Monday, May 21, 2012

Raw Preview 05/21/12

Now that the Over the Limit results for 2012 are official, some fans are truly shocked at the way things ended Sunday night in Raleigh, North Carolina.  John Cena looked to be in complete control of his match against Raw and Smackdown General Manager John Laurinaitis.  Towards the end, Laurinaitis tried to flee from the arena, only to be brought back to the ring by the Big Show.  Cena prepared for the big Attitude Adjustment for the win, but Big Show, in an act of treachery, KO'd Cena with his WMD punch.  That allowed Laurinaitis capture a pinfall win, keeping him in his current position of power.  With that, People Power will live on.  What will Laurinaitis have in store now for John Cena and Raw?

Also during the Over the Limit PPV, the current WWE Champion CM Punk put his title up for grabs against his Ring of Honor colleague Daniel Bryan.  These two put on a stellar matchup with Bryan nearly capturing his second major championship.  However, it was CM Punk who managed to get the pinfall, just before tapping out to Bryan's submission hold.  With that in mind, it would appear that this feud is just getting started.  Will Bryan try to get a second match against Punk for the title?

Finally, last week's Raw saw Paul Heyman get into it with WWE COO Triple H regarding Brock Lesnar's owed payments.  Triple H informed Heyman that Brock will get what he has coming to him.  However, Heyman seems to be threatening further legal action against WWE and Triple H as well.  Will Heyman show up again on Raw to make demands for Brock Lesnar?  Will Triple H have more response for Heyman and Lesnar?

Check out Monday night Raw starting tonight at 9PM EST on USA?

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