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Raw Results 03/02/15

Raw results from Newark, NJ:

The opening segment had Seth Rollins come to the ring with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. They replayed footage of Rollins showing up on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” and challenging Stewart to come to Raw on Monday. Roman Reigns came out to interrupt. Rollins talked about how he’ll be the next WWE champ, not Reigns. He listed out the various ways he could cash in his MITB contract. Reigns said maybe he could punch him in the mouth. Rollins shoved Reigns who punched back. J&J Security went after Reigns, but he fought them off, hitting a Superman Punch and the Spear. Rollins rolled out of the ring to safety.

Backstage, Rollins complained to J&J about getting punched by Reigns. Randy Orton showed up and suggested Rollins should take on Reigns tonight to show he’s the better fighter. Rollins thanked him for the advice, but said he’d handle it on his own. Orton said he was only trying to help.

Dean Ambrose defeated Bad News Barrett via pinfall in a non-title match. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds due to Luke Harper coming to ringside and taking the IC title from R-Truth who was on commentary.

Backstage, The Miz had various superstars around to see the debut of his new commercial on a flat screen TV. Instead, it was an erectile dysfunction commercial with Miz talking about how it’s “too soft, too small and utterly useless.” It finished with Mizdow delivering the product tag line as he stood with two actresses. Miz got upset and yelled at Mizdow for setting him up. He slapped Mizdow, who got upset, but Miz reminded him he’s the reason he is still working. Mizdow apologized but still seemed irked.

Bray Wyatt came out with a giant wooden casket to cut a promo on Undertaker. He said he built it just for Taker, but “where are you?” He poured gasoline on the casket and said Taker can’t hide. Bray added that “everything burns and The Undertaker will burn at WrestleMania.”

The Usos and Naomi defeated Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya via pinfall in a non-title match. Naomi scored the winning pinfall on Natalya who still had a hurt leg from last time. Kidd and Natalya got into an argument post-match with Cesaro trying to keep the peace. Kidd hugged Natalya and she cried.

John Cena came to the ring to talk about not getting his rematch for the US title. He said rather than whine or complain he was going to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31. Stephanie McMahon came down to the ring to interrupt and told him he didn’t get to decide if he’s in that match or not. She mentioned that Cena couldn’t get the job done against Rusev, so maybe it’s time to find someone who can. Curtis Axel came out wearing his #AXELMANIA t-shirt and said “Don’t change the channel because AxelMania is running wild!” Cena told Axel he was giving him one chance to leave the ring now, because if the match starts, Axel won’t walk out of the ring.

John Cena defeated Curtis Axel via submission. Axel did some mock Hulk Hogan poses and some of the crowd chanted “Axel Mania.” Cena got a huge clothesline and then hit the Attitude Adjustment later followed by an STF. Post-match, Lana and Rusev came out. Rusev kept the crowd waiting several times saying it was up to him if he fights Cena at WrestleMania. He finally said his answer is “No” and the Russian flag fell behind Cena in the ring.

Triple H came out to do a promo about Sting. He brought up how he gave Sting a chance for greatness with WWE but he’s trading it all for one fight on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania. HHH said he heard Booker’s comments on commentary suggesting that maybe HHH did some politicking to keep Sting from ever being part of WWE before. Triple H invited Booker in the ring and bantered with him a bit about what he said. He talked about the funny thing about having power and control, then said “Oh and Booker you’re fired.” Booker started to leave the ring as if he was done, but HHH said he was just messing with him. Triple H said that was just an example of control. Before HHH left the ringside area, he walked over to Booker, said some words to him and patted him on the back.

Paige defeated Nikki Bella due to disqualification. The match was for the Divas title with Brie at ringside. Late in the match, Paige was able to knock Brie off the ring apron then kicked Nikki to put on the PTO. Brie interfered and hit Paige to cause a DQ. Post-match, both Bellas began beating up Paige. A.J. Lee’s music hit and she ran to the ring to help Paige clear the ring of the Bellas.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed A.J. Lee about coming back. Paige was there and asked AJ who asked her to come out there. AJ said nobody and it’s a good thing because she doesn’t do what she’s told. She said she saw The Bellas bullying the divas division and thought she’d come back to “give Divas a chance.” Paige said they’ve been friends and enemies in the past but she respects her unlike the Kardashian and Olsen twin wannabes. 

Seth Rollins did an in-ring mock version of “The Daily Show” to show why he can do the show better than Jon Stewart. He brought up Stewart not showing up and then dissed him including some jabs at his movie and his fake comedy show. “The Daily Show” music hit and out came Jon Stewart to the ring. Once in-ring, Stewart talked about how Rollins never earned anything and he’s just a poster boy for The Authority. He told him that posters eventually get taken down when people get tired of them. 

Stewart brought up former greats like Bruno, Gorilla Monsoon, Mick Foley, Steve Austin and The Undertaker, saying Rollins took shortcuts, unlike those guys. Eventually Rollins got upset and grabbed Stewart by the collar. Randy Orton’s music hit and Rollins turned to look to see where Orton was. Stewart delivered a low blow kick to stun Rollins, who fell against the desk in the ring. Stewart left the ring. Orton came in and jawed at Rollins a bit, then walked up the ramp with Stewart following behind.

Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper via submission. Harper had the IC title belt he’d taken from earlier from Wade Barrett’s match. Bryan won eventually with the Yes Lock. Post-match, Barrett came to the ring and attacked a celebrating Bryan, then snatched the title belt back. Dean Ambrose rushed out to attack and took the title belt. Harper delivered a big boot and took the title away. R-Truth showed up next and took the title away from Harper, who recovered and took it back. Finally, Dolph Ziggler came out and super kicked Harper to take the belt and pose on stage with it.

They had a video package to introduce the new WWE Hall of Fame 2015 class member, Alundra Blayze aka “Madusa.”

Backstage, Rollins was upset with J&J Security with him. Orton showed up and security held him back. He said he saved Rollins money by making sure he didn’t put his hands on Stewart. He told Rollins if he needs help against Reigns tonight, all he has to do is ask. Big Show and Kane showed up and stood behind Orton as backup. Jamie Noble told them they wouldn’t need anyone else out there.

Paul Heyman came out to cut a promo about his client, Brock Lesnar. He said it was true that his client will be at WrestleMania, Believe that. He said his client will go anywhere he damn well pleases before Mania (inferring UFC events). A few times, Heyman’s mic sound went out so he demanded a new one which Lilian Garcia handed him. He talked about how Brock would squash other wrestlers such as Austin, Taker, Daniel Bryan, etc, and that he would likely do the same thing to Roman Reigns. He referenced that it may be a beating like Brock gave Cena at SummerSlam or similar to how Ronda Rousey won her match in 14 seconds at the UFC pay-per-view. He said Reigns will be “beaten, hurt, emasculated and conquered by Lesnar, Believe that.” Reigns’ music hit and he made his way to the ring through the crowd as Heyman left the ring.

Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns via pinfall. J&J, Big Show and Kane were all ringside for Rollins. Randy Orton’s music hit at one point when Rollins gained control. Later in the match, Reigns hit Big Show on the outside, but Kane was there to hit Reigns with a chair to the gut. Back in the ring, Rollins had the advantage and nearly hit a Curb stomp but Reigns avoided it. Reigns set up for his finish, but Orton reached in to grab his legs. Rollins used the distraction to grab a rollup pinfall for the win. Post-match, Orton went backstage. Reigns dove out onto the other heels on the outside. Back in the ring, he speared Show and then speared Rollins after jumping from the top rope. Reigns stood tall to close out Raw.

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