Monday, July 2, 2007

USA Today on Early Wrestler Deaths

Jon Saraceno wrote a recent USA TODAY article in which he examines and criticizes professional wrestling and the untimely deaths of many of its stars.


"When wrestling impresario Vince McMahon hatched a new football league, I figured the end of the world was near. Naturally, the first game was played in Las Vegas. Thankfully, the XFL folded.

Now it's one thing to be turned off by someone else's idea of entertainment or amusement. It's quite another when that enterprise promotes a culture that consumes humans. Pro wrestling, at its highest levels, has blood on its gilded hands.

McMahon, of course, didn't invent the freak show. It certainly has made him wealthy. He is less a self-styled maverick than a corporate baron, one audacious enough to have faked his death in a fiery limo explosion. His World Wrestling Entertainment group opens today at $15.99 a share, with a rich 6% dividend yield. The McMahons have stockpiled nearly 100 million shares.

Meanwhile, the corpses pile up."

Click here to read the full USA Today article: "Wrestling: Too many sequels to this tragedy"

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