Saturday, January 5, 2008

WWE Magazine Awards 2007

Let's Wrestle Blog displays the full list of 2007 WWE Magazine Awards. These types of lists always open up fan debate. In some cases it seems that maybe WWE didn't want to leave any superstar out. Here's a look at some award winners you might debate:

Superstar of the Year: Batista

Many fans say they'd choose John Cena here. Cena plowed through just about every wrestler in his path to keep the WWE title and the only thing that stopped him this year was his injury late. The magazine gave him the "Worst Injury" award. Another choice may be Shawn Michaels who was involved in title feuds with both John Cena and Randy Orton. Michaels was also a co-holder of the tag team titles with Cena.

Best Pyrotechnics: Bobby Lashley

This award I'd give to Batista. If you've ever been to a live WWE event (and sat next to the ramp), you know that Batista has the most explosive and intense fireworks entrance there is. Even Edge's entrance seemed more powerful than Lashley's.

Best Entrance: John Morrison

This is where it looks like WWE magazine wants to give everyone some sort of award. Again, Batista's entrance or even Kane or Hornswoggle's appearance from under the ring seem better. Even though he's not around lately, Boogeyman has a cool entrance as does the Phenom, the Undertaker.

Best Tag Team: Cade and Murdoch You could really argue for several other teams here. Kendrick and London should be amongst the running as should Deuce and Domino. Makeshift tag teams like Cena/Michaels and MVP/Hardy also seem to be worthy contenders for this past year.

Best Roster Swap: Mr. Kennedy It's hard to argue against this one. If you look at the way the draft went, Smackdown and ECW really don't have a lot to show from it. Kenny Dykstra and Victoria compete in mixed tag matches, but that's about it. Flair, Masters and Torrie Wilson have been non-existant on the show, each for their own reasons (Masters won't be back).

Shocker of the Year: Hornswoggle is Mr. McMahon's son An obvious story choice, although I'm sure most of us could think of a few stories WWE doesn't want to nominate here (Suspensions, injuries, vacated WWE title). Many fans might also say they never saw Santino's IC title win coming or the whole Vince limo explosion on Raw.

Most of the other awards seem on track. Jerk of the Year went to Randy Orton. Best PPV went to Wrestlemania 23. "Funniest Moment of the Year" which went to Santino Marella singing Amy Winehouse's Rehab song. You can read the full list of WWE Magazine Awards here.
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