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WWE NXT Results 04/19/11

NXT Results from London, UK:

Josh Matthews kicked things off on commentary from the O2 Arena. Matthews was joined by William Regal. They sent it up to hostess Maryse on stage. Maryse introduced each of the NXT rookies: Lucky Cannon, Darren Young, Conor O'Brian, Byron Saxton, Jacob Novak and Titus O'Neil.

Time for the first challenge of the night. Maryse explained the challenge but didn't explain it very well, saying she would decide who got a bye to the finals. The two rookies would get on pedestals and grab opposite ends of the rope. The objective was to use their strength to pull their opponent off their pedestal.

Byron Saxton vs Conor O'Brian was the first pairing. O'Brian yanked hard and Saxton went flying down to the ramp. Young went against Novak and both men fell at once. A replay revealed that Novak was the winner of that pair. Lucky Cannon went against Titus O'Neil, the leader in redemption points. Lucky Cannon took a shortened rope and claimed that Titus O'Neil cheated. The refs called for a DQ on Titus, giving Lucky the win.

Maryse chose Lucky as the most obnoxious winner so he got a bye to the finals. Conor O'Brian and Jacob Novak determined the other finalist. Conor ended up falling back and losing. That made a finals of Lucky versus Jacob Novak. Novak yelled at the audience to "Shut Up!" as he got up on the pedestal. Lucky stopped competing and threw the rope at Novak, then shoved him off the pedestal. He ran down the ramp claiming it's all about him. Novak was proclaimed winner. Novak grabbed Lucky's robe and put it on, then went backstage. Lucky chased after him.

Matthews introduced a preview trailer for "That's What I Am" starting Ed Harris and WWE star Randy Orton. The movie takes a look at social struggles in school including bullying in schools. The film will be in limited theaters on April 29th.

JTG was in the ring with his rookie Jacob Novak. He introduced him as "Break Your Back Novak" aka "Jacob Novakaine" and a few other names. Novak dissed England saying how privileged he feels to be American after spending time in London. Novak began to taunt William Regal again, asking him to stand up and fight for his country right now. Vlad Kozlov came out from backstage with Conor O'Brian. O'Brian said if he wanted a fight he should've asked. Conor said actions speak louder than words, and his actions will shut him up.

Conor O'Brian vs. Jacob Novak

Regal said both of these rookies need the win for the competition due to their early struggles. Novak got the advantage and hit a huge leg drop for a near fall early on. He put a headlock on O'Brian to wear him down some.

Conor started a comeback, but Novak blasted him down with a clothesline and several moves later had another near fall. Matthews noted Novak keeps looking over towards Regal. Apparently, Novak lacked focus in the match as O'Brian was able to surprise him with a small package pinfall to win it.

Post-match, Novak rolled out of the ring and walked over towards the commentary table. He slammed his hands on the table. Regal stood up and Novak shoved him. Regal threw off his headset and went to fight back, but JTG was there to pull Novak away. Novak looked intimidated as a furious Regal stared at him from a distance.

Winner: Conor O'Brian wins via pinfall over Jacob Novak.

Regal and Matthews talked about R-Truth snapping last night. They rolled the Raw Rebound to replay the events from the start of last night's show. R-Truth made his big speech about how he'd leave Extreme Rules as the new champ and be the most fighting champ in the history of the WWE Title. John Morrison came to the ring and baited him into a match for his #1 contender spot. Morrison said Truth looks great for an athlete who smokes.

Morrison and Truth ended up fighting, with JMo pulling off the big win after Starship Pain. Truth snapped after the loss though and beat up Morrison inside and outside the ring. He hit his finisher on Morrison on one point after repeated knees to the head. Truth lit up a cigarette and smoked in Morrison's face to add insult to injury.

It will be a Triple Threat Steel Cage match for The Miz's WWE Championship. John Cena and John Morrison will be the other 2 competitors.

Backstage, Byron Saxton talked to his pro Yoshi Tatsu. He suggested Yoshi take his time with Maryse and not be in such a rush, taking things so serious so he won't get hurt. Yoshi said Maryse is so sweet though. Just then she arrived into the scene and said hi to them both. Yoshi said Maryse looked beautiful, then she asked what he's up to tonight. She ended up asking Yoshi to go shopping with her so she can pick out some new outfits. Yoshi said he'd love to. Maryse kissed him on the cheek and left. Saxton said it's time to talk strategy for their tag match. He talked but Yoshi was lovestruck and wasn't paying any attention.

Hornswoggle vs. Darren Young

Titus O'Neil brought Horney to the ring, where Chavo was already with his rookie in the ring. Chavo got on the mic to warn Darren Young about how tough Hornswoggle is. The rookie talked about how he knows he can beat Horney, but can Chavo? Chavo then brought up how Young said he can beat Hornswoggle with one arm tied behind his back and blindfolded. Chavo tied an arm behind Young's back then blindfolded him.

Regal said it was obvious Chavo was teaching his rookie a lesson here. The bell finally rang and Young was stumbling around as Horney got in kicks to the shins and legs. Horney played to the crowd and stomped on Young's foot. Chavo distracted the ref at one point, so Young lifted his blindfold to see where Horney was. He delivered a big boot to level Horney, then locked him up. Young took Horney up onto the corner, but the leprechaun headbutted him off. Horney jumped off for the Tadpole Splash to win.

Winner: Hornswoggle wins via pinfall over Darren Young.

Byron Saxton & Yoshi Tatsu vs.

Tyson Kidd & Lucky Cannon


sat next to Regal and Matthews to

watch the match. Matthews tried to

ask what Maryse was up to with Yoshi

but didn't get much of answer. Regal

said it's clear Maryse is trying to

spend Yoshi's money.

Lucky and Byron started off, but

Cannon demanded that he tag in Yoshi

instead. Saxton finally obliged with

the dramatic tag. Lucky fought for a

bit but took several kicks and tagged

out to Tyson. Yoshi countered a Kidd

move to flip over him and then did

several hip tosses. Saxton came in

to take control with a near fall.

Meanwhile, Matthews suggested that

Regal has a way with women, but Regal

said he clearly doesn't. Saxton hit

a huge clothesline on Kidd right

before a commercial break.

During that break, they showed

another Awesome Kong promo, this time

with more of her face and a doll with

black hear which she tore apart limb

by limb then tossed onto the floor.

Cannon had control against Saxton after break. He looked over to make sure Maryse was watching. Maryse was laughing as the crowd chanted "Lucky sucks." Matthews noted the good teamwork between Lucky and Kidd. Regal said Kidd should be upset with Lucky's distraction over Maryse. Lucky pounded on Saxton yelling "It's All About Me!"

The finale of this match saw Yoshi gain the advantage against Kidd. Lucky was outside the ring and walked towards Maryse. Kidd capitalized on the distraction which allowed him to hit a swinging neckbreaker to finish off Yoshi. Lucky got on top of Yoshi, and looked over at Maryse saying "It's all about me!"

Post-match, Byron Saxton went over to the mat to check on Yoshi as Kidd and Lucky celebrated up the ramp.

Winners: Lucky Cannon & Tyson Kidd win via pinfall over Byron Saxton & Yoshi Tatsu.

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