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ECW Recap 11.06.07

ECW Recap from Bakersfield, CA:

ECW opened with highlights to showcase the John Morrison vs. CM Punk feud. Morrison will challenge Punk later on tonight's ECW show for the ECW title.

Kane vs. Mark Henry

Highlights were shown of Henry winning last week's Monster Mash Battle Royal over Kane, Great Khali and Big Daddy V.

Kane started off with a kick to Henry and then some punches. Henry recovered to toss Kane to the corner and from there started hammering away at Kane around the ring. Kane tried to build momentum and ran off the ropes, but Henry caught him then slammed him down to the mat. Henry started to kick Kane in the back, then slammed him yet again. Henry rammed Kane's back into the ring corner and then hit him down. Kane mentioned to stand up and start fighting back, but Henry hammered on his back again, then whipped Kane to a corner. Henry used a splash and then went over to Kane again, but this time Kane delivered uppercuts. Henry tried to whip Kane to the corner and ran at him, but Kane stuck a foot up catching Henry's face.

Kane climbed the corner ropes and jumped off to clothesline Henry down. Kane tried to use the chokeslam on Henry, but Henry fought out of it then knocked Kane down to the mat. Henry exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair to bring into the match. The ref warned Henry not to enter with the chair, but Henry continued on with it. The ref called for the bell and Henry caught Kane in the midsection with the chair then picked him up and slammed him down on it.

Winner: Kane wins due to disqualification of Mark Henry.

Joey Styles announced that Extreme Expose members Kelly Kelly and Layla will face off in a match later on tonight. Tazz reminded fans of the John Morrison vs, Punk matchup.

Footage shown of fans waiting in line to get Wrestlemania XXIV tickets at the Citrus Bowl in Florida.

Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio

Early on the 2 men grappled and Noble dropped Nunzio to the mat. Noble tried to lock in a hold around Nunzio's waist as the two got to their feet. Nunzio grabbed Noble's arm behind his back, but Noble elbowed out of it. Noble took control of the match punching Nunzio around the ring. Noble continued to use a headlock on Nunzio down on the mat. Noble then tried to whip Nunzio to the ring corner and ran at him, but Nunzio moved away. Noble was able to finish off Nunzio with a backbreaker followed by slamming him down across his knees.

Winner: Jamie Noble wins via pinfall over Nunzio.

More footage shown of John Morrison who is on a quest to recapture the ECW title.

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

Layla was in ring with the Miz as Kelly came out holding her neck. Footage was shown of Kelly losing to Beth Phoenix last night. Miz took the mic and reminded Kelly he's making her life miserable.

Layla kicked Kelly as soon as the bell rang, and continued to kick her around the ring. Kelly tried to push Layla away several times, but Layla kept attacking. Layla eventually scored the pin after knocking Kelly around the ring ferociously. Balls Mahoney came down to the ring to check on Kelly. Mahoney started to tell Miz to get in the ring and fight. Miz climbed the apron to go into the ring, but Layla pulled him back.

Winner: Layla wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly.

More highlights shown from Punk vs Morrison matches with Punk's win over Morrison to capture the ECW title shown.

Tazz and Styles covered the ECW debut of Rey Mysterio in 1995, which is documented on the new DVD "Biggest Little Man". Styles mentioned Mysterio will face Finlay this Friday on Smackdown.

Shannon Moore vs. Elijah Burke

Early on Moore got control as he threw Burke to the corner then jumped off them with a headscissors, taking Burke down. Burke gained control and knocked Moore to the ropes. With Moore hanging across the middle rope, Burke ran over at him and jumped onto Moore's back, then slid out through the ropes.

Back in the ring, Moore started to battle back from the ropes towards Burke. Burke stayed in control, knocking Moore to the mat. Burke then ran over at him and did an elbow drop, followed by the Elijah Express to capture the win.

Winner: Elijah Burke wins via pinfall over Shannon Moore.

Tazz and Styles discussed the passing of Fabulous Moolah then aired a career highlight video.

Backstage, The Miz walked up to Morrison and Morrison began to insult him about losing to Punk at Cyber Sunday, then losing last week on ECW. Morrison told Miz all he can do is manage a bunch of girls. Miz told Morrison he won't win the ECW title.

Tazz and Styles discussed last night's Raw with the reunion of DX. Footage of the Raw match with DX defeating Umaga and Orton was shown. After the match footage was shown of Orton in the locker room, with William Regal entering to talk to him. Orton asked Regal to add the stipulation to the Survivor Series WWE title match that Shawn Michaels can't use the Superkick or the match is stopped. Orton also added that if he gets disqualified, he loses the WWE championship. Regal agreed to the idea. Tazz and Styles then reviewed the various matches for Survivor Series.

John Morrison vs. CM Punk

Punk whipped Morrison to the ropes and Morrison came back to knock him down. On the second time, Punk used an arm toss to take Morrison down. Morrison tried to pull Punk's tights and force him to the corner, but Punk caught himself. Punk went to roll up Morrison, but he grabbed the ropes. Morrison then did a springboard off the ropes, knocking Punk down with the kick.

Down on the mat, Morrison pulled Punk's arms back around his own throat. Punk recovered and Morrison tried to beat him up near the ropes. Punk got on the side apron then rammed Morrison in the gut. Punk leapt off the ropes onto Morrison, gaining some serious momentum in the match. After whipping Morrison to the corner, Punk ran at him to knee him in the face. Morrison avoided it but Punk caught him for a hard slam in the center of the ring. As the two continued to battle, The Miz came down the ramp to watch the match.

Morrison bridged out of a pin attempt by Punk, then tried to roll him up for a pin. Morrison caught Punk with a kick to the head. As Morrison was in control, he looked out at Miz then turned his back. Miz threw his hat into the ring and it hit Morrison in the back. Morrison kicked the hat out into the crowd, and the distraction allowed Punk to grab Morrison by the pants and roll him up for a pinfall victory.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over John Morrison.

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