Monday, January 1, 2007

Raw Recap 1/1/07

The first RAW of 2007 was a big one, live from Miami, and jampacked with matches and other events. See the K-Fed vs Cena blog entry for a full recap of that match.

As K-Fed celebrated in his own special lockeroom, Maria went to interview him as the door shut. Melina stood outside the door and angrily told Maria to back off. She told Maria she was going to give K-Fed a gift for his win and said for Maria to meet her later in the ring to find out.

DX was shown waiting around, and JR/King said they were awaiting to see if Rated RKO would even show tonite.

Coach entered K-Fed's lockerroom where everyone was celebrating the "victory", including several girls, Melina and Johnny Nitro. Coach told them its a new year and they need a big main event. So it would be Umaga, Johnny Nitro, Alejandro and Coach in a 4 on 1 match vs Cena later tonight.

8 Man Tag Match - Cryme Time & Highlanders vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team and Cade/Murdoch
The Miami Heat were seen in the crowd, Shaq, Jason Williams and James Posey and their families. Cryme Time came down to the ring and gave some love to Shaq. Shaq then checked his pockets to make sure he wasnt pickpocketed by the tag team. A 8 man tag match then followed, Cryme Time and Highlanders vs Lance Cade/Murdoch and World's Greatest Tag Team. Cryme Time managed to pull a few sneaky moves when the refs' backs were turned, and then pinned Murdoch for the win. Highlanders/Cryme Time win.

Jeff Hardy vs Rob Conway (if Conway loses he quits RAW)

Jeff Hardy came out and then Rob Conway entered. On the mic he said his New Year's resolution was to stop losing and start winning. He told Hardy if he lost to him, he would quit Raw. Conway lost in under 1 minute. As Hardy celebrated, Comway stood in the ring. Just then, Mr McMahon's music began and Vince came to the ring. He told Conway he was making a resolution to stop being so damn nice. He then proceeded to discuss Donald Trump stealing his phrase "You're Fired". He told Rob Conway he wasnt going to let him quit, instead he told Conway "You're Fired". McMahon left the ring as Conway remained shocked.

Kenny Dykstra interview was next. Kenny said Flair was trying to turn his victory into a story of how classy a guy Flair is. Kenny said he is the "Future of Raw". Kenny said he is going to show how deaths come in 4's..James Brown, Saddam, President Ford and now Flair's career.

A recap of the beatdowns given to Flair and DX
by Rated RKO were shown next in black and white. Next up, DX came down to the ring to a crowd ovation. Before they could say "SUCK IT" Shawn grabbed the mic and began speaking on the travesty that Rated RKO did last week. Michaels said he and HHH have faced everyone WWE has put in front of them for the last 5 years. Shawn said that nobody has managed to drop DX yet, til last week. HHH and HBK said RKO thinks they have DX where they want them, but last guy who thought that got his head bloodied and shoved up Big Show. HHH used the example of Frosted Mini Wheats. The frosty sugar side everyone loves and the rough side that RKO will get this Sunday. HHH said RKO will be left in a broken, twisted bloody heap in the ring at New Year's Revolution.

Next match, Melina vs Maria. Victoria came down as a guest commentator to say she has a new blank space for another Diva on her list. Victoria said she does enough promoting of Wrestlemania etc and is sick of other divas getting attention like Melina and Maria. Melina tied Maria's hair to the rope and smacked her around a bit. The two fought for a short time, until Melina went for a reverse rollup. Melina messed up the pinfall and had to re-do it. Melina with the win. Victoria enters the ring with Melina, who quickly rolls out of the ring. Victoria then ran outside the ring and grabbed Lillian Garcia, ring announcer and tossed her into the ring. She attempts the widow's peak on Lillian, but Mickie James runs down to rescue and chases Victoria out of the ring, setting up their match for New Year's Revolution.

Tag Team matchup - Ric Flair & Carlito vs Chris Masters & Kenny Dykstra After a back and forth match, Carlito survived the assault by Masters and managed to tag his partner Flair. Flair fought with Kenny in ring and Kenny managed to almost get a figure 4 leg lock on Flair. He couldn't lock it in, but managed to get the cheap win by putting his legs on the ropes to pin Flair 1-2-3. Flair grabbed the mic as Masters and Kenny left, telling Kenny to get back out there and keep going if he wants respect. Just then Edge and Orton arrived and attacked Flair in the ring. Edge and Orton knocked Flair down and smacked his head with a chair, again. No DX in sight despite them being at the ring earlier in the night.

Main Event - John Cena vs Umaga, Alejandro, Johnny Nitro & Coach (4 on 1 handicap Match)Kevin Federline came to the ring first to brag and boast about his "Victory" and tell Cena he would take a ringside seat for the next beatdown of Cena. Coach, Nitro, Alejandro and Umaga entered. K-Fed sat with JR and the King to commentate and talk about how great his record-book victory over Cena was. An angry Cena entered the ring and began doing battle with Umaga. Cena tossed Umaga out of the ring and Nitro entered to battle Cena. Cena fought Nitro briefly then tossed him out of the ring. Umaga re-entered and slammed Cena down. Umaga tried to sit down on Cena off the ropes by Cena blocked witha knee to his groin. Nitro entered, Cena knocked him down. Then Cena tossed Coach and Alejandro both in the ring. Cena began furiously knocking out his opponents one by one, then managed to bring Umaga down and put a submission on him. Before he could tap out, Umaga's manager entered the ring wit ha chair. Cena kicked him in the stomach and grabbed the chiar, then smacked Umaga on the head to get a DQ. Umaga rolled out of the ring. Cena then managed to FU Johnny Nitro. Cena ran outside the ring and grabbed K-Fed who was sitting at the commentator's table. Cena tossed K-Fed into the ring and scored the "F-U" heard round the world! K-Fed lay motionless on the mat, as Cena held up his belt and angrily stared down Umaga...New Year's Revolution is under 1 week away!

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