Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vince's Secret Child

We now have a new mystery facing us that was presented on last week's Raw. As Mr. McMahon left the Raw arena en route to his white limousine, many believed we were going to see another explosion sequence. However, Johnathan Coachman came running out to stop Vince from leaving. Coach then informed Vince that he had received a summons on behalf of the state of Connecticut. The summons alleges that Vince sired a child and there is yet another member of the McMahon family running around. The Sun UK site has an article about WWE Raw and mentioned a strong possibility of just who that offspring may be:

From SUN UK:

"It doesn't take a degree in rocket science, or even attendance at a lecture by Matt Striker, to work out that the 'new' McMahon will probably be a member of the WWE's active roster.

And the early money is on Ken Kennedy.

The evidence mounts up.

It is believed that the original plan for the limo explosion angle was that a long way down the line it would be revealed that Kennedy was in cahoots with the boss in faking his demise.

Ken is also a sterling performer, Triple H and Steve Austin are fans, and is due for a major heel push. Don't forget he was put strongly over Bobby Lashley last week, too.

Bizarrely his error-ridden Internet rant on the Benoit murders and steroid use - that weakened his standing in the eyes of many outside the ring - has only made Kennedy more popular in the locker room.

And if you want one last thing in his favour, the man billed from Green Bay, Wisconsin - whose real name is Ken Anderson - gets his stage moniker from Vince McMahon's middle name."

This would be a smart move, as in the past we have seen Vince playing the father heel who assisted Triple H in winning matches over opponents like The Rock or Stone Cold. We may see him take on that role with Mr. Kennedy, helping him become a heel WWE champion. Or we may see a reversal, where Kennedy turns on his stepfather becoming a face who the crowd loves. With Triple H returning that could also make for a very interesting and strong feud to carry the WWE forward. The possibilities are endless for where the WWE could go with this one.

There is another possibility, and that is a storyline that had been rumored a long time ago. The storyline involved more of an "incest" plot, where Vince apparently fathered a child by his own daughter Stephanie. The possibility exists and Vince did mention how Stephanie had met with attorneys, so that may have been our first clue. However, it's hard to believe the WWE would dredge that idea back up and take such a controversial approach under the current circumstances they are facing. Then again the WWE loves to shock the world, so stay tuned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I've heard something about an incest angle a couple tears back. (Steph may have even mentioned it on the McMahon DVD) But she(Stephanie)said that she would never want to go THAT far,even for a fictional storyline.
I would love to see a
Triple H/Kennedy feud though,finally a feud worth watching.

August 12, 2007 at 10:53 AM  

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