus Steamboat, with The Dragon showing despite his age he can still put on a show. Steamboat flew over the top ropes onto Jericho on the outside. Back in the ring, Steamboat jumped off the ropes with a fist to Jericho. The two got into a furious fight with Ric Flair going crazy on the outside. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho on Steamboat, but Ricky reversed it and turned it into an inside cradle pin. Jericho escaped the pinfall and surprisingly hit the Codebreaker for the win.

After the match, the action got even more intense with Ric Flair getting into it with Jericho in the ring. After Jericho escaped Flair's attack he hit him with the Codebreaker to take out Flair. Jericho then grabbed a mic and began to taunt Mickey Rourke, calling him a coward and threatening to come over and slap him. Rourke eventually stood up and came to the ring, removing his jacket, hat and watch. In the ring, Jericho and Rourke prepared for a boxing match with Jericho initially avoiding a bunch of punches. Jericho eventually got clocked by a Mickey Rourke left hook. With Jericho KO'd, Ric Flair got back in the ring and raised Rourke's hand up.

Winner: Chris Jericho defeats Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka in a 3 on 1 Handicap match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Extreme Rules Match

The heated feud between the two brothers finally saw its way into the squared circle at Wrestlemania 25. Early on, both Matt and Jeff exchanged attacks with various weapons including a framed poster, trash can, chairs and a vacuum cleaner from outside the ring. At one point, Jeff used a Kendo stick and crutch to beat on his brother Matt who was stuck inside a trashcan. Jeff went for the trademark Swanton Bomb with Matt avoiding it and then going for the Twist of Fate. Matt was only able to score a two count and the match continued.

At one point, the extreme rules really came into play as Jeff set up Matt laying on a table outside the ring, then set another table up on top of that. Jeff crashed from off the top ropes through the tables and his brother, then rolled Matt into the ring. Jeff nearly won the match, but Matt was able to stick his foot on the ropes to prevent it. From there, Jeff went to the outside and tossed a chair into the ring, then brought two ladders into play, one bigger than the other. Jeff set up the two ladders and climbed the smaller one, to leapfrog over the taller ladder, but unfortunately missed on his Legdrop attempt for Matt. matt capitalized on the missed move and nailed Jeff with a Twist of Fate with Jeff's head through a chair.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins the Extreme Rules match via pinfall over Jeff Hardy.

Rey Mysterio vs.JBL
Intercontinental Title Match

After the introductions, the referee held the Intercontinental belt up for all to see. Before the ref could even finish giving instructions to both men, JBL delivered a huge boot kick to Mystero, leveling him. JBL yelled at the ref to ring the bell. Mysterio got back to his feet as the bell rang. Quickly, Rey was able to knock JBL into the ropes and then connected on the 619. From there Rey climbed onto the top rope and jumped at JBL for a huge splash, taking the pinfall victory in just 21 seconds to become new Intercontinental Champion!

After the match and Rey's celebration was over, JBL got into the ring and sat with his head in his hands. After a few moments, JBL grabbed a mic saying he had an announcement to make. After getting heckled and booed by the crowd JBL eventually blurted out "I Quit!" then dropped the mic and left.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over JBL to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

Before the match got underway, Shawn Michaels lowered down from above the ring dressed in his all white get up. A bunch of fireworks went off and the smoke covered Michaels, before his music started. Pyrotechnics went off as HBK kneeled down in the ring for his entrance.

Early on despite Michaels taking control of things. Undertaker managed to get him into the Triangle submission hold. HBK broke it by getting his foot to the ropes. The match saw two risky and scary moments as HBK missed on a moonsault on Undertaker on the outside, then later Taker dove out of the ring and HBK avoided him, causing Undertaker to land on his face. Michaels demanded the ref count out Taker, so the ref began a count but Undertaker just got in at 9. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music, with Undertaker avoiding it and Chokeslamming him. HBK kicked out at 2m and tried for Sweet Chin Music again, but missed. On the third try, Michaels landed it, kicking Taker down. Undertaker kicked out at two.

At one point as the match continued Taker tried to throw Michaels out of the ring, with Michaels grabbing the rope to pull himself back in. As he was getting in, Taker grabbed HBK and hit a Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd thought that was it, but HBK kicked out and Taker was shocked. Things continued, and Michaels was able to counter Taker and hit him with a tornado DDT. With both men down, Michaels climbed to the top rope and landed an elbow drop on the Deadman. HBK then got himself ready in the corner and again got Taker with Sweet Chin Music. Despite all that, Undertaker kicked out at 2. With both men on their feet, they began punching back and forth. Undertaker booted HBK down then whipped him to the corner. As Taker charged at him, Michaels stuck a boot in his face to knock him down. HBK tried for a Moonsault but Undertaker caught him and then Tombstoned him for the defining victory. 17-0, the streak is still alive!

The match can easily be considered an instant classic from Wrestlemania 25.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via pinfall over Shawn Michaels.

John Cena vs. Big Show vs. Edge
World Heavyweight Title
Triple Threat match

Early on in the match, with Big Show tangled in the ropes, Edge tried for a Spear on John Cena. Cena avoided it and Edge ended up hitting Vickie Guerero instead. After freeing himself from the ropes, Big Show got momentum, and clotheslined both Cena and Edge down. Show beat on both men in alternate corners then whipped them into each other. Show tried for a double chokeslam, but Cena escaped, watching Edge get slammed down. Cena tried to put Show in the Attitude Adjustment with Big Show escaping and hitting a knockout punch on Cena. With Cena and Edge both out of the ring, Show went to the outside to slam Edge down. Edge was able to recover and eventually set up steel steps to run and jump off onto Big Show. Both men crashed through the crowd barricade. Vickie Guerrero was shown being escorted to the back hurt.

Once the action finally returned to the ring, Edge and Cena shared a brief doubleteam when they both worked together to suplex Big Show. Even Edge and Cena were shocked they worked together, but then both clotheslined Show out of the ring as he got up. Edge then attacked Cena, but Cena knocked Edge down and tried to get to the corner turnbuckle. Big Show shoved Cena off the turnbuckle and Edge was able to Spear him from mid-air. Edge went for a winning pinfall, but Big Show broke it up from outside the ring. Show got back into the ring and started repeatedly punching away on Edge. Edge eventually recovered and got on Big Show's back with a sleeper hold. When Cena finally got to his feet he amazingly picked both men up together. Edge slid off and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Show. With Show laid out, Cena was able to get Edge and hit the Attitude Adjustment on him as well. Cena scored the winning pinfall on Big Show to become the new champ!

Winner: John Cena wins via pinfall over Big Show to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

A Wrestlemania 26 video package was shown to announce that next year WrestleMania 26 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on March 28, 2010.

The 2009 WWE Hall of Fame Class was introduced. All of the latest inductees came out to the ramp, including Stone Cold. Austin shook his head and walked backstage, then moments later came driving out on a 4 wheeler. Austin raced up and down the ramp, eventually going in reverse, before stopping and getting into the ring. Austin tore off his tuxedo to reveal an Austin 3:16 shirt. From there Austin called for beers and began his beer bash celebration. He even shared a beer with Jim Ross, wearing his big cowboy hat briefly. Eventually Austin had an entire cooler of beers in the ring to celebrate.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H
WWE Title Match

Before the start of the match, HHH was shown backstage with Vince and Shane McMahon coming up to him. Triple H shook his head no as if to tell them to let him head to the ring alone. His entrance involved HHH smashing through see through glass with a Sledgehammer before dropping the weapon and heading to the ring.

Early on, HHH tackled Orton down and was pummeling him, full of rage. After the ref regained control of things he was talking to HHH. Orton sneakily grabbed HHH for the RKO, then attempted a Punt Kick, with HHH avoiding it. Triple H got Orton into the Pedigree early and nailed it. The two competitors fought on the outside with Orton kicking Triple H in the gut and Triple H slamming Orton's head against the steel ringpost. Back in the ring, Orton tried to plead for mercy but HHH attacked anyways, using knees to Orton and then a neckbreaker.

The two men continued with a ferocious battle, as both their finishers were repeatedly attempted and countered. At one point on the outside, HHH picked up a TV monitor and was about to hit Orton until the ref warned he would lose the WWE title if disqualified. HHH dropped the monitor then kicked Orton. He tried for a Pedigree on the commentators' table, but Orton countered and flipped HHH onto the other announcer table. From there Orton did a DDT with HHH hanging off the table, planting HHH's face into the concrete floor. Orton got in the ring waiting for the countout, but HHH managed to roll in just at 9.

As the two fought, Orton threw Triple H right into the referee, causing both men to go down. With the ref out of commission, Orton rolled to the outside then went under the ring for a Sledgehammer. Orton tried to get in the ring with it, but HHH ran and delivered a Punt style kick on Orton, knocking him out with the Sledgehammer laying right next to him. With the ref still out of it, HHH nailed Orton in the face with the Sledgehammer, then got rid of the evidence. From there, HHH went wild punching away at Orton until the ref was conscious. The ref tried to stop HHH from punching Orton so much. To finish things off, HHH stood up a lifeless Orton and hit him with the Pedigree. After a pinfall, Triple H has gained revenge and is still the WWE Champion.

Winner: Triple H wins via pinfall over Randy Orton to retain the WWE Title.

That wraps up the Pay-Per-View spectacular, Wrestlemania 25! Congratulations to all tonight's big winners, including the two newest champions, IC title winner Rey Mysterio and WH title winner John Cena, as well as Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Remember to tune in to USA Monday night at 9PM EST for all the follow-up and fallout from tonight's huge event on the WWE Raw TV show!

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