Sunday, October 25, 2015

WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Results (Final)

Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results are here! Welcome to a quick edition of WWE Characters the Blog featuring the latest match winners from all of the big matches at the Sunday, October 25th pay-per-view at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Among the main event bouts were Kane vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight title and Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell! Also, John Cena received a surprise opponent for the United States Championship open challenge. 

Below are quick recaps of each of the Hell in a Cell matches. 

Neville, Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev, Sheamus & Barrett via pinfall. After a Dolph Ziggler superkick and a Cesaro Swing on Barrett, Neville connected on a Red Arrow on Barrett for the pinfall win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena via pinfall for the United States Championship. Del Rio was the surprise challenger and was introduced by Zeb Colter. The two seem to have aligned now. In the match, Del Rio escaped an Attitude Adjustment then hit a Backstabber and kicked Cena in the head for the pin.

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt via pinfall inside Hell in a Cell. Wyatt set up some kendo sticks in the corner of the ring and tried to shove Reigns into them to win it, but Reigns blocked it, grabbed a stick and hit Wyatt a few times. He shoved him face first into the other stick in the corner, then hit a Spear to get the win.

New Day defeated Dudley Boyz via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Late in the match, Big E hit Bubba Ray from the ring apron with the trombone. Kofi connected on a Trouble in Paradise kick for the win.

Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella via submission to retain the WWE Divas Championship. Charlotte escaped the Rack Attack and was able to counter into a Figure Eight submission to make Nikki tap out.

Seth Rollins defeated Kane via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Kane prepared for a big chokeslam late, but Rollins was able to block it and then hit a Pedigree to drive Kane face first to the mat. Rollins got the winning pinfall to retain his title and also get Kane removed from his job with The Authority.

Kevin Owens defeated Ryback via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Owens managed to kick Ryback in the eye late and then hit a Pop-up Powerbomb for the win.

Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker via pinfall inside Hell in a Cell. Both men were bloodied up with all sorts of weapons used including chairs and the ring steps. Late in the match, Lesnar tore up the ring mat padding to expose the wood underneath part of it. Taker hit both a chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver on Lesnar on the wood but couldn’t pin him. Later, Lesnar low blowed Taker and hit an F5 for the win. Post-match, Taker was attacked by The Wyatt Family who beat him up and carried him backstage to close out the show.

Remember, full WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results are found at the website.

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