Thursday, June 28, 2007

WWE Needs to Help

I have to agree with some recent criticisms made against Vince McMahon. While not many know what it must be like to be the CEO/Chairman of a business, let alone the WWE, when steroids come into play in so many incidents, examination of the company's policies must be made.

Vince recently appeared on NBC's Today show to address the recent concerns about steroid use/abuse, the Benoit tragedy, and the WWE's policies. I agree that at this moment in time, Vince's best course of action would be to say the WWE would be taking a harder look at its drug testing policies and also possibly discuss the notion of offering counseling services to its superstars. We all know this is not an easy industry for one to work in. It involves a fastpace and constant schedule, injuries, pain, stress and emotional strain. Much like many professional sports, whether you consider WWE a sport or just a staged show, the athletes involved put their bodies on the line on a constant basis. The toll it takes physically, mentally and emotionally must definitely be serviced by the industry. Counseling services and a strict no steroids policy seems like the best things the WWE can do here. Trying to defend itself from accusations while many legendary stars have lost their lives is not the best policy.

I have also seen former WWE stars appearing on various talk shows, talking about Mr. McMahon needs to own up to this problem of steroids and drug abuse within the WWE. I firmly agree, but I don't agree that WWE is particularly responsible for the actions of Chris Benoit. When it all comes down to it, people are responsible for their actions and choices, including what substances they use or abuse. The WWE can start from here on out to assist its workers/employees with making proper choices and from stopping poor patterns of behavior.

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