Monday, November 12, 2007

News & Rumors: Cena, WWE Divas, Carlito

Some of the latest news going around the WWE wrestling world includes the CNN re-editing of their interview with John Cena. Previously had taken a stand against the media giant because of how it portrayed Cena on their recent "Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling" report. On the re-airing of the report, the 5 seconds of Cena saying "Absolutely not" to the steroid question was included. (source:

There's reports going around that Carlito's days may be numbered with the WWE. He has reportedly been unhappy with his character and also WWE has placed several Carlito merchandise items on clearance at their online shop.

The WWE divas were recently removed from the ECW, Smackdown and Raw sections of According to there is a "behind the scenes issue related to the divas" that the company is trying to work out. There is also speculation that the newest diva Eve will take Brooke's place now as part of Extreme Expose on ECW. This makes sense due to Eve's background as a dancer for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers.

Rey Mysterio will be present at Toys R Us in New York City this Wednesday at 2PM for the release of the "Smackdown vs Raw 2008" video game. Call (646) 366-8800 for more info on the event.

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