Monday, December 17, 2007

Thoughts on Armageddon

The Let's Wrestle's audio show has their thoughts on the aftermath of the Armageddon Pay Per View with some good discussions of what will go down now as a result of tonight's PPV. Here's some more thoughts on the Pay Per View.

Most surprising was the Jeff Hardy victory over HHH. These are the things that make WWE great, the wins we might not see coming. Hardy now will get a title shot at the Rumble, and perhaps it means one of a few things. One scenario is that Hardy will lose his IC title prior to the match. In the other scenario, it's a title vs. title match, similar to other times we've seen the IC champ face the WWE champ. As I mentioned in my previous predictions, it wouldn't be surprising to see a Triple Threat match go down between Orton, Triple H and Jeff Hardy.

Also surprising was JBL intervening in the title match between Orton and Jericho. The motives for JBL will be interesting to see. He basically interfered after being bumped into by Chris Jericho at the commentators' table. Will this mean JBL is back to the ring, or is JBL going to manage Orton? JBL is usually seen on Smackdown, so him interfering here made not much sense. It may set up a future match between Jericho and JBL. It also makes you wonder if JBL will be leaving his Smackdown position alongside Michael Cole. On the flipside, Randy Orton continues his title reign. You have to wonder who will be the man to take the belt from him, Jeff Hardy, Triple H or someone else?

The rest of the card wasn't all that surprising. Edge took back his title as many may have expected. The filler tag match from ECW-Smackdown saw the monsters continue to dominate. MVP continues to find ways to keep his title by being counted out of matches or dodging his opponents. Beth Phoenix also continues to dominate and hold the women's belt. Hornswoggle and Finlay continue to bail each other out as Finlay enjoys his new "good guy" role. I'd have to agree with many others who speculate that Khali is being prepared for a match against all-time great Hulk Hogan, probably at Wrestlemania. Things should get more interesting as we head towards the Royal Rumble, as the victor of the big match is always tough to predict.

Tonight's Raw on USA should definitely set up more of the title picture and various feuds. See the Raw Preview here.

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