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ECW Recap 11.13.07

ECW Recap from Wichita, KS:

MVP & Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy

Styles & Tazz discussed how the Hardy's will be on HHH's side for the upcoming Survivor Series match. Highlights shown from last night's Raw Lumberjack match between HHH and Umaga which ended with everyone fighting in the ring.

Matt started off staring down Kennedy and they started to grapple. Kennedy backed Matt to a corner but the ref separated them. Off the ropes Kennedy was able to throw a shoulder into Matt and take him down. Matt grabbed Kennedy's arm after they grappled, and dropped Kennedy. Matt tagged in Jeff and he jumped over the rope to kick Kennedy in the face. Jeff had Kennedy in the corner where he punched away at him. Kennedy whipped Jeff to the other corner causing him to hit hard. MVP tagged in and started to beat up Jeff more, using a clothesline off the ropes.

MVP and Kennedy tried for a double clothesline on Jeff off the ropes, but Jeff ducked and came back to dropkick both guys out of the ring. Jeff ran and jumped over the ropes landing on both men. Back in the ring Jeff threw Kennedy to his corner and tagged in Matt. Matt beat up Kenned a bit before Jeff came back in. Kennedy managed to gain the upperhand and in came MVP. MVP was able to trip Jeff down to the mat face first, then waited for Jeff to stand up. As Jeff got up, Kennedy ran at him with a boot to the face causing Jeff to fall out of the ring. MVP went out after Jeff, but Matt came over to prevent the attack as ECW hit commercial.

ECW returned with MVP keeping Jeff down in the ring. MVP locked a hold around Jeff's arm and neck then tried for a pin, but Jeff stuck a foot on the lower rope. MVP continued to punish Jeff then Kennedy came in. Jeff was able to escape with a toss of Kennedy over to the ropes. Jeff tagged in matt and he tripped on the ropes coming in. Kennedy didn't tag MVP and went after Matt. Matt achieved a Twist of Fate on Kennedy but the pin failed. A tag in to Jeff and he missed on the Swanton. MVP came in and started to work on Jeff again. Kennedy and MVP continued to isolate Hardy. Hardy finally escaped, reversing a MVP suplex attempt. Hardy managed to land on the apron after MVP tried to toss him over the ropes, then Kennedy yanked Jeff by the back of the head, causing him to hit the outside floor hard.

MVP scored a pin on Jeff back in the ring for the win. After the match, Kennedy tried to go after Matt with a chair, but MVP intervened and grabbed the chair away. MVP warned Kennedy about going after his tag team partner, as Matt checked on his brother down on the mat.

Winners: MVP & Mr. Kennedy win via pinfall over Matt & Jeff Hardy.

Replay shown from Smackdown where CM Punk dropped by and Vickie Guerrero ordered Jamie Noble to have a match with him. Punk was about to win it, but then The Miz interfered. Punk held off Miz but then Morrison came down to attack. Noble took the opportunity to score his finisher on an unsuspecting CM Punk. Joey Styles said that Punk would face Noble again tonight on ECW.

Highlights shown from the first ever Survivor Series in 1987 with Hulk Hogan's team versus Andre the Giant's team. Andre was the sole survivor after he eliminated Bam Bam Bigelow.

Matt Striker was in ring to speak to the crowd. He told them he had bad news that Big Daddy V wasn't there tonight due to the flu. Striker said this Sunday Big Daddy V will dominate his Survivor Series opponents. As Striker continued to boast all of a sudden an explosion of flames occurred near the top of the ramp and Kane came down to the ring.

Striker told Kane he's not dressed to fight tonight and Kane's issue is not with him but with Big Daddy V. Striker told Kane to do everyone a favor and walk away. Instead Kane delivered a boot to Striker's face followed by a side slam. Striker got back to his feet just in time to get chokeslammed down to the mat hard.

Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly shown walking backstage on their way out for a match.

Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly vs. Layla and Melina

Michelle started off against Melina, with the two divas going back and forth to twist the other's arm. Melina elbowed out of a hold by Michelle but got kicked down by Michelle. Kelly tagged in and the two divas worked together to suplex Melina. Kelly tried to do a bridge pin on Melina but Melina kicked out then gained the advantage. Layla tagged in to start beating up Kelly and choking her against the middle rope.

Meline came back in to work on Kelly with Kelly eventually escaping to tag in Michelle. McCool ran around the ring and took Melina down to the mat several times. Layla tried to get involved and Kelly came in to attack her, then knock her out of the ring. Melina tried to fly off the corner ropes at Michelle, but McCool was able to duck and then deliver a solid kick to knock Melina out for the pin.

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool win via pinfall over Layla and Melina.

Jamie Noble vs. CM Punk

The Miz came down to sit ringside with Tazz and Joey Styles for the match. A replay was shown of the end of last week's ECW title between Punk & Morrison. The Miz came down to watch the match, and then threw his hat at Morrison in the ring which allowed CM Punk to get a surprise pinfall victory. Miz told Tazz and Styles he did that just to get what he wanted, a match at Survivor Series. Tazz and Styles then reviewed the lineup for this Sunday's Survivor Series, including the Triple Threat ECW title match.

As Noble was making his way to the match the "Save Us" commercial came on which featured all sorts of equations, numbers and codes and included "20 minutes" and "Monday". As Noble and Punk were about to face off, John Morrison came down to ringside and ECW hit a commercial break.

ECW came back with Noble twisting Punk's arm in the center of the ring. Punk flipped down to the mat and yanked on Noble's leg. The two men grappled in the ring with Noble taking Punk to the mat. Punk finally got out of a hold and stood up backing up with Noble into the corner. Noble continued to dominate and hammer away at Punk around the ring. Seated at the commentator's table Miz and Morrison kept jawing at one another about the upcoming Survivor Series match.

Noble whipped Punk to the rope and put his head down to flip Punk. Punk recovered to do a backbreaker and take the control over Noble. Noble again reversed things and took Punk down to the mat, working on his hurt arm. Punk got to his feet and the two men started to chop at each other, with Noble knocking him back down. Noble continued to knock Punk to the mat and twist on his arm. Punk got to his feet and slammed Noble back. Punk was able to start elbowing Noble down and then did a powerslam for a pin attempt. Punk was able to knee Noble in the corner, and then tried to sprinboard off the ropes. Noble caught Punk by the arm and took him down on the mat. Punk escaped and put Noble on the corner ropes then tried to slam him off for a pin. Noble escaped and the two battled in the center of the ring. Noble went to put Punk into a finishing move, but Punk reversed to get Noble up for the GTS. Punk delivered the finisher followed by a pin.

After the win, both Morrison and Miz came into the ring to attack Punk. Each man did his finisher on Punk and the two stared each other down as ECW went off the air.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Jamie Noble.

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