Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ECW Recap 06.27.07

Vince opened tonight's ECW show on Sci Fi with a statement referring to Monday Night Raw's 3 hour tribute to Chris Benoit, in light of recent developments. Vince continued with: "However, some 26 hours later," he said, "facts of this horrible tragedy are now apparent. Therefore, other than my comments there will be no mention of Mr. Benoit's name tonight. On the contrary, tonight's show will be dedicated to everyone who has been affected by this terrible incident. This evening marks the first step of the healing process.

"Tonight WWE performers will do what they do better than anyone else in the world -- entertain you."

Johnny Nitro vs. John Cena A champion vs. champion match kicked off the card for ECW on Sci Fi. Nitro and Cena fought back and forth with Nitro landing some impressive moves. Cena went for the "F U" but Nitro was able to escape and jump off the rope and hit Cena with a spinning kick. Despite Nitro knocking Cena out of the ring several times, Cena was able to knock Nitro down and put the "STFU" submission hold on Nitro. Nitro tapped out quickly giving Cena the win.

Winner: John Cena wins via submission over Johnny Nitro.

Nitro seen backstage later gave an interview. Joey Styles asked if Cena defeating him tonight puts a wrinkle in Nitro's plans as ECW champ. Nitro informed them he's had a cold the past few days which probably affected his performance tonight. Nitro issued a warning that he's ready for his next challenger, Punk or Burke, or whoever it might be.

Roddy Piper came down to the ring and began discussing the ECW and what hardcore is. Matt Striker came out with a birthday cake. After insulting Piper a bit, Striker told him it's his birthday and asked Piper to sing "Happy Birthday" for him. Piper said he would and asked the crowd to help sing. The crowd and Piper began singing Happy birthday to Matt Striker, until it came time to sing his name. Piper asked Striker what his name was again, before smashing the cake into Striker's face. Piper left the ring with Striker's face covered in cake. As Striker was standing in the ring, all of a sudden the arena went dark and Boogeyman's music came on. Smoke appeared behind the ring, and all of a sudden Boogeyman crawled into the ring. Striker ran up the ramp, but Piper was standing there and threw him back into the ring. Boogeyman grabbed Striker around the neck with both hands and slammed him down. Boogeyman then took a fistful of worms which he put in his mouth and let drip down into Striker's mouth.

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke (2 of 3 Falls match) - Winner of the match would be #1 contender for Johnny Nitro's ECW title.

Fall 1: Burke had Punk hanging upside down in the corner and hit him with both knees for the "Elijah Express". Burke then managed to pin Punk to take fall 1.

Fall 2: Burke knocked Punk out of the ring. As Punk got on the apron, Burke tried to suplex him back into the ring. Punk was able to take advantange by flipping over Burke and rolled him up for a quick pin to take Fall 2.

Fall 3: Punk able to get his finishing move on Burke and score the pinfall.

Winner: CM Punk wins 2 of 3 pinfalls to become #1 contender for the ECW Title.

Johnny Nitro walked down the ramp to end the show as he stared down CM Punk in the ring and raised his title up high.

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