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2010 Royal Rumble results

Welcome to the Royal Rumble 2010 results page, presented by WWE Characters the Blog! The Royal Rumble starts at 8PM EST on Pay-Per-View, Sunday January 31, 2010, from Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. This year's matches include four championship contests as well as the main event: the 30-Man Battle Royal, with the winner going on to headline Wrestlemania 26 in a major title match! Check out the 2010 Royal Rumble participants here.

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You can get updated results here on this page as the event continues after 8PM EST. Results will be posted right until around 11PM EST when the PPV has officially ended.

Royal Rumble 2010 PPV is officially over. Full results and recaps listed below.

The WWE Royal Rumble PPV kicked off with footage of a desert road from Arizona, the "Road to Wrestlemania". Highlights were shown of various superstars including The Celtic Warrior Sheamus who will defend the WWE title against Randy Orton tonight. Also, they showed Rey Mysterio who must overcome tough odds to win the World Championship from The Undertaker. And in the 30-man Rumble match, who will be "the 1"?

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Christian
ECW Title match

Jackson had two early shove downs on Christian to start the match off. Christian responded with a slap to Jackson's face. Things moved to the outside with Jackson the recipient of a splash from Christian from off the turnbuckle. Early on, Jackson managed to knock Christian to the outside floor, where William Regal tried to get involved in helping out. The ref proceeded to toss Regal out from ringside to let the two wrestlers decide the match.

In the late stages of the match, Jackson started to take Christian apart as he gained control. Christian had a comeback, only to miss on a diving headbutt from the corner. Jackson leveled Christian with a clothesline and after a near fall went for his finisher. Christian blocked it, and went for the Killswitch which Zeke blocked. Zeke hit a backbreaker for another near fall. The two ended up fighting in the corner, where Christian came out with a Tornado DDT for a near fall of his own. In the final spot, Jackson caught Christian from the air to go for a running powerslam. Christian escaped off his back and hit the Killswitch quickly to pick up the victory.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Ezekiel Jackson to retain the ECW title.

MVP vs. The Miz
United States Championship

Early on, Miz knocked MVP to the floor from the ring apron. He took control in the ring, going up top and hitting a double axe handle chop on MVP to take him down. Miz used a side headlock on the mat to try to wear his opponent down. MVP fought back to his feet. He was able to hit the Ballin' elbow and a huge boot on Miz for a two count. From there, Miz went for his finisher after MVP missed on another boot in the corner. MVP rolled under Miz to get him into a near fall. Both men had near falls with Miz rolling outside the recuperate. As he was chased back into the ring by MVP, it gave Miz the advantage as MVP got into the ring and Miz rolled him into a small package pin for the win.

After the win, Miz got in MVP's face to talk trash, so MVP responded with a Playmaker to plant Miz into the mat.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over MVP to retain the US Title.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
WWE Title Match

Earlier in the night, Cody Rhodes met up with Orton in the locker room to tell him that he's got his back, but unsure about Dibiase. Later on, Dibiase caught up with Orton to tell him he will make sure he's got Orton's back, but Rhodes has been all about himself lately. Orton dismissed their help saying he doesn't want their help and will win the WWE Title from Sheamus on his own.

In the WWE title match, Sheamus went for his finisher, but Orton slipped away from it and kicked Sheamus to the outside of the ring. As Sheamus was getting back in the ring, Orton grabbed him through the ropes to hit his DDT to the mat. Orton had a pinfall but Sheamus grabbed the ropes to break the count. Orton prepared to go for the Punt kick on Sheamus, but Sheamus wisely got out of the ring. Orton chased the champ and eventually got a European uppercut on him, followed by running Sheamus into the ringpost. Cody Rhodes jumped out of the crowd to go after Sheamus from behind. The ref yelled at Cody not to interfere, allowing the match to go on. In the ring, Orton managed to hit the RKO. The ref called for a DQ as Orton was making his potentially winning pinfall.

After the match, Cody tried to explain what happened to Orton. Orton punched Rhodes in the face, then punched away on him multiple times. Dibiase rushed to the ring to try to stop him, but Orton knocked him down as well. Sheamus was able to recover enough to hit a bicycle kick on Orton to lay him out, and left LEgacy in the ring. Rhodes and Dibiase just stared at Orton from the corner, while Orton checked his jaw in pain.

Winner: Sheamus wins due to DQ against Randy Orton to retain the WWE Title.

Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool
WWE Womens Title

As soon as Mickie entered the ring for the match, Michelle tried to deliver a boot kick to her. Mickied ducked it and Layla was given the boot kick instead. Mickie pinned Michelle during the confusion to win the match in just 19 seconds and become new WWE Womens Champion!

Following her big victory, a bunch of divas came to the ring with a cake to smash over Layla and Michelle. The divas celebrated and danced with Mickie to honor her win.

Winer: Mickie James wins via pinfall over Michelle McCool to become the new WWE Womens Champion.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker
World Heavyweight Title

As the title match hit the 10 minute mark, Undertaker knocked Rey down with a clothesline. Taker went for a Last Ride, with Rey escaping it and dropkicking him in the knees. From there, Rey hit 619, but Taker got to his feet. Rey did a springboard dropkick from the other side of the ring, and hit yet another 619 on Taker. Rey went for a West Coast Pop attempt but Undertaker caught him in the air and then delivered the Last Ride Powerbomb on him to take the winning pinfall. Taker was shown bloodied up in his nose and lip from the match, but still is your World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight title.

30 Man Royal Rumble match

In the Rumble, it started off with Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne, with CM Punk soon added into the equation. He was able to eliminate both men, and remained in for some time, but was ultimately thrown out of the ring by Triple H, the 8th entrant in the match. Surprisingly, at the #6 spot in the match was The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, making for the second diva to enter the match in the history of the Rumble (Chyna was 1st). Phoenix scored one elimination, The Great Khali, before she was tossed out by CM Punk. Punk was soon thrown over the ropes by Triple H. Matt Hardy lasted just under 20 seconds in the match, getting eliminated by Kane, before HHH did the same to the Big Red Monster.

Shawn Michaels drew the 18th spot, and he came to the match on fire. Michaels eliminated Carlito, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, John Morrison, and then Drew McIntyre with the help of HHH. Right after, HBK was able to eliminate his DX partner, Triple H. John Cena, who was the 19th entrant, eliminated Shelton Benjamin and Yoshi Tatsu, as they awaited the 20th entrant to the Rumble.

In the final 10 entrants were Big Show, Mark Henry, Chris Masters, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho and Batista. There was also the big surprise entrant everyone was anticipating, as the Rated R-Superstar Edge returned at the #29 spot. Edge made a huge elimination when he tossed Chris Jericho out of the ring. The Animal Batista who was entrant #30, ended up eliminating HBK, crushing his attempt to get a rematch with Undertaker. John Cena followed up by eliminating Batista, but ready to eliminate Cena was Edge, your 2010 Royal Rumble winner!

Winner: Edge wins the 2010 Royal Rumble after eliminating John Cena.

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Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your Royal Rumble 2010 results! Stay tuned for Monday night's Raw to catch all the follow-up and fallout from this huge Pay-Per-View!

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