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WWE Raw Recap 11.12.07

Recap of Raw from Topeka, KS:

Raw started off with a video paying homage to all veterans who have contributed to preserving our nation.

Batista came out onto the ramp wearing his World Heavyweight belt and made his way down to the ring. Batista told the crowd that he was invited to the show tonight by William Regal to go against some Raw competition. Batista told Regal he made a big mistake because Batista is gearing up for "Hell in a Cell" and the Undertaker. Batista began to make a statement to Undertaker, and as he was about to, the arena went dark and Taker appeared at the top of the ramp.

Undertaker came down to the ring to face Batista. The two prepared to square off in the ring, but William Regal came out to the ramp to intervene. Regal told Undertaker and Batista they would be partners and face the World Tag Team champs right now.

Batista & Undertaker vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Taker started off punching Cade into a corner, then twisting his arm. Taker quickly went "Old School" on Cade. With Cade down Taker put a hand up in the air indicating he was going to chokeslam Cade. Batista made a tag in and Taker angrily left the ring. Cade was able to turn the tables on Batista and tag in Murdoch. Murdoch and Cade effectively doubleteamed Batista for a bit, until Batista escaped from Cade.

Taker was able to tag back in and chokeslam Cade to the mat. Taker went for the pin but Murdoch came in to break things up. Batista entered and speared Murdoch down. Taker then looked at Batista as he did the Tombstone Piledriver to finish off Cade and make the pin. Batista entered after the bell and did a Batista Bomb on Murdoch while looking at Taker to deliver a message.

Winners: Undertaker and Batista win vis pinfall over Cade & Murdoch.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw video game was shown with the stipulations for the Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton match illustrated. The game showed what will happen if Michaels uses Sweet Chin Music or Orton gets intentionally disqualified.

Highlights from last week's beer hose down by Stone Cold Steve Austin on Santion Marella were shown, after Santino insulted Austin's acting in the ring.

Maria vs. Beth Phoenix

Prior to the match JR and jerry Lawler announced there will be a Divas Survivor Series match.

Early on Beth grappled with Maria and slammed her face first to the mat. While Maria was down, Beth began to kick her around. Maria got up to start punching back at Beth. Maria did a handstand move off the ropes and kicked Beth in the head. Maria's attack was shortlived as Beth grabbed her and slammed her down, then picked her back up for her suplex finisher.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins via pinfall over Maria.

After the match Santino came down to the ring to check on Maria briefly. Santino went out and grabbed a mic to tell the crowd that Maria will be ok. Santino said last week he was brutally attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin and a Steveweiser. Santino said Stone Cold owes him an apology and called him out. Santino said since Stone Cold's not there he will get an apology from his friend, good ol' JR. Santino called out JR and told him to stand up like a man. Instead, Jerry Lawler stood up to face Santino. Santino called out Lawler to get into the ring with him and Lawler went in. Santino challenged Lawler to hit him in the face and Lawler delivered a right hand, knocking Santino down to the mat. Santino rolled out of the ring and retreated up the ramp angrily yelling at Lawler.

Todd Grisham walked up to an angry Santino backstage. Santino said even though Lawler got the first punch, Santino will get the last word. Santino challenged Lawler to a match and Lawler told JR he accepts it.

JR discussed how Shawn Michaels has scored 5 weeks of Sweet Chin Music on Randy Orton. Higlights were shown of each of the instances as well as Vince McMahon giving Shawn the next title opportunity for Survivor Series. After Raw footage from last Monday was shown, with Orton asking Regal for the stipulation against the Superkick. Orton also added that he can not get himself intentionally disqualified either or he will lose the WWE title. Jerry Lawler discussed that there will be a face off between Michaels and Orton later tonight with Mr. McMahon officiating.

Highlights from the original Survivor Series in Ohio in 1987 were shown. With Hulk Hogan's team facing Andre the Giant's team.

Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs. MVP, Mr. Kennedy and Finlay

Matt Hardy started off against Finlay grappling. Matt backed Finlay to the corner, but Finlay shoved his way out. Matt went to use an armbar takedown off the ropes, but Finlay promptly clotheslined him down. Mr. Kennedy came in and started to beat up Matt more. Mr. Kennedy tagged MVP, and MVP re-tagged after saying he wouldn't fight with his tag team partner, Matt Hardy. Kennedy tried to whip Matt to the ropes, but Matt flew at him with his body, taking him down. Matt got distracted by Finlay, and Kennedy tossed Matt out of the ring. Matt layed outside the ring with Finlay and MVP looking at him and Raw went to a break.

Raw returned with Kennedy kicking Matt in the ring then applying a headlock down on the mat. Matt was able to escape off the ropes and use a Side Effect on Kennedy. Matt managed to tag in Mysterio as Finlay tagged in. Mysterio started flying off the ropes and taking down Finlay. Finlay ducked on a springboard by Rey off the ropes then tried to pin him. After a kick out, Finlay tagged in MVP, and MVP started to beat Rey up more. MVP kept Rey down on the mat in a hold, then kicked him in the guy before tagging Finlay back in.

Finlay knocked Rey around a bit before tagging Kennedy back in. Kennedy did two backbreakers on Rey, then stretched him out. Finlay, MVP and Kennedy kept Rey isolated and continued to work on his ribs/back area. Rey finally was able to gain momentum and deliver a DDT, then tag in Jeff Hardy. Hardy came in and started to knock MVP down before clearing Finlay and Kennedy off the apron. Jeff did a Whisper in the Wind and tried to pin MVP, but Kennedy came in to break it up. Jeff grabbed Kennedy and knocked him down face first to the ropes. Mysterio came back in and dropkicked MVP next to him. Rey then ran off the ropes to do the 619 on both men. Hardy followed up with a Swanton Bomb onto MVP to capture the pin.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio win via pinfall over Finlay, MVP and Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. McMahon shown walking backstage on his way out to the ring. Afterwards a "Save Us, 6 days 23 hours" commercial was shown, most likely announcing the return of Jericho.

Face Off: Michaels & Orton

Vince McMahon was in the ring as Raw came back from a break and told the crowd he'd be moderating a confrontation between Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton. Vince then introduced both men to the ring and each stood at opposing podiums. Randy Orton reminded Michaels that he can't use the Superkick, and Michaels reminded Orton he can't get intentionally disqualified. HBK told Orton he had the Superkick banned only because he's been kicked down for 5 straight weeks. Orton said he will win on Sunday because Michaels is a hothead looking for revenge.

Michaels told Orton maybe he could win the title with a submission hold at Survivor Series. HBK then told Orton to ask himself how it will feel to lose if Michaels didn't even have the option of using the Superkick. HBK said he doesn't need it because he has the memories of what Orton tried to do to him months ago. Orton told Michaels to tell his family toexpect the same feelings at Survivor Series. HBK started to walk towards Orton, and Vince intervened. Michaels turned his back on Orton then turned back to threaten with the Superkick. Orton dropped to the mat fast, and HBK turned back to Vince. Orton got up, then clipped HBK in the leg and started to attack. Orton beat up HBK on the mat then prepared to kick him in the head. Vince stopped him and said he can do that this Sunday, but not tonight. Orton stood Michaels up and delivered an RKO, before leaving the ring with his title.

An ad shown for tomorrow night's ECW revealed that Rey Mysterio and Kane from Smackdown will be on ECW to face Finlay and Big Daddy V.

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool vs. Layla, Melina and Jillian Hall

Melina started off against Michelle, with Michelle able to flip off the ropes and escape a move. Kelly tagged in and was quickly clotheslined down by Melina. Jillian tagged in and did a backbreaker on kelly. Jillian tried to somersault onto Kelly, but Kelly stuck her knees up. Kelly escaped from Jillian and tagged in Mickie.

Mickie did a headscissors off the ropes on Jillian to take her down. Mickie ran over and hit both Layla and Melina on the apron. Eventually all 6 women got into the ring with Kelly and Michelle taking out Melina and Jillian. Mickie grabbed Layla in the ring and then kissed her on the lips for a moment before delivering her finisher. JR called it "the Long Kiss Goodnight".

Winner: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool win via pinfall over Layla, Melina and Jillian.

1998 Survivor Series highlights shown with the title tournament. The final match featured Mankind against The Rock. The Rock won the title and united himself with the McMahons.

Jerry Lawler vs. Santino Marella

Early on Santino whipped Jerry to the ropes but Lawler tossed him up over his back. Lawler whipped Santino to the ropes, then Santino managed to kick Lawler and take him down to the mat. Marella slapped a headlock on for a while, but eventually Lawler got up and dropped Santino down several times. Lawler began to deliver punches to Marella in the corner, then whipped him to the other. Lawler ran at him but Marella booted him. Marella continued to brawl but Lawler caught him off guard and rolled him up for a pinfall victory. Lawler left the ring and took his seat at the commentator table with Marella recovering in the ring.

Winner: Jerry Lawler wins via pinfall over Santino Marella.

Jim Ross began to speak about Survivor Series but was interrupted by a Y2J commercial saying 6 days and 23 hours. Raw came back and Lawler said he believes he's cracked the code, "next Monday". Jim Ross said "I don't think so", shaking his head.

Hornswoggle vs. Coach as Khali
Training Session

Footage was shown of "Hornswoggle's training session". An empty arena was shown with William Regal and Lillian Garcia in it. Regal said on the mic he was asked to train Hornswoggle, then told Lillian to introduce Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and entered excitedly. Lillian then introduced Great Khali as his opponent. Out came Coach dressed in a wig as Great Khali, complete with a man posing as his translator.

Coach Khali and Hornswoggle went at it as Regal called for the bell. Hornswoggle kept running at Coach and kicking him in the leg. Hornswoggle bit Coach on the finger, then crouched down behind his legs. Coach yelled at Regal he wasn't doing this anymore. Regal put a hand to Coach's chest to push him back and he fell over Hornswoggle onto the mat. Hornswoggle then climbed the ropes and splashed onto Coach to pickup the pinfall victory in the mock Survivor Series match.

Winner: Hornswoggle wins via pinfall over Coach Khali.

JR and Lawler ran down the matches for Survivor Series. Todd Grisham interviewed Triple H backstage. HHH said if there's one man left standing at Survivor Series it will be him. Triple H said he plans to write the final chapter of the HHH vs Umaga book tonight.

1994 Survivor Series shown with Doink's Clowns R Us versus the Royal Family lead by King Lawler. Lawler's team won but Doink got the last laugh by hitting Lawler in the face with a pie up the ramp area.

Triple H vs. Umaga
Lumberjack Match

Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio got on the side of the ring as Triple H was introduced. Umaga then came down escorted by his Survivor Series team consisting of Finlay, MVP, Matt Striker, Big Daddy V and Mr. Kennedy. Umaga immediately started to attack, with Triple H going out of the ring. Triple H escaped the attacks from the Lumberjacks and got back into the ring. The two continued to brawl with Umaga running at Triple H near the ropes. HHH pulled the top rope down causing Umaga to spill outside. Umaga's men started to help him up, and Triple H jumped off the side apron onto them all. Both men recovered to get into the ring. This time Umaga gained the upperhand and tossed HHH up over the ropes. Umaga's team started to attack HHH outside of the ring, as HHH's men went over to assist. Raw hit a commercial break as the attacks continued.

Raw returned with Umaga pounding away at HHH in the ring. HHH blocked and started to punch back. Umaga whipped him to the corner but HHH elbowed and kicked his way out. HHH ran at Umaga who grabbed him for a swinging sideslam on the Game. Umaga stalked HHH and headbutted him down. Umaga had HHH under the bottom rope and dropped down on him twice. While the ref talked to Umaga, Finlay delivered a cheap shot to HHH who was laying near the ropes.

Umaga continued to attack near the ropes. HHH finally got up and went over to pick up Umaga for a slam. Triple H fell back when trying to slam Umaga. The Samoan Bulldozer started to clamp down on Triple H's shoulder. HHH finally got up and kneed his way out of it but Umaga knocked him back down to the corner. As the ref was briefly distracted, Mr. Kennedy started to choke HHH. The ref turned and yelled at the lumberjacks, then Umaga tried to hip splash HHH. HHH moved away, then gained the momentum. HHH went for the Pedigree, but Umaga picked him up and slammed him back. Umaga went for a Samoan Spike, but HHH ducked and did a Spinebuster on him. As HHH prepared to win it, Finlay got into the match and punched HHH. The ref called for the bell and all the lumberjacks got into the ring brawling as Raw went off the air.

Winner: Triple H wins due to disqualification when Finlay interfered.

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