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WWE Diva Alicia Fox

WWE Diva Alicia Fox

Real Name: Victoria Crawford
Height: 5'9
Weight: 120lbs
DOB: 6/30/08
Birthplace: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

The beautiful Alicia Fox, real name Victoria Crawford, is the latest to join the lovely WWE Divas of pro-wrestling. She had her start with Ohio Valley Wrestling where she refereed a contest between ODB & Shelly Martinez (now with TNA), and also has been in Florida Championship Wrestling. Fox debuted on September 25, 2007 in FCW in a tag team match. Her partner was current Smackdown diva Natalya and they faced fellow WWE divas, Nicole and Brie Bella. Fox returned to FCW in 2008 after a brief stint on Smackdown. During this time, Fox wrestled in matches with the likes of Ryan Braddock (as a teammate) and faced the Bella twins in singles matches.

Alicia had her WWE start earlier this year in a minor Smackdown role. She first started working as the wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero on June 13, 2008. Edge cheated with her during a private meeting, and Triple H managed to catch them kissing on tape. HHH presented it to the fans, as well as the entire wedding party, enraging Vickie Guerrero. The footage caused chaos with the wedding being called off, and Vickie Guerrero eventually seeking retribution by reinstating the Undertaker to come to WWE and destroy Edge. Alicia was involved in Edge's WWE title match against Triple H at the Great American Bash Pay-Per-View. She attempted to help out Edge, but Vickie Guerrero intervened, causing Edge to spear Vickie. The resulting distraction may have caused Edge to lose the match. After that event, Fox wasn't seen or heard from for several weeks until her recent ECW debut.

Alicia Fox made her ECW debut on the 11/18/08 episode of ECW as the ringside valet of new superstar, DJ Gabriel. The duo danced their way down to the ring as well as in it with Alicia strutting her stuff, despite some negative crowd reaction. Alicia provided eye candy during Gabriel's debut in which he beat a European amateur wrestler using a European forearm uppercut off the second rope. ECW Commentators Todd Grisham and Matt Striker noted that Alica Fox is not only a wedding planner, but also an entrepreneur, which explains her relationship with DJ Gabriel in the WWE.

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