Sunday, May 27, 2012

What are Lord Tensai, Brodus Clay & Ryback Doing?

It seems the WWE is in a state of regurgitation right now, as it continues to replay the same storylines to the fans.  Right now there are three superstars who have been squashing opponents,  yet none of them are anywhere near anything important in terms of stories or matches.  Meanwhile, John Cena is in a feud with Big Show, again.  Big Show has turned from good guy to bad guy, again.

Those three guys who are squashing the competition are Lord Tensai, Brodus Clay, and Ryback.  Yes, they're all repackaged now as "different superstars," but they're not losing either.  All three have been shoved down the fans' throats as behemoths who can't be defeated easily in the ring.  They've all faced semi-decent opponents, and in some cases defeated them.  In the case of Tensai he has wins over both John Cena and CM Punk.  So why is he nowhere near a WWE Championship match?

Same goes for Brodus Clay who has defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.  Those are two former United States and World Heavyweight champions.  Clay also defeated The Miz, a former US and WWE Champion.  Again, why is Clay doing dance segments in the ring with the Funkettes and Funketeers, instead of fighting for titles?  Shouldn't he be first in line for Santino's United States title right now?

With Ryback, the chants of Goldberg are heard whenever this guy's in the ring, or arriving to it. The WWE clearly wants to make him look like a new age version of Bill Goldberg, yet he's only wrestling amateurs, or Heath Slater.  He seems worthy of a lot more right now - or maybe WWE is afraid he'll really hurt a legit superstar?  If nobody can defeat him, and he wants more, why hasn't he challenged Sheamus?

Both Ryback and Brodus have shown up at the past several Pay-Per-Views, but for what reason?  It's just baffling how WWE continues to use Big Show and Kane as faces, then heels, and vice versa, while they have fresh new talent who should be involved.  Give Cena a feud with Ryback, or Clay, or Tensai.  In fact, why is Cena not feuding with Tensai after the beatdown and cheap win weeks ago?

That's the rant for now, but it seems that WWE has plenty of talent just floating under the surface right now.  Let's hope for the best and that they will bring these guys into some fresh new feuds and storylines to get things going.

What do you think of Lord Tensai, Brodus Clay, and Ryback?  Will any of them win a title in the next six months to a year?

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