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Smackdown Recap 01.04.08

Smackdown recap from Richmond, Virginia:

Smackdown opened with highlights from 2 weeks ago where the new World Heavyweight champ, Edge celebrated his title along with Ryder and Hawkis. Edge thanked Vickie, the love of his life for all her support. Batista challenged Edge in a rematch for the title later on, with Vickie making it a 3 on 1 handicap match. Batista managed to pick up a pinfall over one of his opponents and thought he had won the title. However, Vickie announced that Batista could only win the title by pinning Edge. His 3 opponents then attacked him with steel chairs and were disqualified.

GM Vickie Guerrero was wheeled out to the ramp by her assistant, Teddy Long. Vickie wished a happy new year to the fans, then issued an ultimatum that if Undertaker or Batista lays a hand on Edge, their title hopes will go up in smoke. Vickie said she decided to make a "Beat the Clock" challenge, with the winner getting to face Edge at Royal Rumble. Participants for the tournament will include Finlay, Rey Mysterio, Batista and Undertaker. Vickie introduced Smackdown's new commentator Johnathan Coachman to join Michael Cole ringside and take the place of JBL.

MVP vs. Finlay
Beat the Clock Match 1

Hornswoggle accompanied Finlay to the ring. A replay of Raw highlights were shown with William Regal facing Hornswoggle. Mr. McMahon gave Regal his brass knuckles and commanded Regal to "hit him". Regal wouldn't do so and Vince slapped him in the face.

Thw two men brawled and grappled with Hornswoggle looking on from ringside. Finlay tossed MVP through the ropes early, then went out after him. MVP chased Hornswoggle away then knocked Finlay down. Smackdown went to commercial as MVP put Finlay back into the ring. When Smackdown returned, Finlay had MVP down in the ring with a leg hold. The clock was past 5 minutes already. MVP was able to reverse the hold and tried for several pinfalls.

Cole and Coach noted the match had gone on way too long at 7 minutes and that someone would need to win soon. Finlay was able to grab MVP's arm and tried to make him submit. Finlay missed when he charged at MVP in the corner and hit shoulder first into the ringpost. MVP delivered a solid kick to Finlay's head, then went for a pin. Finlay got a foot on the ropes. Meanwhile a shilaleigh had been tossed into the ring. MVP saw it and grabbed it and the ref took it away. With the ref distracted, Hornswoggle handed a second shilaleigh to his pal. Finlay took it then hit MVP over the head to get the pin at 9:46, setting the pace for the tournament.

After the match, Vince McMahon showed up to get in the ring and hug Hornswoggle and slap him 5. Vince tossed Hornswoggle his green hat from ringside before exiting all smiles.

Winner: Finlay wins via pinfall over MVP in 9:46 in the Beat the Clock tournament.

WWE Smack of the Night was from the Jamie Noble and Michelle McCool date two weeks ago. Noble tried to impress Michelle by pulling out the tablecloth from under their dinner plates. Unfortunately the trick didn't work and plates crashed all over the place.

Michelle McCool & Chuck Palumbo vs. Kenny Dykstra & Victoria

Michelle came down to the ring riding on the back of Chuck's motorcycle. Coach and Cole discussed how tough it must have been on Palumbo to see Michelle out on a date with Noble.

Kenny tagged in Victoria early so he could get away from Palumbo. Michelle tagged in as well and briefly had control of the match, until Victoria tossed her into the ring corner. Despite a hurt shoulder, Michelle managed to tag Chuck back in. With Chuck facing Dykstra he caught him mid air several times and slammed him down. Chuck missed when trying to kick Dykstra in the corner. Kenny failed at the pinfall afterwards. Dykstra went to the corner ropes and Palumbo climbed up to suplex him down. The two men were down but managed to get over and tag in their diva partners.

Michelle flew off the top ropes and landed on Victoria then took control. Michelle went to run off the ropes but Kenny distracted her. Michelle turned and kicked him off the apron. As McCool turned back, Victoria grabbed her and hoisted her up for the Widow's Peak. Victoria slammed Michelle down to the mat for a pinfall.

After the loss, a frustrated Chuck Palumbo yelled at her saying she cost them the match. Chuck said he was riding back alone and took off on his motorcycle leaving Michelle in the ring.

Winners: Kenny Dykstra and Victoria win via pinfall over Michelle McCool and Chuck Palumbo.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero yelled at Teddy Long to take the coffee he brought her back and to get it right. Chavo Guerrero entered and yelled at Vickie about the relationship she's having with Edge and how it's disgracing their family. Vickie asked Chavo what he wants, and Chavo said he wants her to turn back the hands of time.

Funaki vs. Chavo Guerrero
Beat the Clock Match #2

The second "Beat the Clock" match of the evening gave Chavo an easy opponent who he'd have to beat in under 9:46.

Chavo took control early and beat Funaki from corner to corner. Funaki gained momentum after connecting on a head scissors off the ropes. Despite this, Chavo avoided the pinfall and regained control. Chavo connected on several forearm uppercuts to knock Funaki down. The two men continued to battle with Funaki going for a dropkick and Chavo catching himself against the ropes. Chavo continued to eye the clock and go for pins to try to win it but Funaki kept kicking out.

Funaki went for a pin and Chavo grabbed the ropes. Funaki was able to connect a kick to the back of Chavo's head, but Chavo kicked out of a pinfall. Funaki tried to roll up Chavo from the corner for a pin, but Chavo grabbed the ropes. Chavo began to knee Funaki several times when he was down, then picked him up. Chavo finished off Funaki by hoisting him up in a move to slam him down face first to the mat. Chavo collected the victory with 3:44 remaining on the clock. 6:02 became the new time to beat.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero defeats Funaki via pinfall in 6:02.

Curt Hawkins vs. Batista

Michael Cole noted that Batista wants to get revenge on Edge for stealing the title rematch two weeks ago. Before the match, Vickie appeared on the Titantron with Teddy Long. Teddy Long said by rule of Vickie that Batista would also have to face Zach Ryder in the matchup.

6:02 was the time to beat for Batista as he went at both men early. Batista went for a Batista Bomb early but the two opponents overcame him. Batista managed to still gain control and did a catapult his opponent to the corner ropes. Batista grabbed Hawkins for the Batista Bomb but Ryder came over to break it up. Ryder and Hawkins started to beat up Batista in the corner, then whipped him to the opposite corner. The two men continued to beat up the Animal eventually kicking him out of the ring. Batista turned the tables outside the ring as he slammed his opponents into the crowd barrier. As Batista tossed in Ryder and went to get back in the ring, Hawkins grabbed Batista's leg. Ryder got on the corner and did a legdrop on Batista.

The clock continued to run from 2:20 with the 2 opponents continuing to knock Batista around. They were unable to capitalize for a pin and kept beating on Batista. They landed a double DDT on Batista then went for another one. This time, Batista flipped the two men over his back, then clotheslined them both down. With serious momentum in his favor, Batista did a spine buster on one man then went to set up for the Batista Bomb. Unfortunately, the clock ran out and Batista couldn't finish the match.

Winner: No winner as the time expired before Batista could win it.

Raw Rebound showed highlights from the Triple H vs. Ric Flair match this past week. The two longtime friends and legends gave it their all in the match. Flair's stipulation was win or retire, while HHH's was if he loses, no Royal Rumble entry this year. HHH got the best of Flair and was ready for the pin, but Regal came down to attack Flair with his brass knuckles. Flair won by DQ, meaning HHH lost the match and his Royal Rumble entry.

MVP shown in the lockerroom on a cell phone holding an ice bag to his face. MVP told the caller he's better than Finlay and every one else in the challenge. MVP told the caller he's going to make history and retire Ric Flair.

Michael Cole interviewed Rey Mysterio who was backstage. Mysterio said beating the clock is unlike any other challenge in WWE. Rey said he doesn't know who his opponent will be, but he has to fight fast and furious which is his style. Rey said he's had the World Heavyweight title before and will do anything to get it again.

Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Deuce & Domino

Highlights shown from Moore and Yang defeating Miz and Morrison 3 weeks ago on ECW. The two teams will face off in a 15 minutes of Fame WWE Tag Team title match on the next ECW.

Early on, Yang used his flying style against Deuce, but Deuce was able to pull the ropes down. Yang went flying out and Cherry fell down nearby. Yang helped Cherry up and then Domino attacked Yang from behind. With Deuce now in control of Yang back in the ring, he tagged in Domino. Domino kept Yang down in a headlock type hold. Yang eventually stood up and dropped down to cause Domino to hit his head.

Yang finally escaped Domino to make the tag, despite Domino running over to hit Moore off the apron. Moore started to use high flying moves off the ropes against Domino. All four men got into the ring, with Deuce tossing Yang out of the ring. Domino and Deuce tried for a doubleteam on Moore but Moore shoved Domino into the corner. Deuce fell onto the corner ropes and Yang picked up a pin on Domino for the win.

Winners: Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang win via pinfall over Deuce & Domino.

Mark Henry vs. Undertaker

Striker came onto the apron wearing a referee's shirt with a mic. Striker said the Vickie Guerrero named him special guest ref for the match in which Undertaker will face Mark Henry. Footage was shown from 3 weeks ago on Smackdown when Mark Henry and Big Daddy V decimated Undertaker after a match.

The time to beat was still 6:02. Henry knocked Taker down off the ropes early on. Undertaker started to beat up Henry in the corner, but Henry punched his way out. Taker escaped Henry when he charged at him in the corner, but Henry managed to knock Taker down again off the ropes. Taker and Henry both went to the outside with Striker counting them out. Undertaker whipped Henry into the steel steps shoulder first. Taker went in the ring, then exited again to retrieve Henry. Taker set up Henry under the bottom rope and did a leg drop on him off the corner.

Back in the ring, Taker went to go Old School but Henry knocked him down off the ropes. Henry knocked Taker down to the mat then went for a pin. With under 2 minutes to go, the match continued. Henry kept punching on Taker. Undertaker managed to DDT Henry down from off the ropes. Taker went Old School but Henry caught him in a Bear Hug off the ropes. Taker started to hit Henry and broke the hold. With 30 seconds to go Taker and Henry punched at each other. Taker ducked a clothesline by Henry then slapped a chokehold on him. Taker slammed Henry to the mat and covered. Striker counted just 2 and then stopped. The clock ran out without a winner. Striker quickly took off up the apron leaving Undertaker to take out his frustrations on Henry in the ring.

Winner: No winner as time expired. Special referee Matt Striker didn't count the pinfall for Undertaker.

Backstage former diva contestant Lena interviewed Matt Striker about what just happened. Striker said Undertaker threatened to put his hands on him. Striker said if Taker does that again Striker will beat him into oblivion. Striker said Big Daddy V will do the same thing. V appeared and flexed menacingly on camera.

Coach and Cole ran through the matches for the Royal Rumble which include Jeff Hardy challenging Randy Orton, JBL and Jericho wrestling, and tonight's winner facing Edge for the World Heavyweight title.

Rey Mysterio vs. Edge
Final Beat the Clock Match

Edge came out flanked by Hawkins and Ryder. Edge smiled at Mysterio as Hawkins and Ryder looked on from ringside.

Early on, Edge ducked out under the ropes several times as Rey came at him. Edge exited the ring twice to elude Mysteiro. Edge finally got back in the ring and Rey began to fly off the ropes. Rey managed to knock Edge into the corner then hit a West Coast Pop off the ropes. After a failed pin by Rey, Edge delivered a boot to his face knocking him to the mat. Edge tossed Rey outside where Hawkins and Ryder beat him up some. The ref began to count Rey out.

Mysterio crawled into the ring to beat the count. Batista ran down to the ring and attacked Hawkins and Ryder, clotheslining each man over the crowd barrier. Mysterio took advantage of Edge being distracted and knocked him against the ropes. Rey went for 619 but Edge moved away. Mysterio still took control with several moves off the ropes. Edge was able to counter a Mysterio move and seemed in control. Just then, Undertaker appeared from backstage. At the top of the ramp, Undertaker signaled for lights out and the arena went dark. The clock kept going, but once the lights came back, Edge was laying face first against the middle rope. Rey realized the opportunity and connected on 619. Rey followed with a splash jump off the top rope to collect the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rey picked up the win with 1:29 left on the clock and will now face Edge at the Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Title.

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