Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Real WWE Myspaces

If you're a friend of Gregory Helms on Myspace, then you may have seen this listing of the real WWE/wrestlers on Myspace. They are as follows:

Gregory Helms
Ashley Massaro
Chris Nowinski
Jimmy Wang Yang
Justin Roberts
Kristal Marshall
Rey Mysterio
Shannon Moore
Stevie Richards
Torrie Wilson

You can view this list and link up them all by going to Gregory Helms' myspace profile at Stevie Richards only accepts friends who know his email or last name (which isn't Richards). It's interesting to see there is a note on Rey Mysterio's Myspace page which says they have had complications with his profile so Myspace has had to temporarily close it off..Victoria actually goes to extreme lengths on her Myspace to prove that she is the real Victoria using Myspace...Make sure to check out all the profiles today!

Also, another note, the Boogeyman's lair has been slightly renovated to give it a more "Boogey" like feel..Check it out here.


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