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Smackdown Recap 06.29.07

A recap of Smackdown from San Antonio, Texas:

Ric Flair vs. Carlito - Smackdown started off with Flair arriving to the ring with cheering fans. Michael Cole announced that Vickie Guerrero would be GM of Smackdown tonight with Teddy Long absent. The opening contest featured an inter-promotional match between Smackdown & RAW where the 2 contestants have a recent history. Carlito isolated Flair early and began to take control of the match. Carlito kept Flair in the corner, kicking him despite the ref breaking it up twice. Carlito went for a quick cover after dropkicking Flair down off the ropes. Carlito worked on a rib injury Flair received by putting pressure on Flair's bruised ribs, keeping him down on the mat in an arm hold and punching at Flair's ribs. Flair finally got up in the corner and started to chop back at Carlito's chest. Carlito reversed things and got up on the corner rope to punch away at Flair. Carlito continued to attack Flair's rib injury. Flair finally got to his feet and turned the momentum on. Flair chopped Carlito's chest several times then knocked him down off the ropes. When Carlito missed a dropkick on Flair, Flair took advantage and slapped a figure four lock on. As Carlito was about to get to the ropes, Flair pulled Carlito away and elbow dropped his leg to weaken it. Flair slapped on a second Figure Four in the center of the ring to make Carlito tap out.

Winner: Ric Flair wins via submission over Carlito.

Matt Hardy vs. Lance Cade - Two opponents who faced off in this past weekend's tag team title match at Vengeance. Cade with an early dropkick on Hardy, causing him to celebrate in ring as Matt Hardy got back to his feet. Cade forced Hardy to the mat, holding his arm behind his back. Matt able to get up with the hold in tact, and throw Cade out of the ring. Hardy then did a baseball slide dropkick onto Cade outside the ring. Hardy with an elbow drop off the ropes. As Cade was about to get up, Matt signaled for Twist of Fate. As he went at Cade, Cade rolled out of the ring. Hardy went to pull Cade back in, but Cade managed to knock Matt out of the ring to the floor. Cade took control of the match from here trying to wear down Matt with submission moves and body slams to the mat. Matt scored a kick to Cade's head and got back to his feet and then was able to bulldog Cade. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but Cade escaped and pushed Matt to the ropes, then was able to clothesline him down. Cade brought Matt up to the corner ropes and suplexed him down. Cade with a failed pin. As Cade tried to put Matt up on the corner of the ring feet first, Matt propelled himself off the ropes and got a surprise Twist of Fate. Hardy scored the pinfall victory.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall over Lance Cade.

Promo for Michelle McCool shown running on the beach and declaring she's "loving life".

Jamie Noble vs. Chavo Guerrero vs Funaki (Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat) - 3 men battled it out for the Cruiserweight belt. Early on all 3 men battled it out with each other, with Chavo knocking down Noble so he could work on Funaki 1 on 1. Funaki with a quick rollup pin, but Noble got over to break things up. Noble then went to work on both men individually and put Chavo up on thecorner ropes. Chavo was able to flip off the ropes onto his feet behind Noble, then slam Noble down. Chavo then took control of the match, attacking each man down on the mat. Funaki able to trip Chavo who then rolled under the bottom rope. Noble went to German suplex Funaki near the ropes, but Chavo flipped over both men to suplex them. Noble went for a pinfall but Chavo got his foot onto the bottom rope to break it up. Chavo rolled out of the ring to recover as Noble took control over Funaki. Funaki finally knocked Noble out of the ring then got to the top rope and jumped off onto both Chavo and Noble outside the ring. Funaki tossed Noble in for a pin, but Chavo got in the ring fast to break it up. Funaki able to knock Chavo out of the ring and then tried to battle Noble despite hurt ribs. Funaki was able to reverse a hold by Noble and catapult him out of the ring. Just when it looked like Funaki had things in control, Chavo slipped into the ring and was able to slam Funaki down face first with a finisher. Chavo with the pin.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero wins via pinfall over Funaki to retain the Cruiserweight title.

Vickie Guerrero seen backstage on her cellphone, as Edge came in demanding Teddy Long. Vickie told Edge that she is in charge. Edge told her he refuses to compete tonight because he has to face Batista. Edge said he beat Batista 3 straight times including a last chance match. Vikie held strong in her decision for Edge to compete tonight. Edge said he would compete tonight, but under protest.

Jesse and Festus a new tag team shown discussing them coming to Smackdown soon. Jesse said to look at his partner Festus because he has the "look of a happy man".

Cryme Tyme vs. Deuce & Domino - Cryme Tyme came out to strong crowd cheers as they began checking out Deuce and Domino's convertible parked at top of the ramp. D&D came out of the ring angrily as the ref held them back. Cryme Tyme took it to Duece and Domino early by tagging in and out to double team Domino. Domino finally able to toss JDG out of the ring, but was bleeding from the nose. Michael Cole noted that Domino hit his face on the mat hard which may have broken Domino's nose. Deuce and Domino began to doubleteam JTG to keep him away from his partner, but JTG managed to roll under a clothesline and tag in Shad. Shad began to take control over Domino after punching Deuce off the side apron. Cherry got into the ring to distract the ref. As JTG and Chad went to doubleteam for the win, Deuce managed to get to the side apron and pull the top rope down. As JTG went to go against the ropes, he fell over the top rope and outside the ring. Domino then surprised Shad with a rollup pin for the victory.

Winners: Deuce & Domino win via pinfall.

As Deuce & Domino were still celebrating with Cherry in the ring, Chad and JTG of Cryme Tyme were seen backstage on the Titantron. They began talking about how much they could get for various parts of the car downtown. The two started driving off Deuce & Domino's red convertible as Deuce & Domino furiously ran backstage after them.

MVP came out to the ring and told the crowd he is the greatest United States champion of all time. He told San Antonio he's better than the NBA Finals MVP Tony Parker and Tim Duncan and every single member of the crowd. Just then an explosion of flames occurred near the ramp, and Kane came down to the ring.

Kane vs. MVP - In a non-title matchup, Kane dominated MVP early on. As Kane was about to slam MVP down, MVP slid off and escaped the ring to recuperate. When MVP got back into the ring he was able to dropkick Kane's leg and then kick a stunned Kane in the head, knocking him down. Kane tried to battle back on his feet and threw MVP to the corner. MVP escaped this and was able to isolate Kane in the corner. MVP delivered a boot to the face of Kane in the corner. Despite this, Kane started to battleback with MVP in the middle of the ring. Kane gave uppercuts and punches to MVP's head, then threw him to the corner for a series of clotheslines. Kane sideslammed MVP down for a pin attempt. Kane went to the top ropes and clotheslined down MVP. Kane then signaled for the chokeslam. As Kane slapped the hand on MVP's neck, MVP was able to fight back and escape the move. MVP threw Kane back to the corner and tried to go for another boot to Kane's face. Kane was able to catch MVP's foot and then put the chokeslam back on MVP. Kane chokeslammed MVP down for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over MVP.

Backstage a new Smackdown correspondent interviewed Eugene. Eugene was wearing a superhero costume featuring a backwards E and cape. Eugene began talking about his new look as Great Khali came out with his manager/hype man. Khali's manager translated for Khali saying he wanted to tell Eugene let's have a good match and a good time out there tonight.

Victoria and Mickie James seen backstage prior to a match. Victoria thanked Mickie for coming to Smackdown tonight so she could beat her again. Mickie said she was wilder and is better overall than Victoria. Victoria told Mickie she's the wilder one and would kiss the next guy to walk out of the locker room to prove it. The Fink walked out first and said hi to the ladies and Victoria passed on kissing him. Next Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out yelling "Ho!!!" and Victoria again failed to kiss someone. Mickie laughed at Victoria who then told her to kiss someone who comes out next. First, Big Dick Johnson came out dancing, then went down to tie his shoes. Ron Simmons walked out behind him, so Mickie grabbed him and kissed him. Big Dick Johnson got up and began dancing and Ron Simmons exclaimed "DAMN!".

Mickie James vs. Victoria - Victoria making her Smackdown debut against Raw diva Mickie James. Early on the two divas reversed holds down on the mat. Mickie tried to get on the top ropes to backflip off, but Victoria was able to hit her down. Mickie's legs got stuck on the corner ropes causing Mickie to hang down. This allowed Victoria to attack a dangling Mickie James several times. Victoria went for a quick pin but failed to score the win. Victoria hoisted Mickie up on her shoulders then spun her around for a sideslam. Victoria threw Mickie to the corner then ran at her. Mickie jumped up on the ropes then did a headscissor to throw Victoria. The two divas continued to battle back and forth, each taking momentum of the match briefly. At one point, Victoria went for a moonsault off the ropes but Mickie rolled out of the way causing Victoria to crash to the mat. Mickie went over and took advantage of Victoria's mistake as she rolled up Victoria for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mickie James wins via pinfall over Victoria.

Eugene vs. The Great Khali - Eugene started clapping for the crowd to get into it, chanting "Fun time". Khali knocked Euge down with a chop to the head. Khali then picked up Euge with 2 hands, slammed him down on his back. Khali stood with 1 foot on Eugene's chest to get the very quick pinfall victory.

Winner: The Great Khali wins via pinfall over Eugene.

New Smackdown interviewer stopped Batista backstage to get his thoughts on his match tonight against Edge. Batista said since he can't get another title shot with Edge he has 1 word for him: "Punishment".

Batista vs. Edge - Non-title rematch after Batista lost his "Last Chance" match to Edge at Vengeance. Batista came out pumped up for his rematch with Edge, forcing Edge to roll out of the ring as Batista climbed each corner to pose for the crowd. Early on, Edge continued ducking under the ropes as Batista went after him. Finally, Batista grabbed Edge in the corner, but the ref stepped in. Edge took advantage to cheap shot Batista and knock him to the mat. Batista finally was able to put Edge down to the mat in a leg hold. Edge was able to reach the bottom rope and break the hold. From here, Batista started to target Edge's leg with various attacks and holds. Batista able to slam down Edge hard after Edge tried to fight back. Edge went for a lowblow, but Batista grabbed Edge's hand before he could. As Edge got up, Batista clotheslined him down. Edge rolled under the ropes and tried to stand on the side apron. Batista ran into the ropes knocking Edge off the apron and face first into the crowd barrier. Smackdown went to commercial break.

Back from break, Batista was attacking Edge in the corner. Edge finally able to pull on Batista's shorts to pull Batista out of the ring. Edge with a swinging neckbreaker as Batista climbed back into the ring. Batista rolled under the ropes to the side apron. As Batista got up, Edge did a neckbreaker on Batista against the ropes, causing Batista to crash to the floor. Edge went out of the ring to continue attacking Batista. With Batista back in the ring, Edge started wearing him down with a neck hold. Batista finally got back into the match when Edge went at him off the ropes. Batista managed to spear Edge down and both men were down on the mat for the ref's count. Both men got to their feet and started to battle. Batista tossed Edge to the opposite corners of the ring, then side-slammed Edge down. Edge was able to counter a near slam by Batista by sliding over Batista's back and slamming Batista down on his back. Edge signaled for the Spear. Edge ran at Batista as he got up, but Batista picked up Edge and slammed him down. Edge then escaped the ring, but Batista followed him out and threw Edge back into the ring. Batista tried to jump at Edge off the corner turnbuckle, but Edge countered with a dropkick. Edge again went for a Spear. As Edge ran, Batista jumped and then was able to grab Edge for the Batista Bomb. Batista scored the pinfall victory then picked up Edge's title and held it up over the fallen Edge.

Winner: Batista wins via pinfall over Edge in the non-title match.

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