Saturday, June 16, 2007

Remembering Sensational Sherri

Above: Sherri inducted into 2006 WWE Hall of Fame.

Sherri Martel, better known as "Sensational Sherri" is definitely the biggest originator and inventor of the WWE/WWF heel diva. Today you see heel divas such as Lita, Melina and Victoria and all of them can thank Sherri for paving the way, as she was one of the baddest in the business. She managed the likes of Macho Man Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Million Dollar Man and Tatanka in the WWE, and was always a presence at ringside.

One of my favorite all-time matches was a "Retirement Match" between Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 7. Sherri was ringside in her usual style gear, somewhat outrageous and provocative white dress/skirt with beads hanging down around the leg area. She was a distraction to Ultimate Warrior throughout the match and also attacked him several times outside the ring. Despite this, the Warrior managed the strength and perseverance to outlast and beat Macho Man, causing him to retire. After the match, Sherri continued her role as hell and turned on Macho Man, attacking him in the ring. THis provided for the joyous and triumphant return of Miss Elizabeth, Macho Man's former manager and love interest. Elizabeth ran from the crowd into the ring and saved Macho Man, by tossing Sherri out of the ring.

Sherri had that early sex appeal as the villainous type diva who we loved to hate. She had toughness in the ring as well and even held the Women's Title for a good 15 months straight. These days, that sort of title reign is very rare. She might be gone but she will not be forgotten as she is a true pioneer of the words "valet", "heel" and "diva".

In rememberance of the greatness of Sensational Sherri, here's a few things to check out:

Check out Sherri along with other WWF/WWE superstars who have been taken from us early at a brand new page on the WWE Characters site:

WWE Characters - In Memory of Fallen Superstars

A great website devoted to Sherri at Includes pics, bio, news and more!

Check out the Sensational Sherri videos on YouTube, including matches she was at to manage Macho Man and Shawn Michaels. Also includes some great tributes put up just yesterday and today to remember this legend.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

she will be missed the best manger of them all

June 16, 2007 at 6:14 PM  
Blogger pat said...

she will be missed

June 16, 2007 at 6:23 PM  

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