Sunday, December 16, 2007

Armageddon 2007 PPV Results

WWE's Armageddon Pay-Per-View has officially ended. Here's the match by match results, and also the final prediction tallies for myself (WWE Characters Blog), and Matt Loede/John Sepcik of Let's Wrestle Blog.

Rey Mysterio vs. MVP
US Title Match

Rey missed a 619 attempt on MVP, and MVP left for the outside of the ring. Mysterio then hit a headscissors knocking MVP outside, and MVP was out for a 10 count. After the bell, Rey took out his frustration by beating up MVP and hitting the 619 on him. MVP escaped up the ramp carrying his US title.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins due to countout of MVP. MVP retains the US title.

CM Punk & Kane vs. Big Daddy V & Mark Henry

Despite working well together as a tag team, CM Punk and Kane couldn't defeat the massive combination of Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. All four men got involved in the match, as Punk and Kane knocked Mark Henry to the outside. Kane went outside the ring to attack Henry, and Matt Striker got on the apron, to distract CM Punk. Punk knocked Striker off the apron, then went to jump off the turnbuckle at Big Daddy V. The massive V caught Punk in midair then slammed him with a Samoan drop.

Winners: Mark Henry & Big Daddy V win via pinfall over CM Punk & Kane.

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy gave all he got towards the end, as he catapulted HBK face first into the corner, slammed him and attempted a pin. However the Showstopper was not finished. In the end, Shawn Michaels used a solid dose of Sweet Chin Music to capture the victory over the loud mouthed Mr. Kennedy.

Winner: Shawn Michaels wins via pinfall over Mr. Kennedy.

Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H

In an early surprise of the Pay Per View, a great match saw what some may call an unlikely victor. Triple H had Jeff set for the Pedigree, but Jeff was able to escape. Triple H managed to hit a spinebuster and then attempted another Pedigree. This time, Jeff Hardy countered and rolled Triple H up in a bridge pin. Jeff Hardy pulls off a stunning victory over the Game and now earns a WWE title shot at the Royal Rumble!

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins via pinfall over Triple H to earn a WWE title shot at Royal Rumble.

Finlay vs. Great Khali

Facing insurmountable odds, Finlay was able to defeat the massive Great Khali, with a "little help". Finlay went for the shilaleigh, but Khali managed to knock it away. The ref was disposing of the weapon, but Finlay's little pal, Hornswoggle came into the ring with a second shilaleigh. The leprechaun delivered a low blow to the giant using the weapon. Finlay capitalized by grabbing a pinfall victory on Khali!

Winner: Finlay wins via pinfall over the Great Khali.

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
WWE Title Match

Jericho gave a great fight for the WWE title as he was able to flip off the ropes onto Orton, then slap the "Walls of Jericho" onto him. However, an outside observer, Smackdown commentator JBL decided to enter the ring and assault Y2J. The ref called for the bell making the match a DQ win for Jericho.
Winner: Chris Jericho wins due to disqualification when JBL interfered the match.

Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix
Women's Title Match

Prior to the match Jillian Hall came to the ring to promote her new iTunes Christmas album. Mickie James saved the day by making her way down to the ring for the title match. Mickie was able to hit Beth with the head scissors and a missile dropkick off the ropes. Out of nowhere, Beth is able to pick up Mickie James in the fisherman's suplex, then score a three count.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins via pinfall over Mickie James to retain the Women's title.

Edge vs. Undertaker vs. Batista
World Heavyweight Title

In an earlier segment during the Pay Per View, Vickie Guerrero told Edge he can make all her pain go away with a title victory. The Rated R Superstar delivered on the promise to his "love interest" later on. Edge used several tricks during the match including 2 more Edge look-alikes to fool the ref and his opponents. Undertaker was able to finally knock Batista to the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver, but Edge was waiting with a steel chair. After a shot to Taker with the chair, Edge takes the pinfall on Batista and takes back the World Heavyweight title!

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Batista to become the new World Heavyweight champion!

Final Prediction Tally (8 matches):

WWE Characters Blog: 3- 6

Matt Loede: 4 - 4

John Sepcik: 4-4

As you can see the predictions were tough here, with Matt and John edging me out at 4-4 records! Definitely some surprises on the PPV, and congrats to Edge who has reclaimed the World Heavyweight title! Thanks again to the guys over at Let's Wrestle WWE Wrestling News blog for the friendly competition. Head over to their site to hear their post-Armageddon audio show.

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