Saturday, August 11, 2007

MVP Challenge & JBL Article has reported that MVP is challenging Matt Hardy to a boxing match for their next contest. The challenge was issued for Saturday Night's Main Event which tapes on this coming Monday at New York's Madison Square Garden. The announcement comes one day after it was reported on WWE Smackdown that MVP was resting from recent surgery he had done for a heart illness which was discovered around the time of Great American Bash.

Read about MVP & WWE Wellness program here. also has an article discussing how JBL is featured in the August issue of US Airways Magazine's "Alter Ego" section. The article takes a look at JBL's financial savvy and investment knowledge. JBL warns against getting credit cards as his best piece of financial advice saying "you cant make money if you owe money". Well said. The article is titled "Bear Hugs and Bull Markets" and features a photo of JBL about to slam Rey Mysterio down.

Read the full US Airways article on JBL here.

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