Monday, January 1, 2007

K-Fed vs Cena - The Match - Spoiler Warning!

The original Hollywood bad boy, the most hated man in America, aka Mr. Ex-Britney Spears had his moment in the "spotlight" tonight, facing John Cena in a match..Cena arrived to a huge ovation from the crowd as he entered with his belt. Next, K-Fed arrived in a black Everlast boxer's style robe with "Team Federline" on the back, with one of his album songs playing. The crowd wasn't having it.

K-Fed took the mic and said he had just talked to Coach and there would be a change in the match. K-Fed said he didn't want anything stopping him from beating Cena and therefore it would be a no DQ match. K-Fed then brought out personal trainer and friend, Johnny Nitro as his corner man.

With both men in the ring K Fed and Nitro spent a while "warming up" with pre-match antics. K-Fed took a mouthpiece from a duffel bag he brought. Next Nitro retrieved special gloves from the bag and K Fed put them on, as the crowd chanted "K-Fed sucks" and "We want Britney". K-Fed also donned a boxer's protective headgear as well. Cena allowed K-Fed to put him in a free headlock, but Cena broke it easily tossing K-Fed away. Nitro then inserted a chair in the ring, so K Fed could try the "Masterlock challenge" on Cena. Cena easily broke this next hold, and began to get irritated with K-Fed. K-Fed got rid of all his protective gear to start the match. After seeming to drop Cena with a cross arm takedown, Cena picked up K Fed and placed him on the corner rope. Nitro entered, Cena clotheslined him and tossed him outta the ring. K-Fed kicked Cena from behind, but Cena picked him up and got ready for the F-U. Before he could slam K-Fed, Umaga and Alejandro entered the ring. Umaga knocked out Cena with the WWE belt, then he and his manager left. K-Fed entered the ring and pinned a knocked out cold John Cena, to the crowd's dismay and disgust.

K-Fed with the cheap win. You can bet 1)Umaga is dead meat at New Year's Revolution as Cena will be majorly pissed. 2)There will be a rematch or some retribution for Cena on K-Fed, someplaace, sometime..

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