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WWE Superstars Results 04/28/11

WWE Superstars Results 04/28/11:

Jack Korpela started off the show talking about how the Extreme Rules PPV is just days away. Korpela said the action will be just as menacing and nasty tonight.

Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd

Korpela and Striker talked over the draft that happened days ago, with Korpela saying Sin Cara will end up being the biggest acquisition for Smackdown.

During the match, Kidd managed to get Trent down and locked a headlock on him. Barreta eventually got back into it, and dropkicked Kidd, then tried to whip him to the corner. Kidd reverse to whip Trent hard against the turnbuckle.

At one point things went to the outside floor for Kidd. Trent saw him and rushed across the ring to fling himself out onto Kidd. Trent tossed Kidd back in to beat the count for a near fall. Kidd had several near fall attempts then showed frustration before tossing Trent face first to the corner.

Kidd sat Trent on the corner, then climbed up for a hurricanrana. He got it, but Trent managed to reverse things into a pinfall on the mat. Kidd managed to escape it, then somehow got Trent into a Sharpshooter to make him tap.

Winner: Tyson Kidd wins via submission over Trent Barreta.

David Hart Smith vs. Zack Ryder

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews were now on hand for the Raw portion of Superstars. David Hart Smith came out wearing a white cowboy hat for a new look. Matthews and Stanford talked about Ryder's hit YouTube show which has made Stanford a star online.

Ryder made a nice take down early on and tried to keep Smith down in a headlock. Smith got to his feet and tried to power Ryder off him. Smith finally rolled, using his weight to get Ryder off him, then eventually had an armlock on Ryder. Smith had another leg submission which caused Zack to grab the bottom ropes to break things up.

Smith was able to get Ryder into a long standing suplex and had the near fall. He followed by clotheslining Ryder out of the ring, then tossed him back in. Ryder was back up quick and managed to ram Smith against the ringpost, then kicked him off the apron into a break for the show.

The finish saw Ryder go up on the corner, but Smith fought him and managed to hit the Superplex. Smith gained momentum with multiple knock downs and a Hulk Hogan style leg drop. Ryder kicked out of the pinfall though and they both had a few near falls. Ryder was able to grab a hold of the ring apron cover to prevent Smith from pulling him into the ring. Ryder kicked Smith in the knee, then the face. Ryder backed into the corner and measured Smith to finally hit the Rough Ryder.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over David Hart Smith.

Raw Rebound showed highlights from Raw's 2011 WWE Draft. Smackdown won the first pick, John Cena, after winning a 20-man battle royal. Other picks saw Mysterio go to Raw, Randy Orton, Mark Henry and Sin Cara to Smackdown. Alberto Del Rio came to Raw. At the end of the show a six man tag match won Raw the last pick which brought John Cena back to WWE Raw.

Stanford and Matthews ran down the list of matches for WWE's Extreme Rules 2011 Pay-Per-View.

Melina and Alicia Fox arrived out for the main event divas tag team match.

Natalya & Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox & Melina

Melina worked over early submission holds on Natalya, but Natty soon reversed things to get a headlock of her own going. Natalya had some impressive early moves including a near longstanding suplex. Alicia rushed in to pull Melina's legs down, so Natalya chased after Fox. Melina took control since Natalya was distracted. The heels continued to work over Natalya with doubleteams.

Natalya managed to escape from Melina using a flip move to toss her to the mat. Gail Kim came in on fire against Alicia with multiple moves to send her to the mat including the hurricanrana. A missile dropkick off the corner had a near fall for Gail. Melina came in to try to doubleteam, but Gail ducked the move. Natalya pulled Melina out of the ring, and Gail hit her Eat Defeat finisher on Alicia.

Winners: Gail Kim & Natalya win via pinfall over Alicia Fox & Melina.

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