Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Regal Helps Flair & HHH

The Ric Flair versus Triple H match on Raw this past week most likely set up a few situations. Not only did William Regal's interference ensure that Flair keeps going, but also that Triple H doesn't look bad in a matchup. Most likely we see Flair's next match on Raw Roulette versus Regal in some "spin of the wheel" match, maybe a No DQ or Street Fight. That way the brass knuckles are in play, and Flair extracts revenge (maybe using the weapon). I think this match also sets up Triple H having a legit complaint that he lost unfairly, costing him the Rumble. Since Vince isn't pleased with Regal, he just might give Triple H another shot to be in the Rumble by defeating Regal, or someone else for the opportunity.

It's really questionable why ECW uses some of the title feuds it does. Morrison vs. Punk was decent, and even having a behemoth like Big Daddy V enter a title match makes sense. But Chavo Guerrero just doesn't seem to have ECW type contender written on him. It was a surprise to see him attack Punk, but surprising in that WWE could use others as title contenders. Chavo's a good showman and wrestler, but didn't qualify for a title shot last night. I'd rather see Shelton Benjamin in that title picture at this point, as he just seems to be a better performer now and would give an excellent match against Punk. Possibly ECW is building more hype for this at Wrestlemania.

We have another "Beat the Clock" style tournament on Smackdown this Friday. The obvious favorites will be Batista or Undertaker. I'll pick Batista to win it after some sort of screw job on Undertaker by Edge or his new proteges, Ryder and Hawkins. This will continue the Taker vs Edge feud story, and probably keep it going until Wrestlemania 24 where Undertaker will compete for the title again. If he does, there's no reason to see Undertaker's win streak ending at the big event.

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