Friday, December 29, 2006

Best of Smackdown 2006

(Warning this contains Smackdown spoilers, if it hasn't aired for you yet).

The Best of Smackdown 2006 Recap show was tonight. The first half of the show covered the rise and fall of Rey Mysterio this past year. First off, they showed the Royal Rumble from Jan 29, 2006. It started off with Triple H and Rey Mysterio. Both men lasted to the final 3. Rey then was able to take out HHH, who angrily left the ring then pulled Mysterio out and threw him into the steps. When back in the ring, Rey was left with Randy Orton, who he managed to toss out of the ring. Rey was the Royal Rumble winner, surviving a record 62 minutes. After winning the Rumble, Rey went on to compete in a Triple Threat match for the World title at Wrestlemania. He was able to beat Randy Orton and Kurt Angle to win the title, in honor of his late great friend, Eddie Guerrero.

Rey then competed with JBL in a loser quits match, where Chavo Guerrero interfered, causing JBL to lose, and forcing JBL to retire and become a Smackdown commentator. As quick as he was a friend, Chavo later in the year turned on Mysterio, when Eddie Guerrero’s wife smacked Mysterio with a chair. Guerrero and Rey went on to have an I Quit match in Los Angeles, where the two battled back and forth for a long time. Eventually Chavo was able to trap Rey by tangling him up in the titan tron scaffolding by his legs. Chavo continued to beat Rey’s knee with a chair forcing Rey to say “I Quit” and forcing Rey to get knee surgery.

The Divas bikini contest was shown, hosted by Miz. Competing were Kristal, Ashley, Jillian and Michelle McCool. After Ashley, Kristal and Jillian disrobed to the crowd’s delight, Michelle McCool announced she was too good for this crowd and left without showing her stuff. The crowd booed her away. Then the crowd cheered most for Ashley, who won the contest and then posed on the ropes.

Teddy Long made a major announcement regarding the “Smackdown Sprint” which will occur on next Friday night’s show. On next Friday’s Smackdown, wrestlers from the roster will compete in timed matches. The wrestler who emerges with the fastest winning time of all wrestlers will go on to compete against Batista for the title at the Royal Rumble.

The return of the Brothers of Destruction was covered, with Kane and Undertaker battling in a tag team match vs Mr. Kennedy and MVP. After Kennedy and MVP tried to get disqualified and leave, Teddy Long had them go back to the ring and re-start the match with no countouts or disqualifications. Kane and Taker then easily choke slammed and defeated their opponents. The Armageddon Inferno match was shown where Kane pushed MVP’s back into the flames to win the match. The Last Ride Match between Undertaker and Mr Kennedy was highlighted where Undertaker did a tombstone piledriver on Kennedy on the Hearse and drove him off.

Next, Smackdown recalled the Finlay/Little Bastard leprechaun saga. Finlay clashed with Chris Benoit at Judgement Day May 21, 2006. The two battled back and forth with Finlay attempting to knock out Benoit with the shalalee outside the ring, but he missed and Benoit suplexed him outside the ring. After a long battle, Benoit was finally able to lock Finlay in the Cross-face Crippler forcing Finlay to submit.

Smackdown showed a slew of featured highlights from this past year, including: Jimmy Wang Yang the unusual new redneck cowboy superstar, Gregory Helms as Cruiserweight champ, Kendrick and London’s reign as tag champs, Boogeyman eating the growth off Jillian’s face, Miz getting a birthday dance/surprise from Layla and then Big Dick Johnson, Vito dancing in his dress and then kissing Michael Cole. Smackdown then showed some highlights from Tribute to the Troops.

Finally, Smackdown finished with coverage of King Booker and Batista. Booker first won King of the Ring in May at Judgement Day. Booker won the World title and held it for most of 2006..he also won champion of champions match at Cyber Sunday as well. At Survivor Series, Batista finally got his shot at regaining the title he had to forfeit due to injury. After a well fought match, Batista finally landed a Batista bomb on Booker, but too close to the ropes. During the count Booker was able to grab the rope before 3. When the ref turned away for a moment, Queen Sharmel handed Booker the belt. Booked layed on the belt as Queen Sharmel went around and into the ring to distract the ref. Batista came over to see what was up, and then Booker got up with the belt. The ref still dealing with the Queen, didn’t see as Booker attempted to hit Batista with the belt. Booker missed and Batista grabbed the belt, hitting Booker to knock him out cold. Batista covered for the 3 count, new champion!

Lastly the historic victory by John Cena and Batista tagging up to beat Finlay and Booker at Armageddon was show. Michael Cole and JBL promised 2007 to be an even better year for Smackdown!

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