Sunday, July 1, 2007

Benoit is No Hero

As of last Monday night's special 3 hour RAW which commemorated Chris Benoit, everyone was ready to induct him into the hall of fame on the next Wrestlemania weekend. As more events unfolded which gave us the shocking truth, I was amazed at how many people still chose to proudly discuss and recognize Benoit's wrestling accomplishments. While he did achieve many titles and accolades in the ring, his horrific acts of last weekend erased any legend status he had built himself. It is unfortunate for those who still hold him up as a hero, because I know they must have an empty feeling and it makes it even harder to know who is a true idol anymore. You now have to rely on the faith that those you choose as your personal idols are also those living honorable lives outside of their profession.

There are people ready to blame everyone but Benoit himself for this tragedy, and that is the other mistake. When things are all said and done one man chose to perpetrate these actions. Can the WWE save others from terrible personal fates? I believe so, but an individual must also be open and willing to accept change and get help. If there are current troubled wrestling superstars I hope they will be able to get the help/support they need from their co-workers and the WWE itself.

I offer the blogs written by Victoria at her Myspace, Matt Hardy at his Myspace, and Gregory Helms at his Myspace. All 3 offer fans some assistance in the healing process and are very well written commentaries by the superstars.

This tragedy has definitely given me more respect for superstars Edge and Chavo amongst others. I know both have lost 2 of their very close friends and yet both are still doing their best to go out and entertain and put a smile on everyone's faces. Kudos to both and the other stars on the roster.

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Blogger ~michelle~ said...

See This Is Where You Need To Separate His Personal Life From His Wrestling Life...To Discredit Him Totally Is No Ones Right..What He Did In The Business Is What We Should Focus On..If He Did Indeed Do What Is Being Said Then Do What You Will To His Private Life But Dont Discredit His Wrestling Life...Again I Say THAT IS NO ONES RIGHT...We Will Most Likely Never Know Every Thing ABout The Situation So It Is Not Right To Speculate And Judge And So On And So Forth...Hate Me If You Will But I Stand 100% Behind What I Have Said..I Have Said It Since The Fiorst Reports Came Out And I Will Say It Till I Die So This Is Where Im Gonna Stop Now...

July 1, 2007 at 8:41 PM  

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