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Raw Results 03/09/15

Raw results from Pittsburgh, PA:

Opening segment had Seth Rollins, Big Show, J&J Security and Kane in the ring. Randy Orton came down and they did a bit of a talk about welcoming him back to The Authority, one-by-one. J&J said they felt Orton couldn’t be trusted. Orton started saying he has just been doing all this to get close to Rollins so he can dismantle him. Things got serious and Orton gave a head fake at Rollins, but then said he was just kidding about everything. Rollins laughed it off and hugged Orton and then the group put their hands in for a “Because that’s what’s best for business” line.

Daniel Bryan defeated Bad News Barrett via pinfall in a non-title match. R-Truth was on guest commentary. Bryan won with a running knee after making a comeback. As he celebrated post-match, BNB dropped him with the Bull Hammer Elbow. As Barrett went up the ramp, Dean Ambrose’s music hit and he rushed out to knock Barrett down.

Dean Ambrose defeated Stardust via pinfall. Stardust came out wearing the IC title belt. Ambrose came back in the match after Stardust worked on his hurt knee for a while. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds. Post-match, Ambrose took the IC belt but Barrett came out and attacked from behind. Daniel Bryan attacked BNB next. Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler both got involved in the brawl. R-Truth took advantage of everyone fighting and grabbed the belt in a burlap sack he had. He sat down at the commentary table. BNB eventually went over and demanded the belt. Truth handed him a different sack and then left up the ramp. Barrett found the sack had a fake belt in and Truth revealed he had the real one on stage.

Michael Cole announced that Connor Michalek will be a special inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015. Michalek was an 8-year-old WWE fan who died of brain cancer. He will be the first-ever recipient of the Warrior Award. His family was shown seated at ringside, while fans chanted “Connor.”

Paul Heyman came to the ring and stood there as a highlight video played of Roman Reigns including a Byron Saxton interview he was in. Heyman called Brock Lesnar to the ring as he made his first appearance on Raw in a while. Heyman talked up how Reigns was raised and was considered a tough guy fighter, but that he won’t be defeating Brock Lesnar. He said that nobody can take the title away from Brock and if he wants to spend his summer unifying the WWE and UFC titles, so be it. He suggested that Brock could go to Vegas and slap around Mayweather and Pacquiao if he wanted to. Heyman put over Brock’s accomplishments including sending The Rock to Hollywood, nearly killing Undertaker as he took away his streak and destroying John Cena. Heyman said Brock’s name again and then they looked up to the WrestleMania 31 banner to close things.

Erick Rowan & Ryback defeated Big Show & Kane via pinfall. Kane held Rowan and Show went for the KO punch. Rowan moved away and Show KO’d Kane instead. Rowan ended up with a pin on Kane for the win. Post-match, Kane and Show kept arguing. Stephanie McMahon came out and told them to shut up. She said she wants “her monsters back” then ordered them both to pack up their stuff and leave the arena. The duo left the ring looking humbled.

Backstage, The Miz pitched an album idea to Wiz Khalifa who said their brands don’t really go together and he’d already ran into an A-lister today. Mizdow came out in a hat with a dreads wig. He rapped a bit about being in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Miz left the scene upset.

Wiz Khalifa performed three of his hit songs including “We Dem Boyz,” “Black and Yellow” and one other. After the set, Mizdow came out and shook hands with him.

The Bella Twins had a backstage promo where Byron Saxton congratulated them for being a part of The Flinstones movie. They said they're the only divas in the movie and are the best team since Betty and Wilma.

AJ Lee defeated Summer Rae via submission. The match lasted about 3 minutes with AJ able to put on the Black Widow for the win.

A video package was shown with Sting speaking about broken authority of the NWO in WCW. He brought up how at WrestleMania it will be game over for Triple H, as he’s been waiting 14 years for this opportunity.

Backstage, Rusev and Lana were walking when they came upon Cena. Rusev told Cena he’s not getting a rematch at WrestleMania. Cena said he knows that fighting at Mania is a privilege, not a right, and it’s a shame Rusev hasn’t figured that out. Cena said it’s fine if Rusev is proud of where he’s from but he can’t go around here degrading this country. Cena said if Rusev goes out there and says anything bad about the US he’ll see just how much fight America has. Rusev smirked as he walked off.

Rusev defeated Curtis Axel via submission in a non-title match. Rusev attacked Axel before the bell. The ref allowed Axel to recover before starting the match. Rusev got a kick in on him and then put in The Accolade for a quick win. Post-match, Rusev got on the mic to start trash talking the U.S. but John Cena came out. Cena took off his hat and shirt and rushed to the ring to attack. He managed to get the better of Rusev and put him in the STF until he passed out. Cena poured water on Rusev to wake him up and then put on the STF again. Rusev tapped out. Lana begged Cena to let go and finally said Cena could have his title match at Mania. Cena let go of the hold.

Xavier Woods & Big E defeated Tyson Kidd & Cesaro in a non-title match. Kofi cheered on New Day team members from ringside. Kidd and Woods were in the ring late, with Woods able to roll through a move to get the pinfall. Post-match New Day was leaving up the ramp as The Uso Brothers and Naomi came to the ring for a match.

Naomi defeated Natalya via pinfall. Naomi hit the Rearview finisher for the win. Post-match, Los Matadores came to the ring for a match as they walked by Kidd, Cesaro and Natalya.

Los Matadores defeated The Usos via pinfall. Late in the match, Torito distracted one of the Usos. One of Los Matadores ended up running the legal Uso at Torito and then was able to roll him up for the pinfall.

Backstage, Rollins reminded J&J they are working for him and said that Orton is one of them. J&J remained skeptical of Orton’s allegiance but Rollins seemed to buy into it.

Bray Wyatt did an in-ring promo about Undertaker and had the Urn in the ring on a podium. He talked about the streak ending and said WrestleMania can be a chance for Undertaker’s resurrection but it will be his final resting place. He told Taker to “come out, come out wherever you are.” Eventually the lights flickered and Taker’s gong sounded. Wyatt kept asking if he was there. The lights went out again with another gong and then a third time. A message appeared on the screen “WrestleMania: The Man Comes Around.” Taker’s voice was heard saying “You will rest in peace.” A lightning bolt hit Bray’s rocking chair and it caught on fire in the ring. Bray laughed about it maniacally as the segment closed.

Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins & Randy Orton via pinfall in a handicap match. Early on, Orton argued with J&J so Rollins sent them backstage. At one point, Reigns had control against Rollins who went over for a tag but Orton pulled away. He gave a double middle finger to Rollins. Reigns did his yell and then hit a Spear on Rollins for the win. Post-match, Orton picked up Rollins and asked if he really thought he was going to let what he did to him slide. Orton conducted an assault on Rollins at ringside which included a draping DDT off the guardrail and chasing him into the crowd with a chair. Eventually, Rollins was tossed over the announcers table. Orton picked him up on the table and hit the RKO to crash through the table. Orton walked off as his music played with Rollins laying out cold on the floor to close Raw.

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