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WWE Breaking Point 2009 Results

Welcome to the WWE Breaking Point 2009 Results page from WWE Characters the Blog! The event called WWE Breaking Point has replaced the Unforgiven PPV this year, with a new title voted on by fans on The unique Pay-Per-View features all of its main event matches fought under submission rules. This means in order to win, the wrestler must force their opponent to submit, or in the case of the Randy Orton versus John Cena match, say "I Quit". The big event went down Sunday, September 13th, at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and is sponsored by the video game Batman Arkham Asylum.

The theme song for the PPV is Lynyrd Skynyrd's Still Unbroken

Full PPV results are updated throughout the PPV here at the blog starting Sunday at 8PM EST, up until 11PM EST when final results will be posted here. Check out 2009 WWE Breaking Point Predictions while you're waiting!

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WWE Breaking Point 2009 Results

Mark Henry & MVP vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show
Unified Tag Team Championship Match

After an early exit from the ring by Jericho to avoid MVP, the two competitors grappled. MVP took the early lead as he backed Jericho to the corner. The two traded punches, before MVP whipped Jericho to the ropes and hip-tossed him. MVP was able to get Jericho into the ropes to work on his shoulder, before Jericho got in a cheap shot move to gain control. MVP was able to tag in Mark Henry, prompting Jericho to tag in Show. As the two behemoths battled, Show tried for a splash onto Henry in the corner. Henry caught him in the air. Henry went for a bodyslam, with Jericho coming in to kick him so Show would fall on top. Henry kicked out of the pinfall. As the ref was distracted by Show, Jericho got in some cheap shots behind the ref's back.

Jericho tagged in to continue working on Mark Henry. The crowd seemed to be in support of him as they chanted "Y-2-J!" Eventually, Jericho tagged Show back in. Show and Henry collided in the ring, causing both men to hit the mat. The ref made his count, until both men crawled to their corners to tag their partners. MVP had the momentum and hit his Ballin' Elbow drop on Jericho for a near fall. Jericho went for Walls of Jericho, with MVP escaping it. Jericho was able to gain control as he put a reverse chinlock on MVP. MVP rolled him into the small package with Jericho kicking out. Jericho prevented MVP from a tag to Henry. MVP eventually hit a DDT move to break away and make a tag.

Mark Henry came in and pressed Jericho up over his head, then slammed him before hitting a Splash. Big Show came in to break up the pinfall attempt. Henry made sure to knock Show to the outside before pinning Jericho again. Jericho had a foot on the ropes to break it. Jericho went for a Codebreaker, with Henry catching him. Henry lifted Jericho up high then dropped him to the mat. As Henry seemed in control, Big Show managed to get in a knockout punch from outside the ring on him, allowing Jericho to get the winning pinfall.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Big Show win via pinfall over Mark Henry & MVP to retain the Unifited Tag Team Titles.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
United States Title Match

Early in this match, Miz attempted his finisher the Skull Crushing Finale, but Kofi was able to counter. From there, Kofi attacked Miz, jumping on him in the corner, and then used kick strikes on him. Kofi seemed in control, until Miz hit a jawbreaker, then a snap suplex. Miz regained control as the crowd really seemed into this match. After a low blow on Kofi, Miz jumped off the corner with a double axehandle to smash Kofi down. Miz started to stomp away on Kofi, but was eventually tripped, falling face first into the turnbuckle. Kingston gained momentum and set up for his double leg drop on Miz, but Miz countered it. Both men were down on the mat as the ref counted.

Both men traded pinfall attempts as things started to heat up. After a side Russian legsweep, Kingston finally hit his double leg drop on Miz. Kofi flew onto Miz with the crossbody, which Miz turned into a near pinfall. Miz tried another pin, this time a rollup, and held Kofi's tights. Kingston kicked out, and quickly kicked Miz with Trouble in Paradise to take the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over The Miz to retain the United States Championship.

D-Generation X vs. Legacy
Submissions Count Anywhere Match

Early on in this match, all four competitors battled it out at once. The action moved in and out of the ring and into the crowd at one point. The fans in Montreal seemed anti-HBK, but he still fought with Rhodes in the crowd. HBK and Dibiase ended up fighting at the top of the stairway in the crowd, with Triple H and Rhodes battling backstage in the arena.

At one point, HHH and HBK put Cody Rhodes through a chair in the ring, and each slapped on submission moves. Triple H locked in a Boston Crab while Shawn Michaels used a Camel Clutch. Ted Dibiase was able to rush in and make the save for his partner. Triple H and Dibiase continued to fight inside the ring, while HBK and Rhodes went to the outside. HHH with a Spinebuster and then a crossface submission. Rhodes was able to get HBK up on his shoulders in a torture rack type submission, with Triple H leaving the ring to make the save.

With HHH and Rhodes fighting backstage, Triple H put Cody into a storage container. Ted Dibiase made his way back there to sneak up on HHH, and started to punch away on him. Dibiase locked the Million Dollar Dream on HHH with Rhodes looking on. HHH escaped it, and was able to deliver a Spinebuster on Dibiase through a catering table, then locked a Crossface on Rhodes. Dibiase recovered to break it up.

Legacy took control when they smashed HHH with a steel chair, then attacked Michaels up the ramp. The duo pulled Michaels down the ramp by his hair then brought him in the ring. HBK was able to recover before they could do anything and sent Dibiase to the outside. Rhodes rolled HBK into an ankle lock, with HBK able to kick Cody away. As Michaels eventually kicked Cody in the gut, Triple H was shown backstage being helped up.

Legacy continued to work on Shawn Michaels 2-on-1 as Triple H eventually made his way back into the arena, rolling down the ramp. Cody Rhodes had managed to put Shawn Michaels into a Figure four leglock around the ringpost. HHH was unable to make the save in time, as HBK was forced to tap out before his partner could reach the ring area.

Winners: Legacy wins via submission over D-Generation X.

Great Khali vs. Kane
Singapore Cane match

Early on, both wrestlers grabbed Singapore Canes. Kane and Khali battled it out with their canes, before Kane managed to knock Khali to one knee by striking him on the back with his cane. Kane hit a low dropkick on Khali. Khali managed to come back as he grabbed a cane and started hitting Kane. Khali hit the Khali Chop, but failed at the pin attempt. Runjin Singh tried to strike Kane from behind with a cane, but Kane wasn't affected. Kane started to choke Singh, but Khali hit him with yet another Khali chop. Khali checked on Singh, and that moment allowed Kane to grab Khali and chokeslam him for a pinfall win.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over The Great Khali in the Singapore Cane match.

William Regal vs. Christian
ECW Title Match

Regal had momentum in this one as he put Christian into several holds, including a surfboard stretch submission to wear him down. Christian escaped it, but Regal caught him with a running knee to his face followed by a near pinfall. In the corner, both men battled it out. Christian hit a Tornado DDT and got a 2 count on Regal. Regal with the comeback as he hit a Regalplex. Christian used a forearm clothesline to level Regal for another near fall.

As the match continued, Regal had control as he struck Christian with forearm shots. Christian countered and nearly hit his Killswitch, with Regal pushing him to the ropes. Regal went for his running knee move, but Christian avoided it and instead hit Killswitch to win the match.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over William Regal to retain the ECW Title.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
WWE Title "I Quit" Match

Early in the match, Orton used a TV monitor on the outside to clock Cena in the head. In the ring, it almost looked like Deja Vu as Orton set up a chair to do another RKO move on Cena. Cena blocked the move and then began his momentum, eventually hitting a Five Knuckle Shuffle. After a near Attitude Adjustment, Orton was able to grab the ropes, then yanked Cena down across the top rope by his neck.

As the match continued, Orton was able to whip Cena into the steel steps outside the ring, then hit him with part of them. From there, Orton yelled at Cena to give up, with Cena refusing to. Orton went under the ring to grab a bag, and revealed a pair of handcuffs along with a key on a chain. Orton cuffed Cena to the top rope, and started to attack Cena unmercifully.

Orton continued to use the cuffs on Cena, bringing him across the turnbuckle at one point. He yelled at Cena not to pass out and threw water at him, with Cena spitting it back at him. Orton then grabbed a nearby Singapore Cane and began to beat on Cena with it. Orton had the cane to Cena's throat, but Cena escaped when he kicked Orton in the groin. Cena fell to the ground, and when he walked over to Orton, The Viper was ready with a steel chair which he smashed on Cena's head.

Orton continued his sinister work with the handcuffs on Cena, uncuffing and re-cuffing him around the ringpost area. Orton used a steel chair shot to try to wear him down even more. Eventually though, Cena landed a backdrop on Orton, and was able to steal the key away from him. Cena uncuffed himself and then cuffed he and Orton together. Cena started to go wild as he attacked Orton with body shots. Orton was able to withstand a near Attitude Adjustment and then hit the RKO on Cena. He tried to drag Cena with him to get the key to unlock the cuffs, but Cena pulled him back to the center of the ring. Cena locked in his STF submission and wrapped part of the cuffs around Orton's throat, eventually leading to Orton yelling "I Quit, I Quit".

Winner: John Cena wins the I Quit Match over Randy Orton to become new WWE Champion.

Undertaker vs. CM Punk
World Heavyweight Submission Match

This match brought the surprise of the night with it. Early on, Punk used a steel chair to bash on Taker after jabbing him in the gut. Back in the ring, Punk did a knee to Taker in the corner, followed b y the running bulldog attempt. Taker blocked that, then went for Old School. Punk tripped him up to put Taker on the ropes crotch first. Punk then superplexed Undertaker in the ring.

The Undertaker and Punk started punching each other back and forth. Taker took control of the match and was about to hit the Chokeslam, but Punk countered it then hit a roundhouse kick to the head. Punk walked towards Taker, but Taker quickly wrapped him up in the Hells Gate submission hold. Taker locked the hold in and after just a few seconds, Punk tapped out, seeming to give Taker the big win.

Teddy Long's music hit and the Smackdown GM arrived out to the ramp. Long informed everyone that Undertaker's "Hell's Gate" Submission hold was banned by former GM Vickie Guerrero a while back, and was never reinstated. Punk said that decision stands, so the match would be restarted.

After the re-start, CM Punk did a sneak attack on Undertaker from behind, then put on the Anaconda Vice submission hold. The referee immediately called for the bell, but Undertaker was never seen tapping out. CM Punk was given the World Heavyweight belt and somehow is still champion in a very strange finish to the Pay-Per-View.

Winner: CM Punk wins to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

WWE Breaking Point aired live on Pay-Per-View Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 8PM EST. Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2009 WWE Breaking Point results!

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