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WWE Raw Recap 10.29.07

Raw recap from Philadelphia, PA:

Raw opened with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussing tonight's 2 on 1 handicap match with Triple H facing Randy Orton and Umaga, in a match similar to the one several weeks ago on Raw.

Diva Halloween Battle Royal

All the divas from last night's Costume contest at Cyber Sunday competed in their same costumes from the event. Victoria tripped at the bottom of the ramp and eventually was able to get up in her sumo costume. Layla and Brooke were eliminated early. Pussycat Maria became stuck in the ropes as her cat tail got caught on the ropes. Jillian dressed as Britney Spears was hit in the head by the two fake babies she brought to the ring, then thrown out of the ring by Michelle McCool. Melina managed to kick Michelle out then battled with Mickie. Melina and Mickie battled on the apron and eventually Melina grabbed Mickie by the hair and jumped down with her, eliminating them both. VIctoria faced off with Torrie who was dressed as a football player. Torrie charged at Victoria and knocked her right down. Torrie and Kelly then pushed Victoria over the ropes together, and Kelly grabbed Torrie's legs to push her over. Kelly won the battle royal!

As Kelly was raising her arms in the ring, all of a sudden Beth Phoenix came walking down the ramp to the ring. Kelly rolled out of the ring as Beth got in, but Kelly was forced back in by two outside divas. Beth knocked Kelly down, then picked her high and slammed her to the mat face first. Refs attended to Kelly as Beth stood up on the ramp with her title smirking,

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins the Diva Halloween Battle Royal.

Highlights of last night's Cyber Sunday match between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels were shown. Orton was disqualified after delivering a low blow to Michaels, then went to deliver a kick to HBK's head. Instead, Michaels got up and hit Orton with the Sweet Chin Music.

Raw returned from a break and Jerry Lawler announced that Hornswoggle will battle Coach in a match tonight. Just then, HBK's music came on and he made his way down to the ring.

Michaels thanked the fans for voting him into the title match at Cyber Sunday. HBK then delivered good and bad news, with the good news being he knocked out Orton with Sweet Chin Music. The bad news was that he didn't take home the WWE title. Michaels discussed Orton intentionally disqualifying himself and said he wants a rematch for the WWE title, right now. Just then Vince McMahon's music came on and Vince strutted down the ramp.

Vince asked the fans how many wanted Michaels to get a rematch and to be WWE champ, and the fans went wild. Vince told HBK he can tell how badly he wants to be the WWE champion, but he can tell that even more HBK wants revenge on Orton. Vince angrily got in HBK's face and asked him to admit he wants revenge. HBK finally yelled out that he admits it, and that the next time he leaves the industry it will be on his own terms. HBK asked Vince for his rematch. Vince said "Survivor Series is an aptly named Pay Per View event" then granted HBK the match. Vince yelled at HBK "You got it, now what are you gonna do with it?" HBK faked a Sweet Chin Music kick at Vince's head and Vince fell back against the ropes. Vince looked astonished as he rolled out of the ring and continued to stare back at a determined HBK in the ring.

Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes vs. World's Greatest Tag Team

Highlights shown from last week when Holly came down to save Cody Rhodes from a post-match attack by Benjamin/Haas on Cody Rhodes. The match began with Shelton ramming Holly to the corner where Haas attacked. Holly shoved off Benjamin then punched Haas, but Shelton got up to attack from behind. Haas tagged in and took Holly down to the mat, then punched away at his face. Holly recovered eventually and dropkicked Haas off the ropes. Holly and Haas both went down to the mat, and Holly managed to crawl over to tag Rhodes.

Cody got up on the corner ropes and flew down to knock Haas to the mat. Rhodes used a flurry of moves in the ring to knock Haas around. Holly and Benjamin got into it outside the ring, leaving Rhodes to face Haas. Rhodes nailed Haas with a hard DDT and then picked up the pinfall victory. Holly got back in the ring and gave Rhodes an "unimpressed" look before exiting the ring.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly win via pinfall over World's Greatest Tag Team.

Commercial shown for the 500th Anniversary issue of WWE magazine. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussed last week's unfortunate injury to Candice Michelle off the ropes. Ross said Candice broke her clavicle and they showed replays of her fall off the ropes. Ross said Phoenix "callously" pulled Candice into the ring for the pin.

Backstage, Toddy Grisham interviewed Beth Phoenix about attacking Kelly earlier tonight and injuring Candice last week. Beth said she has just been making statements, by proving these other divas just dress up and try to be something they're not. Beth said Candice tried to prove she was more than a pretty face, but she had her hopes and dreams crushed by "The Glamazon".

Backstage, Trevor Murdoch was reading the 500th issue of WWE magazine when Mickie James came walking up. Mickie thanked Trevor for saving her last week in the ring when he shoved her out of the way of a Lance Cade clothesline. Just then, Cade came up to them and Mickie left. Cade told Murdoch he needs him to focus because last week he cost them the match. Cade said he has a big match tonight and needs Murdoch in his corner.

Regal was shown talking to Vince backstage saying that Vince needs to be careful with HBK because enough wrestlers on the roster have been hurt. Regal then asked Mr. McMahon if it's necessary to have HHH in a handicap match, and Vince said yes because it's personal. Vince asked Regal where Hornswoggle was. Regal opened the office door and in walked Hornswoggle, excited. Vince told Regal to leave the office because he needed to talk to his son.

Vince talked to Hornswoggle about not being around as much for him. Vince told him he needs to learn to stand on his own 2 feet. Vince said his theory is "every grown man should be knocked on his ass" and then if you're a McMahon, "you keep getting back up". Vince said that's why he has a match against Coach tonight, so he can learn that, and also learn about dealing with being successful. Vince told his son he needs to learn "to hate" starting tonight or he can't be successful. Hornswoggle became angry and exited the office ready to fight.

An extended "Save Us" promo was shown as Raw returned from commercial.

Hornswoggle vs. Coach

Hornswoggle got into the ring with Coach backing into a corner. Hornswoggle backed into the opposite corner. Mick Foley came down to the ring dressed as a ref to officiate the matchup and Hornswoggle grabbed his leg. Mick gave Honrswoggle a high five. Coach went at Hornswoggle and tossed him to a corner, then Hornswoggle ran under Coach's legs. Using an attack on Coach's legs, the leprechaun was able to take him down briefly. Coach got back up and picked up Hornswoggle on his shoulder, but Hornswoggle bit him and got down. Coach and Hornswoggle continued fighting and Coach knocked Mick Foley down.

Coach retrieved a chair from outside the ring. As he went to hit Hornswoggle with it, Mick Foley got up and grabbed the chair. After hitting Coach down to the mat, Mick Foley produced Mr. Socko and gave it to Hornswoggle. Coach got back up and Mick Foley pretended he was going to punch him. As Coach turned, Hornswoggle ran at him and grabbed him in the crotch with Mr. Socko. Coach fell to the mat in pain holding his groin, and Hornswoggle climbed to the top rope to splash down onto Coach for the pin.

Winner: Hornswoggle wins via pinfall over Coach.

Todd Grisham interviewed Triple H backstage about his handicap match tonight with Umaga and Orton. Triple H said he's always got an ace up his sleeve, and if he goes down, he's taking Orton and Umaga with him tonight.

Commercial aired for Wrestlemania 24 on March 30, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. Tickets go on sale this weekend at Ticketmaster.com.

Paul London vs. Lance Cade

Each wrestler came down to the ring with their tag partner in their corner. London grappled with Cade early and used his quickness to fly at Cade off the ropes, knocking him down. Ross reminded fans that London and Kendrick won the tag titles off Cade/Murdoch in Africa, before losing them back.

Cade tried to run at London in the corner, but Paul avoided the charge then jumped at Cade off the corner ropes. London came off the ropes and used a headscissors on Cade to knock him down, but Cade got up, then tossed London out of the ring. Brian Kendrick got onto the apron to jump off at Trevor Murdoch. Kendrick seemed to hit his face or head into the crowd barrier as he came down on Murdoch. Back in the ring, Cade finished off London and scored a pinfall victory.

Cade exited the ring, then went over and tapped on Murdoch and the two got ready to leave ringside. Just then, The Highlanders came down the ramp to the ring. Highlanders picked up both London and then Kendrick who got back in the ring and delivered their finisher on each man. The Highlanders then stared out at Cade and Murdoch who were backing up the ramp with their titles.

Winner: Lance Cade wins via pinfall over Paul London.

Commercial shown for the encore presentation of Cyber Sunday, showing all week on cable.

Jeff Hardy and DH Smith vs. Mr. Kennedy and Carlito

Kennedy got in Hardy's face with Carlito getting in DH's face prior to the bell. Kennedy and Hardy started off, with Kennedy applying a quick headlock. Hardy forced him to the ropes, but Kennedy knocked him down. Kennedy tried for an armbar takedown, but this time Hardy clotheslined him down. Kennedy recovered to gain control and tagged in Carlito.

Carlito began to ram Hardy in the corner then tried to punch him but Jeff blocked. Jeff got a spinning mule kick into Carlito, then eluded Carlito off the ropes. Hardy grabbed Carlito by the arm and tagged in DH Smith to go to work. Smith grabbed Carlito's arm to twist it, but Carlito kneed him in the gut then backed him to the corner. Carlito began to punch away at Smith, before whipping him to the ropes. Smith was able to flip Carlito up over his back, then clothesline him out of the ring. Kennedy came in the ring to attack, but Jeff Hardy entered to stop him. Hardy managed to grab Kennedy and toss him out of the ring. Kennedy landed near Carlito on the floor as Raw went to commercial.

Raw returned with Carlito and Smith down on the mat battling. Carlito managed to get the upperhand and put Smith into a leg lock to work on Smith's hurt leg. Smith started to punch at Carlito and escaped the leg hold, but couldn't make a tag. Carlito tagged Kennedy back in and he began to kick and stomp on the rookie, Smith. Smith tried to punch away at Kennedy but Kennedy kept attacking the leg. Kennedy went over and punched Hardy, causing Jeff to enter the ring. The ref cleared him out as Kennedy knocked Smith's leg out from under him.

Carlito and Kennedy continued to tag in and out to work on Smith's injured leg. Smith finally escaped from Kennedy and tagged in Jeff as Carlito tagged in. Jeff began to attack Carlito, landing several moves including Whisper in the Wind. Jeff went for a pin, but Kennedy came in to break it up. Smith tried to fight Kennedy, but Kennedy knocked him down against the ropes. Kennedy ran at Smith with a kick, but Smith moved and Kennedy went out of the ring. Hardy then finished off Carlito with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and DH Smith win via pinfall over Mr. Kennedy and Carlito.

Jim Ross discussed last night's Pay Per View and said fans cast over 13 million votes for the matches on the event.

Santino Marella came down to the ring and said he was making a formal complaint because the WWE travel department screwed up his flight and he couldn't go to Cyber Sunday. Santino said he wanted to give Stone Cold a piece of his mind. Just then Stone Cold's music came on. The fans went wild, but a fake Austin appeared on the Titantron, with Santino dressed up in Austin clothes and a bald wig. The fake Austin played by Santino said that Santino has been right about everything and then mocked Stone Cold's usual sayings and beer drinking. After the clip ended, Maria came down to the ring and Santino said they are going out to dinner soon. Maria took the mic to tell Santino that Stone Cold will be on Raw next week. Santino told Maria she believes everything she reads online, but the only place you'll see Stone Cold is on "The Condemned DVD" next to Lillian Garcia's cd. Santino then showed Maria off to the crowd, spinning her around the ring before they left.

Brooke and Eve, the 2 contestants in the 2007 WWE Diva Search were shown backstage on their way to the ring to find out who would be crowned the new WWE diva.

Todd Grisham was up on the top of the ramp and said tonight 1 lady's dreams will come true as she is crowned the next WWE Diva. Todd then introduced Brooke and Eve to the crowd and the 2 contestants came out to the ramp. Grisham then introduced the winner as Eve who hugged Brooke as she left the ramp.

Another "Save Us" ad showed before Randy Orton came down to the ring for the handicap match.

Triple H vs. Umaga & Randy Orton

Umaga angrily looked out at HHH as he entered the ring. Triple H and Umaga started punching back and forth until Triple H froced him to the corner. Orton entered the ring and attacked HHH from behind. HHH brought Orton outside the ring and knocked him into the crowd barrier. Umaga left the ring and Triple H escaped him to roll back in. Umaga got up on the apron and Triple H knocked him off, causing Umaga to fall against the commentator table. Orton got up onto the side apron and Triple H threw him over the ropes into the ring. Triple H got Orton into the corner and started to attack. Just then Umaga came back in and ran at Triple H. HHH moved away and Umaga splashed onto Orton in the corner.

Triple H knocked Umaga down and went to Pedigree Orton. Umaga was able to get back up and then headbutted HHH from behind, knocking the Game down. From there, Umaga and Orton started to doubleteam Triple H. With HHH down on the mat, Shawn Michaels ran down to the ring for the save attacking Orton and tossing him from the ring, then starting to punch away on Umaga. Triple H got back up and then he and HBK clotheslined Umaga over the top rope. Backstage, Vince McMahon was watching the match with Regal and told him next week for 1 week only "the return of DX in action".

Michaels and Triple H posed from ring corners giving the DX sign as Raw went off the air.

Winner: Randy Orton and Umaga win due to disqualification due to Shawn Michaels intervening in the match.

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