Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wrestlemania 27 Buildup Thoughts

This past week's Raw contained quite a bit of interesting buildup towards Wrestlemania 27, including appearances by The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena's latest dis rap aimed at The Rock. At times, it almost looks like WWE is trying to regain its glory days of The Attitude Era.

John Cena's latest rap response to Rock was yet again far from PG, just like Rock's previous two messages. The Rock was always known for his hysterical and blunt speeches in the ring, but that was before WWE went PG. Now it seems WWE has loosened up in order to rev up Pay-Per-View sales for the higher-priced Wrestlemania event coming in early April. Rock calling Cena a "Yabba Dabba bitch" or Cena talking about Rock eating his shitsu dog are perfect examples to spotlight that it's no longer election time for Linda McMahon.

However, you have to wonder what The Rock's involvement is for and if it will help or hurt things. It's likely to help get people interested to see what goes down between Rock and Cena at WM27. However, is it possibly hurting Miz as a heel? Most people are already likely to believe that Cena has an advantage to beat Miz in the ring, but knowing that Rock is not happy with Cena may lead to some disbelief over the potential outcome.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has also been brought in to officiate the math between Cole and Lawler. This was revealed several days ahead of Raw via the latest Wrestlemania 27 spoilers online. Another ploy to get fans more interested in Wrestlemania? Not only that, but to cross-promote WWE's Tough Enough. Still, bringing in Austin is a smart move because of the older generations who enjoyed his in-ring antics. Let's face it, Swagger has a Stone Cold Stunner on the way, and Cole possibly does too!

As for The Undertaker, what gives? The Johnny Cash theme song seemed good for his promo videos, but how about bringing back his original dark and haunting theme song when he comes to the ring. The other song just seems weird as he makes his way down the ramp. Not only that, but in all of his past returns, Undertaker has done so via videos on the screen showing him rising from the dirt. This latest return just seemed odd based on the storm scene with Undertaker arriving at a creepy log cabin.

It seems that these three matches may be the easiest predictions to make for the card though. Triple H has already lost to Undertaker before. If Triple H wins, many fans would be ready to riot, believing that Hunter's father-in-law gave him a major win to ruin one of wrestling's greatest statistical achievements.

Which of these three matches do you feel will be the best of them, and do you think Stone Cold and The Rock will make the matches better or take away from them?

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