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WWE Superstar Kane Biography

Real Name: Glen Jacobs
DOB: April 26, 1967
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Billed Height: 6 ' 8"
Billed Weight: 326 lbs.

Kane's History

Glen Jacobs, aka "Kane" in the WWE, has been a fan favorite for some time now in pro wrestling. Kane's original start came in the WWF days (1995) as he took the role of Dr. Isaac Yankem, a dentist who liked to cause his patients and opponents pain in the ring. He was the private dentist of Jerry "the King" Lawler, and became involved in a feud with Bret Hart, thanks to Lawler. Isaac Yankem (aka Glen Jacobs) wrestled Hart at Summerslam and continued with his dentist gimmick until about May 1996. Jacobs (Kane) was also used as a fake Diesel in October 1996, as Jim Ross brought him in with a fake Razor Ramon to WWE.

October 1997 saw the WWF debut of Glen Jacobs as Kane ("The Big Red Machine"), who is the younger half brother of the Undertaker. At Bad Blood Pay Per View on 10/5/97, Kane showed up to interfere in a European title match (Hell in a Cell) between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Kane cost Taker the match and the title, setting off a feud between the brothers for the next year. Undertaker at one time vowed he would never fight his own family member, but Kane betrayed his brother after they teamed up, and locked Undertaker in a burning casket. Taker made a huge return to defeat Kane at Wrestlemania XIV. The two have continued to feud and team up over the course of their careers.

The history of Kane has always been one of mystery, seeming to come straight from a horror movie plot. Fans learned as early as 1998 that Kane was the offspring of an affair between Paul Bearer and the Undertaker's mother. As a child it was told in stories that Kane accidentally burned down the funeral home where Undertaker's parents worked, killing them in the fire. This was said to have left serious scars both physically and mentally and causing Kane to become similar to Halloween's Michael Myers or other famous psychotic horror villains. It was later revealed that Paul Bearer was responsible for bringing Kane to WWF, due to the fact Undertaker mistreated Bearer. This was Paul Bearer's revenge, to wreak havoc by using Kane on Undertaker.

Kane's WWE Stories

Kane has been evolved in multiple storylines in WWE, from being part of "The Corporation" in 1999, to teaming up with the likes of X-Pac, Big Show and Rob Van Dam to win the tag team titles. He's also been involved romantically with WWE Divas Tori and Lita. He's fought with the best of the best in WWE, from Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, Triple H all the way to his brother, The Undertaker. Not only have Kane and his brother feuded several times, but they also have combined to form "The Brothers of Destruction", a lethal and powerful tag team force.

One of the most controversial WWE storylines involved Kane's feud with Triple H in 2002. In the feud, HHH claimed that Kane raped the corpse of a woman named Katie Vick. Triple H claimed that Kane was the driver in a car crash and Katie was his passenger. Triple H went as far as to air footage of himself dressed as Kane having sex with a corpse (mannequin) in a casket. Fans chastised this idea and the story was weakened prior to the Kane vs Triple H title match. The two men fought at No Mercy in 2002, with Kanes Intercontinental title and Triple H's World Heavyweight title both on the line. Triple H won the match and took both titles.

Another famous Kane storyline involved the relationship between he and WWE Diva Lita. This angle also involved Matt Hardy, boyfriend of Lita. Kane fell in love with Lita in 2004 and eventually kidnapped her. It was later announced that Lita was pregnant and she claimed the baby was from Matt Hardy. Later still, it was discovered that Kane was the baby's father. The story went as far as a mock wedding between Kane and Lita with Matt Hardy interfering. Lita's pregnancy was abruptly ended when wrestler Gene "Snitsky" bumped Kane into Lita, causing Kane to fall on his pregnant girlfriend. Kane began to seek revenge on Snitsky, until Snitsky beat Kane at a steel chain match at Taboo Tuesday. Snitsky attacked Kane with a chair after the match, crushing Kane's larynx and sidelining him for several months.

Kane's Achievements

Kane has achieved success with WWF/WWE as both a singles and tag wrestler. His finishing move the "Chokeslam" is famous for ending matches with many opponents. Kane grabs the "victim" around the throat with one hand, then in a swift, powerful move lifts them up high, then slams them hard to the mat. Kane has worn the famous red/black mask for the first part of his career, before eventually removing it.

Kane's Title Achievements Include:

    WCW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with The Undertaker
    WWF Championship (1 time)
    WWF Hardcore Championship (1 time)
    WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (2 times)
    WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (9 times) - with Mankind (2), X-Pac (2), The Undertaker (2), The Hurricane (1), Rob Van Dam (1), and The Big Show (1)

As of 2008, Kane is currently on the Smackdown roster, wrestling on Friday nights. He also appears on ECW as part of the brand expansion, and has teamed up several times with ECW star CM Punk.

Kane's Entrance

Kane's entrance is truly one of the great pyrotechnics displays in WWE history. A huge fiery explosion erupts at the top of the ramp before the superstar appears from backstage. Kane adjusts his glove or armband on one arm and makes his way menacingly to the ring. Once Kane is in the ring he raises both arms up purposefuly then brings them down causing fire to erupt from all 4 corners of the ring in another explosion. Kane has used this after major victories to signify his rage and power. It's been said Kane has the power to emit lightning bolts or fire as well, based on previous storylines. He continues to be one of the most popular and entertaining of the WWE Superstars.

Kane's Music

Kane's current theme song is "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven. Kane has used the music with lyrics as his official entrance song since 2002. It can be found on the album The Punisher at Amazon.

Kane's older entrance Theme Music can be found on WWE Anthology

Kane's Movies & TV Roles

Glen Jacobs took his horror-like acting skills a step further when he starred in a WWE film "See No Evil". In this movie, Jacobs plays a deranged maniac named "Jacob Goodnight" who was living in a condemned building. As youthful offenders were sent to the building to clean it up, Jacobs' character begins to hunt them down and kill them. In the movie he removes the eyes from his victims so they will "see no evil".

See No Evil (Widescreen Edition) available at

Jacobs also appeared in the March 22 episode of Smallville entitled "Combat", where he plays a Phantom Zone criminal from another world named Titan, who faces off against Clark Kent. (Source: Wikipedia)

In real life, Glen Jacobs (Kane) is married to Maurisa Jacobs, and has two stepdaughters from the marriage. He married Maurisa in 1995. It is also said that Kane has endorsed recent (2008) Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, and that Kane is a member of the Libertarian party.

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