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Raw Results 02/16/15

Raw Results from Orlando, FL:

John Cena came out to cut a promo about his match with Rusev at Fast Lane. He vowed to become the first WWE wrestler to defeat Rusev and to win the United States Championship. Lana and Rusev came out to respond saying Cena is saying the “same old tired rhetoric” as always. Cena eventually went after Rusev on the ramp, throwing clotheslines at him and tossing him into the set, before unloading with punches on Rusev to leave him laying on the ground. Cena stood over Rusev and talked some trash to close the segment.

Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via pinfall. Ambrose connected on a clothesline and then Dirty Deeds late for the win. Prior to the segment he did a mock SNL newsroom skit to cut a promo on Bad News Barrett.

They had a backstage segment with Big Show and Kane arguing about what happened between them on SmackDown. Triple H told them this has been going on since the Royal Rumble. He told them to shut up and stop making him look bad, but to make it right in their singles matches tonight.

They had a pre-taped Bray Wyatt promo with him holding a nail and saying that what happened to “you” is a tragedy as he is an empty shell and what used to be fear is now just hateful pity.

Dusty Rhodes had a talk with Goldust and Stardust backstage and told them to go out and show what the Rhodes family is all about. Goldust and Stardust shook hands.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods defeated Stardust & Goldust via pinfall. Kofi Kingston got the pinfall win after a big kick on Goldust. Post-match, Cody helped Goldust to his feet and then hit Cross-Rhodes on him to put him back on the mat.

Byron Saxton spoke to Roman Reigns backstage. Reigns said if he were in the Rumble and eliminated, he’d take it like a man. He said he gave Bryan the opportunity and he’s going to take it away.

Backstage, Dusty Rhodes yelled for Cody who was upset he used his name. He told him that “Cody is dead” and “so is my father.”

Roman Reigns defeated Kane due to countout. Daniel Bryan joined the commentary team for the match. At one point, it went to the outside and Reigns speared Kane on the floor. He was able to get back into the ring before the count of 10 with Kane counted out. Bryan told Cole there is no way he’ll be counted on in Sunday’s match. Post-match, Bryan stood up on the broadcast team table to lead a Yes! chant. Reigns invited Bryan to step into the ring with him, but Bryan did a Yes! chant lap around the ring instead to try to fire up the crowd.

Backstage, Byron Saxton was waiting outside the divas locker room to interview someone. The Bella Twins came out carrying Paige’s wrestling gear. They took off and then Paige came out next in just a towel. She found Cameron and asked to borrow her gear but Cameron said it wouldn’t look good on her. Eventually, one of the Rosebuds was nearby and Paige brought them into the locker room with her.

Paige defeated Summer Rae via submission. Paige came to the ring wearing a fairy costume she took from one of the Rosebuds. Summer got in a bit of moves but eventually Paige put on the PTO for the win. Post-match, The Bellas came on stage with Brie wearing Paige’s leather jacket. Paige interrupted Nikki to say she doesn’t need an outfit to make her look good. Paige said at Fastlane she’ll be wearing something better: the WWE Divas Championship.

Seth Rollins hit the ring with J&J Security to brag about being the future of the WWE and said he could do anything such as run for president or take over Jon Stewart’s TV show and make it watchable. Dolph Ziggler came out to interrupt, talking trash about how Rollins must’ve had a bad Valentine’s Day or something. The two brawled before the bell for the match as Raw hit commercial. 

Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins due to disqualification. The ref tossed J&J backstage at one point for interfering. Later, Ziggler managed to gain control and had a pin but J&J rushed the ring to break it up. Ryback and Rowan rushed down to help Ziggler fight them all off.

Triple H came to the ring to talk about his upcoming in-ring meeting with Sting for Fastlane. He was interrupted by Nature Boy Ric Flair who came down to warn him not to take Sting lightly. HHH talked about seeing Sting become the icon of WWE and his 60-minute long match against Flair. He said he knows Sting is WCW and that he went down with the ship and disappeared, wisely. He said Sting is WCW and HHH is WWE. HHH eventually got upset by Flair’s words and shoved him down to the mat. He said after he’s done “Sting will never show his face here again.” HHH left the ring and went backstage. Flair’s music hit and he walked up the ramp slapping hands with the fans.

They had The Ascension coming out to face Darren Young and an unnamed partner for a tag match. The Ascenscion’s music hit interrupting Lilian Garcia before she could announce Young’s partner. Ascension beat up both guys, but Titus O’Neil rushed out to save his former PTP tag partner.

Backstage, The Miz and Bad News Barrett discussed an agreement to have BNB knock Mizdow down a few notches in his match and The Miz would reciprocate by watching out for Ambrose. Barrett seemed on board with the plan.

Bad News Barrett defeated Damien Mizdow via pinfall in a non-title match. The Miz was ringside for the match. Mizdow had several opportunities, but Miz had a small bell in hand at ringside and the mic. He told Mizdow when he rang the bell it meant to stop. At one point he rang it and told Mizdow to come out of the ring to wipe a scuff off his shoe. Mizdow got knocked off the apron by Barrett. Later still, Mizdow gained control but Miz rang the bell saying there was a spot he needed wiped off his sunglasses. He then said it wasn’t there anymore. Mizdow turned around and Barrett hit him with the Bullhammer elbow for the pinfall win. Post-match, Dean Ambrose ran down to the ring and tied Barrett’s hands around the ring post. He forced him to sign a contract for an Intercontinental title match. Barrett yelled it doesn’t count.

They had yet another Bray Wyatt promo. He said there is nowhere left to go. He ended with “Find me or I’ll find you.”

Jimmy Uso & Naomi defeated Tyson Kidd & Natalya via pinfall. Naomi was able to get the winning pinfall on Natalya. Post-match, Cesaro got upset and was yelling at Natayla for losing the match.

Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan via disqualification. Roman Reigns was ringside during the match signing autographs and throwing T-shirts into the crowd, which got Bryan annoyed and distracted. At one point, Bryan and Show fought outside with Show whipping Bryan into Reigns. Reigns shoved Bryan back and Bryan retaliated. Show hit a spear on Reigns then kicked Bryan before they went back to the ring.

In the ring, Bryan eventually got the Yes Lock on Show but Show got to the ropes to break it. Bryan stayed in control and went for a top rope move but Reigns rushed in to hit the Superman Punch on Show causing a DQ. Post-match, a huge fight between Bryan and Reigns erupted. The two fought towards the crowd barrier and on the outside with Bryan using a chair on Reigns. Reigns came back and smashed Bryan’s head into the apron. The two wrestlers ended up rolling over the announce table with refs and various staff rushing in to break it up as the show went off the air.

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