Monday, October 20, 2008

Classic Match #5: Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania X

shawn michaels vs razor ramon wrestlemania x 10 ladder match
(HBK soars from off the ladder onto Razor Ramon!)

Here at WWE Characters the Blog we're taking a look at 5 Classic WWE matches. Wrestlemania X was the scene of our #4 Classic match, as determined by (see full list here). In this match, the Ladder match, two Intercontinental Championship belts were suspended high above the center of the ring. The winner would be the first man to set up a ladder and climb to the top to retrieve the belts. Of course that was no easy feat, because they'd need to make sure their opponent was out of the way. This contest is one that Shawn Michaels has revolutionalized over the years, competing in several of the events. In this particular contest he faced his nemesis, Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), the man who "oozed machismo".

This classic feud had been brewing since 1993 between Razor Ramon and the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. At one point, WWE Commissioner Jack Tunney made the decision that Shawn Michaels must vacate his Intercontinental title for not defending it enough. Razor Ramon then won an Over-the-Top Battle Royal in which he defeated Rick Martel to be the final man in the ring. Ramon was declared the WWF Intercontinental Champion, however Shawn Michaels refused to acknowledge the title change. Shawn Michaels continued to insist that he was the true champion and even helped IRS (Irwin R. Scheister) to attack Razor Ramon and steal his gold chains. Adding to all of this, each man had his own Intercontinental belt which he brought to the ring.

The two would finally meet in a Ladder Match for the prized Intercontinental championship at Wrestlemania X. This epic match took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on March 20, 1994. Fans were highly entertained by the contest, as both HBK and Razor used the ladder as a weapon against one another, jumped off it, onto it and generally threw their bodies into harm's way. As pictured above, Shawn Michaels set the ladder up in a corner of the ring and performed a huge splash onto Razor Ramon. Razor soon recovered and was able to Irish Whip HBK into the ladder, then hit him with the ladder several times. Both men climbed in pursuit of the belts, but Ramon suplexed HBK off the ladder. Razor continued trying to climb but HBK was quick to dropkick the ladder , causing Razor to fall off. At one point, HBK climbed the turnbuckle and jumped onto the ladder, using his weight to push the ladder onto Razor's chest. Again, HBK went up to try to retreive the belts, but this time Razor pushed him off. At this point, Michaels fell and became tangled in the ropes, allowing Razor to grab both belts. Razor Ramon became undisputed Intercontinental champion at Wrestlemania X in one of the most entertaining matches in pro-wrestling history!

View part 1 of the ladder match here at YouTube!

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