Monday, December 17, 2007

Raw Preview 12.17.07

Tonight's Raw will feature the aftermath from last night's Armageddon Pay Per View (see results here & thoughts here). While no titles changed hands from the Raw brand, the event saw several surprises. These twists will most likely set up new feuds and title pictures for several of the Raw superstars.

One of the most surprising events last night was Smackdown announcer JBL attacking Chris Jericho during his WWE title match. JBL came into the ring for the attack after Jericho bumped into him at the announcer's table. The questions become how will this play out? Will JBL make an appearance on tonight's show and challenge Jericho? Or will Y2J step up to the plate and call out the former superstar? Will Jericho continue to challenge Orton, or will Orton focus on his new #1 contender?

Also, last night saw former tag team partners Triple H and Jeff Hardy facing off. Jeff Hardy, the current Intercontinental champ, was able to pull off a very surprising victory as he pinned The Game. Now Hardy is the #1 contender for a WWE title shot at the Royal Rumble. How will Triple H rebound from his loss? Will he call out Hardy again, or will there be a new feud for The Game? And will Randy Orton focus on attacking Hardy, or will he have other superstars to worry about?

Also expect more from the Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy feud. Overall, Raw should give us many more answers to the title pictures and superstar feuds. Tune into Raw at 9PM EST on USA for all the action!

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